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May 17, 2018

The Common Uses Of Hidden Spy Cameras

Since the spy cameras or hidden cameras were first introduced into the market, people are aware that their movements are being watched or recorded in many private and public places. Most of these spy cameras were installed for premises surveillance and for security purposes. People are also very wary of spy cameras or hidden cameras planted in hotels, changing rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and even in their own private homes without their knowledge.

Another common use of spy cameras for home enables parents to monitor their child or children’s care giver in the absence of the adult and to make sure that their children are not being abused or ill-treated in any way. These spy cameras are known as “nanny cams” and most do not have audio recording feature with a few exceptions which are not legal in some states. The sales of “nanny cams” have increased due to the increase of reports of child abuse by their care givers.

Using a hidden or spy camera has its advantages and disadvantages. There are many variety of spy cameras available today. These spy cameras are mostly wireless and can be hidden in any of the household items e.g. plants or stuffed toys. The prices of these hidden spy cameras are affordable and these cameras can send video images live via computer or cell phone. Parents who have installed these spy cameras are able to have peace of mind to concentrate on their and have the confidence in their child care when they can watch and monitor the going-on in their home at any time to check that their kids are safe.

Most care givers are not against the installation of spy camera to monitor or to video tape their movements if they were informed beforehand. If they were not informed, naturally when they feel angry and deceived when they come to know about it later. Hidden spy cam for homes can be installed in strategic places in the home for security reasons especially while the home is being cleaned by cleaners, during repair works by workers, and for security reasons.

In many places, it is legal to use hidden, wireless and mini spy cameras except that it is not legal to record speech without the person being informed. More and more day care centres are fixing wireless hidden spy cam to enable parents to check and watch their child as and whenever possible for added assurance that their child is safe.

May 9, 2018

Javascript-Enabled Excel: A Wonder or a Worry?

Javascript is a term that most people will have heard of, as it’s a core component of the Internet we use every day. However, the non-programmers among us might not know much about it. Along with HTML and CSS, Javascript (or JS as it’s usually shortened to), is one of the three core technologies of the web we see today. It helps web applications work, and so provides a lot of the interactivity we see on websites. All major browsers have a JS engine to run it, and as well as online it has a host of other uses, both server side and on our desktops.

First developed in 1993 by NASCA and included in some of the very first browsers like Mosaic, Netscape and Mozilla, JS has an illustrious history within the development of the World Wide Web, and it could be argued that it is one of the most important development languages around.

So, it was with some interest that Microsoft announced that Excel, the ubiquitous spreadsheet tool, was to have JS support. But what exactly does this mean, and why are some people worried by it? Firstly, the integration of JS into Excel means that a whole host of new functions can be added. Whilst most people use Excel for simply running the household finances or keeping track of things at work, it is actually a powerful and flexible tool, with a huge range of uses. The addition of JS means that users are able to write custom functions, whether that be to import bank feeds directly, stream live data or code complex maths operations. It makes what is already a powerful program much, much more powerful.

However, it is this integration of web-based data that has some people worried. Whilst it will mean you can live-update parts of your spreadsheet, it also means that maliciously minded developers have a much easier way into your machine. Security researchers have found numerous instances of compromised Javascript libraries online, and the fear is that this malicious code could easily make its way onto machines running JS enabled Excel, which may soon are everywhere.

There are some wonderful examples of Excel errors, some both famous and costly, but the fear is that these simple mistakes could be overtaken by a more nefarious style of attack. One particular security researcher recently posted on Twitter that he had already managed to get the Coinhive attack (a bug that secretly utilises your CPU to mine cryptocurrency when certain websites are visited) to run through a custom JS function, and whilst this version of Excel is currently only in private Beta testing, it points the way of things to come.

So, despite the obvious benefits of having JS enabled Excel running on your machines either at home or at work, be careful out there, and make sure you’re both keeping your antivirus definitions up to date and not using compromised libraries online.

May 7, 2018

Follow This Advice To Have The Most Beautiful Low-Key Wedding

Not every couple pictures a bustling ballroom filled with glittering chandeliers and ornate centerpieces for their big day. Many imagine a casual affair where their close friends and family gather in a big backyard or a grassy field. If you want to know how to have a lovely low-key wedding reception, here are some ideas to think about.

The descriptors of casual or low-key can give couples the wrong impression that the wedding reception will look plain, boring or even cheap. You can still plan for a low-key wedding that’s also breath-taking — all you have to do is remove unnecessary additions and fussy adornments so that the atmosphere is clean, beautiful and relaxed. This means skipping out on glitzy decorations like enormous floral arrangements, giant centerpieces, scattered rose petals, dangling light fixtures and extra ribbons, garlands and bows. Paring down your list of essential items will make your reception look simply charming, along with the added benefit of being much friendlier to your wallet.

Once you figure out the location and décor of your venue, you should find an experienced wedding caterer that can serve quality dishes that fit with the atmosphere of your reception. Food is another element that can be elegant without being overly fancy or lavish — you should hire a company that can create casual fare with good ingredients and professional skill. The Toronto wedding caterers The Food Dudes are known for their ability to make gourmet meals with fun and unexpected twists. They can offer a buffet menu with home-style dishes like pan-roasted chicken breast or BBQ smoked ribs and grilled favourites like burgers, hot dogs and Mexican sweet corn. If you are planning for an outdoor reception, you can hire their food truck in Toronto to serve tasty treats like mac and cheese balls, fried chicken sandwiches and Nutella bombs. If you are looking for something that wedding guests love and that will suit your low-key personality, then a food truck is the right choice for your outdoor reception.

You can also choose low-key outfits for your ceremony and reception, instead of traditional choices. The bride doesn’t have to wear a dress that’s layered with tulle and appliques, because there are a number of stylish options for outfits that aren’t princess gowns, like cocktail-length dresses, long bohemian dresses, delicate skirts and sleek pant-suits. The groom can skip the full-tuxedo with extras like tails, cummerbunds, ascots or top hats in favour of casual groom attire — choose a crisp button-up shirt with a fitted jacket and a colourful tie. You can be quite the fashionable pair without dropping thousands of dollars on an outfit that you will wear once.

If extravagance doesn’t suit your personal taste, you can have a low-key reception that is just as lovely. As long as you remember to whittle down your décor to the essentials, choose caterers that can be laid-back and gourmet, and find outfits that are beautiful without breaking the bank, you can easily plan the wedding that you’ve been dreaming about.

May 3, 2018

7 Smart Ways You Can Recycle Your Waste Which You Might Never Have Heard About

It can feel overwhelming to change your habits when it comes to consuming and throwing away goods. We have lived a certain way for so many decades and it is hard to embrace change. But the following seven steps are not only easy, but they will have a positive impact on your life. Here are seven ways to reduce and recycle waste that you may not have realized.

  1. Avoid Disposable Items

We buy disposable items all the time and it is terrible for the environment. Plastic forks, knives and plates, disposable cups and lighters – these items are good for a few uses, or just one, and then you are tossing them out. Invest a bit of money in permanent products that you can use and reuse over the years.

  1. Use Custom Shopping Bags

One of the biggest ways that we waste resources is through shopping bags. The amount of plastic that we are dumping into waste sites around the world through our daily shopping is astounding. By using custom shopping bags, like those from Custom Earth Promos, you can make a change. These bags are made of cloth and they are reusable.

  1. Purchased Recycled-Materials Products

When you are at the store, you can see signs on products that indicate these items were made with recycled goods. If there is an option for such a product within a similar price range, go for that product. While it is still manufactured and transported, at least it is made from recycled materials.

  1. Donate Clothes and Items to Charity

Instead of throwing out your old clothes and other items when you are no longer using them, donate to charity. Not only are you helping others, but you are preventing the over purchasing of items that has become such an issue in our society.

  1. Avoid Paper Cups or Water Bottles

There is no reason to use a paper cup each time you are getting coffee to go. You can buy a nice reusable cup that is still going to close tightly. In fact, it will even keep your coffee warmer or colder. You can even use a nice water bottle with a filter that you refill, instead of buying plastic ones.

  1. Buy Recycled Paper When You Need It

While it is always best to go paperless, there are moments when we cannot avoid using paper. Maybe you need to print and sign a document, or sent it to someone else. Instead of using regular paper, buy paper that was created through older recycled paper. It is the same quality, so you are not losing out on anything!

  1. Avoid Over-Packaged Goods

Have you ever bought a small item only to have it come in massive plastic packaging? Avoid such products! Try to buy items where you know the packaging is done with the environment in mind.

These changes are not going to impact your life negatively. You can maintain the same standard of living, but you will know that you are doing your bit to help the environment along the way!

April 24, 2018

3 Biggest Energy Suckers in Your Home

Every Georgia homeowner dreams of opening their next power bill and seeing the lowest price possible. However, this isn’t always possible, especially if you’re unaware of how to cut power usage. Discover the perks of lowering your monthly energy bill by identifying the energy vampires throughout your home.


Image via Flickr by maerzbow

Unless you take the time and effort to buy produce and meat fresh in just the exact amounts each day, a refrigerator is a necessity for your home. Unfortunately, you can’t do much to lessen the energy usage of your fridge, as it must remain plugged in to provide energy to keep perishables fresh. Buying a smaller refrigerator or an ENERGY STAR-approved unit can help reduces costs, but it’s one you’re going to have incur.

One way you can save substantially on your monthly bill is by eliminating that convenient, yet wasteful second refrigerator. Most second refrigerators are designated beer fridges or for extra dishes during the holidays, kept out of sight in the basement or garage. While they make some tasks easier, they’re usually older models. Estimates show that refrigerators 15 years or older can actually cost up to $270 a year. Getting rid of it is the most obvious choice, but if you must keep one, opt for a newer model or a mini-fridge.

Heating and Cooling

According to the most recent study from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling no longer account for a majority of energy usage, but at 48 percent of the total bill, it’s the biggest user of energy in the home. Because of its sizable impact on your monthly bill, it’s in your best interest to eliminate needless waste when heating or cooling your home.

Start by replacing your home air filter at least once every 90 days. You may need to replace it more often if you’re running the air constantly, you own pets, someone in your family has allergies, or you choose a lower-quality filter.

Electronics and Home Entertainment

You can lump numerous products into this category including televisions, video game consoles, tablets, phones, computers, and more. While each individual device isn’t necessarily a strain on your energy bill, collectively, these things can wreak havoc.

The reason that electronics and home entertainment devices are particularly harmful to energy consumption is that they’re on for several hours during the day, but when you think you’ve turned them off, they’re still in standby mode. While standby mode only takes a fraction of the power, it still draws energy.

Avoid costly energy bills by shutting these devices down at the source. Plug each of them into a surge protector to defend them from any incidents, while also giving you the ability to turn them off a single point quickly and efficiently.

While you can take steps to eliminate the energy suckers in your home, some things require the expertise of a professional. The technicians at ISI Indoor Solutions have the HVAC knowledge and experience to eliminate the energy wasters in your home once and for all.

April 19, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Smart TV

Shopping for TV used to be so simple since there were not a lot of options before, just brand preferences then sizes. And the factors that make an awesome TV mostly just included sound and picture quality. For as long as our TV choice gives us ability to show us our favourite, that’s good enough for us.

Today, homeowners we’re presented with another factor to consider, brought on by the growing necessity to adapt to the Internet and the rise of streaming sites. A smart TV has now become an inevitable part of any home. If you don’t have one yet, go on and check out the available Sony Smart TV range at Harvey Norman.

In this article, we’ll talk about smart TVs — what they are, how it works, and the benefits from getting one.

What is a Smart TV?

In simple English, Smart TV provides an operating system that allows you to access both network content and online content without the need to install an external box.

Let’s say you don’t have a Smart TV but you want to access Netflix. You won’t be able to do it without the help of an additional console, like an Xbox or an Apple TV, which you will then have to constantly plug in and take out from your TV.

How does a Smart TV work?

Accessing online content through the Smart TV is as easy as connecting it to your broadband router. It’s recommended that you connect the TV to the Ethernet to get a much more stable connection. However, if the broadband and the TV are in different rooms, connecting it the Wi-Fi will do.

Once you’re connected, it’s only a matter of signing in and choosing the Internet channels that you want to download. Internet channels are basically like apps that you have on your phone. Some Smart TVs come with preloaded apps like Netflix or Youtube, but you may add any preferred streaming channel like Hulu or TED.

There are different app platforms that can help you manage and navigate your Smart TV menu, depending on the brand you’ve chosen. These include Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and SmartCast.

What are the benefits of getting a Smart TV?

The main appeal of Smart TV is giving its users access to a lot of media channels that are otherwise unavailable on a normal cable satellite service. This includes TV shows, films, music, and even games. You can even use the Smart TV for normal web browsing or accessing PC files (as long as it’s compatible to the TV).

A Smart TV also has the capability to cast content from your mobile device to the TV, and vice versa; just use the appropriate app. So if you want to show everyone a video you’ve taken using your phone, open the app and cast the video on your Smart TV.

If this is going to be your first Smart TV purchase, the best option would be a Sony Smart TV. It uses the Android TV platform, which means that you have a wider net of media channels to choose from, other than the usual, Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu. It also has a built-in Chromecast which means that you can seamlessly cast your content from mobile to TV with just one tap of a button.

Are Smart Thermostats Worthy Of All The Hype?

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular alternatives to traditional air and heating systems. Are they worth it, though? Read on to find out for yourself.

Current Trends in Smart Thermostat Design

Image via Flickr by Dept of Solar Energy Decathlon

Smart thermostats are controlled by Wi-Fi enabled devices so that you can control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. For example, the Nest thermostat is now onto its third version. These thermostats light up and show the current indoor temperature when it detects that someone is nearby. Some versions also display outside weather and time.

Initial Cost of Equipment

The initial cost of a smart thermostat is fairly low, considering how much you can possibly save verses using a traditional HVAC. Smart thermostats can cost $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on what brand name you go with and the features that come with it. Make sure you do some research to find out what you want and need before you purchase your smart thermostat. Even if you need a repair or service done on your smart thermostat, the savings are still worth the initial cost.

Installation Process

It’s fairly easy to install a smart thermostat, but you can always contact a specialist or electrician to do the work for you. Based on the wires used on your current HVAC, you may or may not be able to install a smart thermostat in your home. If you’re not sure of what type of wires to look for, call in a specialist to help.

Different Types of Thermostats Available

Even though smart thermostats are fairly new, there are several different types available on the market. The Nest thermostats were one of the first smart thermostats available on the market. Installation is pretty easy, and once it’s up and running, the Nest can learn your temperature preferences and plan accordingly. The Ecobee3 is another smart thermostat that uses Wi-Fi capabilities. Energy can be saved with this device since the Ecobee3 can detect where you are and adjust the temperature accordingly.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat comes with a large screen with plenty of options. You can plan out seven days on the Honeywell and even change settings throughout the week. The Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Programmable Thermostat is another user-friendly product that is easy to install. Another Honeywell thermostat is the Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat. You can use it to control lighting and other home appliances, and the Z-Wave monitors your thermostat. Once you choose which smart thermostat is right for you, it will feel natural to walk into your home at the perfect temperature.

Energy Benefits

Smart thermostats can save money on your energy bill. These thermostats are designed to run only when someone is home, saving unnecessary energy and costs. Because of this, your HVAC won’t have to run constantly. Smart thermostats can save money in the long run on your home due to their many high-tech capabilities.

With so many benefits to having a smart thermostat, it’s worth your time to check them out and see if they’ll suit your lifestyle.

April 11, 2018

The Essence Of Tirupati

When most people visit India, Tirupati escapes their notice. This quaint little city located to the south of India, is one of the most religious places you will be able to find throughout the world.

Why is that special?

Thousands of Indians flock to the Tirupati temple every single day in an effort to find peace with themselves. It is said that anyone visiting the temple is granted all their wishes. Now, you might not believe in God, but, there’s something about Tirupati that does pull you in.

History and Context

One of the heroes of Hindu mythology, Lord Rama apparently resided here on his return from an epic quest which he undertook to save his wife. However, the place has seen a lot of religious sects through the ages.

Earlier, Tirupati used to be a town crowded by the pacifist Vaishnavas. They are the people who erectedd the famous Venkateshwara temple. Some of the saints back then had described Tirupati as heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth?

Unless you are in one of the hotels in Tirupati, eating out of a banana leaf, you would understand the peace that this place offers. With its own texture, and with people from all cultures coming in with hopes in their eyes, Tirupati offers something of a cultural extravaganza.

Plus, because of the various Indian histories mingling at this place, you get a feeling that you are a part of something larger, something far more epic than you have seen.

Tirupati is also peaceful. Despite, all the accusations of dirt about Indian religious places, Tirupati is very clean. It gets quiet in the evenings so when you get out of one of the hotels in Tirupati, you can just go around and visit the places all around you to gain perspective on what is there to see.

The stories of boon

Look, I don’t believe in it either. However, the three days spent at Tirupati was strangely enticing. Maybe, its the hope surrounding you with everyone looing for something out of this experience, but, it seemed that this town was a corner of hope in a bleak world.

Maybe, that is all we need in the high-paced life we lead today. Some hope and some time with our loved ones. Tirupati offered me both.

About the revisit

I do not know what it is about Tirupati, but, the moment I was out from one of the hotels in Tirupati, I knew I would be back again to visit. I wished for all that hope around me, and the sweets coming to me from all the Indian people.

April 9, 2018

Thinking Beyond Medication: 3 Natural Ways To Ease Asthma Symptoms

Asthma affects about 25 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Medication is necessary to control asthma symptoms and ease attacks, but sufferers have other options and techniques to lessen the effects of the chronic respiratory disease. The good news is that these methods benefit all family members.

Keep Your Air Clean

Image via Flickr by NIAID

Your first line of defense is your HVAC system. Common asthma triggers are airborne particles and allergens. The air in many homes is worse than the air outside because of dust, dander, mold, and other particles trapped indoors. Make sure the air in your home is as clean as possible.

Have your HVAC unit serviced regularly by a professional, who can also make sure it is working properly. The technician may suggest other accessories that could help limit asthma attacks, such as a UV lamp that kills microbes that grow within the HVAC system. An air purifier can also help. It uses an electrical charge to kill tiny microbes and fungi that pass through.

It’s essential to have a good HVAC air filter that removes pollen and dust from the air. They should be replaced about every month to ensure they are working at peak efficiency.

If you have an asthma sufferer in your home, choose a filter with a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). The scale is 1-16. Filters with a MERV rating of 1-4 trap less than 20 percent of pollen and dust mites. Filters with MERV ratings of 13-16 trap more than 90 percent of pollen and smaller particles, such as those in smoke and bacteria.

Improve Your Diet and Exercise

Exercise helps to improve your overall respiratory condition. One type of exercise to consider is swimming. It greatly increases lung capacity. Plus, the moister air in a pool can help ward off exercise-induced asthma attacks.

A healthy diet that includes items high in protein plus many fruits and vegetables can help. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that may aid your lungs.

Scientists in Italy found that people with asthma who exercised regularly and ate a healthy diet had a 50 percent improvement in their asthma symptoms compared with those who did neither. Those who either exercised or improved their diet improved about 30 percent.

Stay Ahead of Triggers

Another way to help control asthma symptoms is to know what triggers attacks. According to WebMD, common triggers include cigarette smoke, air pollution, allergies, and a cold or flu.

Do your best to avoid smoke, including tobacco smoke. Exposure to cigarette smoke will make your asthma much worse. Also limit your exposure to colds and flu. Stay away from those who are sick, and wash your hands thoroughly. In addition, consider a flu vaccine. People with asthma generally struggle with the flu and are hospitalized more often.

There is no cure for asthma, but precautions like these will help you feel better. Make sure the air in your house is a clean as possible, eat right, exercise, and avoid smoke and other triggers.


April 9, 2018

Top Five Fitness Experiences In The United States

Heading away on holiday can mean our fitness regime is neglected, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Regular gym goers can miss out on their fitness activities when travelling abroad, but the United States has lots of unique workout experiences available across the country.

Dance cardio, yoga and cycling are amongst the activities you can take part in, so read on to discover our top five recommendations for fitness on the move in the USA.

Red Rocks Fitness, Denver

This iconic live music venue also offers sessions that allow fitness fanatics to admire the breathtaking surroundings while doing their workouts.

With music blasting through the natural amphitheatre as you exercise, it’s like your own personal concert where you are the star of the show.

Yoga on the Rocks is also worth checking out during the summer, so use the Borgata casino bonus code to boost your budget and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Daybreaker, various cities

Daybreaker parties are advertised across various social media platforms and give you the opportunity to dance your way to a brilliant early morning workout.

Vigorously moving and shaking body to your favourite tunes can use the same amount of energy as a treadmill session, but you get the bonus of it being far more enjoyable!

Hiking Yoga, various cities

Founded in 2009 by Eric Kipp, Hiking Yoga fuses his passion for exploring new places with a deep love of yoga.

Instructors lead hikers over three miles of scenic nature trails, taking breaks along the way for demonstrating your yoga skills.

The cardio benefits of hiking plus the mental positivity of yoga provides a unique outdoor fitness experience for both novice and experienced practitioners of the art.

Unplug Meditation, Los Angeles

Whether you enjoy a relaxing break or full on adventure, a holiday should take us away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Unplug, a meditation studio in Los Angeles, offers classes where customers can learn to meditate or enhance their practice, and simply breathe.

Founder Suze Yalof Schwartz has created a calming space featuring qualified meditation leaders that are suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Paddle Into Fitness, San Diego

Paddle Into Fitness has been offering stand-up paddleboard yoga classes for nearly a decade in the San Diego Bay.

Undertake a warm-up on the beach, before heading to the water for a variety of cardio drills and body weight training on the board.

The instability of the board makes this a fun way to workout ñ and if you do lose your balance you’ll only get wet!

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