April 6, 2018

For Trugreen Complaints about Compaction Can Be Resolved

Trugreen is a lawn care company that covers Knockhill and Atlanta. They are one of the most respected companies of it’s kind in that area. Indeed, as can be seen in pretty much every review left by happy customers on glassdoor comma consumer affairs, and yelp, people seem to trust what Trugreen has to say.  According to Trugreen complaints about compaction are actually quite easy to resolve.  Compaction happens when the soil of a lawn becomes too tight and stops both water and oxygen from getting through to the grassroots. This, in turn, means that the lawn will find it very difficult to grow and be beautiful and green.

According to Trugreen Complaints about Compaction Are Solvable

Thankfully, it seems that resolving compaction is not overly difficult. Trugreen has provided the following hints and tips:

Identify specific areas where the soil is too compact and place a barrier or fence around it so people no longer walk on it. That barrier can be anything such as a fence, garden bed, or shrubs. It will stop the compaction from getting worse.

Get rid of your garden fork. A lot of people think that it can help their lawn, when in reality it pushes the particles of the soil together and create compaction.

Do consider occasional coring. You can do this with a machine or by hand. If you prefer a machine, you can hire them for a day or so. But you can also purchase manual corers from most good hardware stores.

Forget about mechanical cultivation. You should never perform rotary hoeing as this can cause the subsoil to become hard and that is truly difficult to resolve. Unless you are a farmer, mechanical cultivation has no place in the garden because the soil’s natural structure will be completely destroyed.

If your soil has become compact it, then it is likely that you need to do a little bit of work to improve its overall quality. According to Trugreen, this is down to the three Rs, which are revitalizing, renovating, and replacing.  It is possible that you only need to complete one of these three rather than all of them.

Revitalizing means you improve your existing maintenance regime. This means focusing on how much water and fertilization your lawn will receive and paying more attention to regular weeding.

Renovating means that you fix different parts of your lawn, particularly where you have cored it. You should also remove any thatch and make sure you have applied a new soil and fertilizer top dressing layer.

Replacing, as the name suggests, simply means that you start all over again. It is up to you to decide whether you want to seed, sod, or turf. Do be aware, however, that if you have caused a problem once, you are likely to cause it again unless you know what you are doing now.


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