July 11, 2018

Chris Placitella Helps People Suffering From Asbestos Diseases With Their Legal Cases

Chris Placitella is a vital figure for people to consult when they are aiming to handle certain legal cases relating to asbestos. As a member of the Cohen, Placitella & Roth firm in Philadelphia, he has worked as a major force in the class action lawsuit field. Much of this includes his work on helping people who suffer from asbestos diseases.

The Main Background

Asbestos has been a significant problem in society in that it can be dangerous to anyone. Many people who have worked in factories that utilized asbestos have developed diseases relating to their exposure to asbestos.

Placitella understands that many factories have been using asbestos and not been providing their workers with the necessary protections that they require. More importantly, these groups are using asbestos in spite of the suitable alternatives that may be available plus the many discoveries that such compounds are dangerous to the human body.

What Concerns Are Caused?

Many conditions may develop within the body after being exposed to asbestos for years. These include problems like asbestosis or mesothelioma where the lungs are at risk of serious harm. The asbestos may keep the lungs from being capable of working functionally. Parts of the lungs may solidify, thus being dangerous and harmful in some cases. This can be a dangerous concern that might cause a person to be at risk of further harm.

Laryngeal cancer may also be a threat to the body. This is a condition where the larynx is at risk of harm. The dramatic threat involved here could be serious and should be observed as this is one of the more difficult forms of cancer to treat without surgery.

Lymphatic Issues

The lymphatic system is a part of the body that is supposed to protect a person from various infectious diseases. Asbestos is known to weaken this system, thus making it harder for the body to stay healthy. This problem may cause some cancers in other parts of the body, although it is difficult to figure this out.

Lymphatic issues can be very significant if not controlled accordingly. Such issues might cause the body to weaken and wear out if not handled properly. Placitella has helped to support many clients who have been victimized by serious problems relating to the lymphatic system.

Look At the Fingers

The development of clubbed fingers is a problem that many people experience when suffering from asbestosis. The tips of the fingers will swell up in this case. The clubbed fingers one develops will not go away as easily as one wants it to. This can result in significant concerns depending on what might develop in one’s body and how it may change.

The help that Chris Placitella will provide to people who suffer from asbestos diseases to get the justice that they deserve. People who have suffered from serious problems relating to asbestos should talk with Placitella and his legal partners for details on what people can utilize.


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