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February 1, 2018

Historically Significant Places to Visit in New York City

The area along the Hudson River was first settled in the early 1600s, before being expanded upon by the English in 1664. At this time, the settlement was renamed New York. Over the past 350 years, New York City has become the epicenter of development and opportunity, and one of the most recognizable cities in the world.

For the enthusiastic history buff or aspiring fact checker, a trip to New York is a great opportunity to learn more about the historically significant events that took place along the Eastern seaboard. Here are some places you’ll want to visit on your journey to knowledge.

Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

Ellis Island became the portal to America between 1892 and 1954. During this time, the island processed around 12 million immigrants coming to the new world. It is estimated that about half of the American population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty became a beacon for these people, who often experienced weeks of hard travel over the Atlantic Ocean.

You can take a guided tour through the museum to learn more about the immigration process at the time, and see if any of your family members walked through the doors on Ellis Island. If you’re low on time, check the hop on hop off NYC reviews to see which tour option best fits your schedule.

Pier 54

The influx of immigrants to America during the late 1800s and the first half of the 1900s overlaps with another historically significant event which New York City took part in. Pier 54 was where the Titanic was supposed to dock upon arriving in America, and where the Carpathia landed with the 705 survivors of the nautical disaster.

History buffs will also be aware of the infamous Lusitania disaster in 1915. The British ship left Pier 54 to head back to Liverpool on May 1 that year, to later be sunk by a German U-boat, killing 1,193 people. Since then, would-be developers have had terrible luck in revamping this area.

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

Smallpox is a highly contagious disease that killed over 500 million people worldwide during its peak. It was officially eradicated by 1980 through the administering of vaccinations. Before science caught up with this disease, efforts were made to keep smallpox patients separated from the general public, hence the creation of the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital.

The hospital has been abandoned since the 1950s, and now only the Gothic architecture of its stone walls and windows stands against the test of time. The area is quiet and eerie, and some believe it to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. If ghost stories are a non-issue for you, feel free to tour the ruins after sunset.

National September 11 Memorial and Museum

History doesn’t just include things that happened before you were born. The 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 changed the world. How we travel, security measures, and news reporting were all reshaped by this tragic event.

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is located at the former site of the twin towers, with two pools encompassed by the names of the victims. The museum itself holds artifacts from that day, including the last steel beam removed from the site during cleanup. The site is also home to The Oculus, a state of the art transportation hub as well as the One World Trade Center, the tallest building in North America at an astounding 1,776 feet.

New York City is a blend of old and new, with historical sites dating back to settlement times and modern, trailblazing innovations that shape our modern culture. During your travels, be sure to take the time to appreciate both and expand your knowledge.

January 31, 2018

Relaxation Dentist Clinton Services for Those who Fear the Dentist

Have you heard of relaxation dentistry? Not every dentist Clinton has to offer has made this available yet, but there has been a significant interest raised in it. This makes sense, because the reality is that people are afraid of going to the dentist, and they will avoid going because of this fear. As a result, dentists, who know that serious and painful dental problems can be avoided by having regular checkups, do all they can to attract people to their clinics, which is why some are now considering relaxation dentistry.

Dentist Clinton Relaxation Services

With relaxation dentistry, people are able to receive the services of a dentist without having to deal with anxiety and fear. It ensures patients are completely relaxed and that their experience with the dentist is comfortable as well. It basically ensures that people stop thinking about their treatment and what they are having done. Those who have tried relaxation dentistry have been very positive about their experiences. They believe that it offers fantastic value for money as well, not in the least because it has enabled them to go to the dentist at all, sometimes for the first time in many years.

Relaxation dentistry is not the same as sedation dentistry, although the latter does also help patients to relax. However, the ultimate goal and philosophy behind relaxation dentistry is to actually fully remove the fear patients have about going to the dentist. This, in turn, enables them to actually get the treatment they need. Exactly how dentists achieve this, however, varies tremendously. Some examples include:

Spa dentistry, where people can have relaxing spa treatments before and/or after their dentistry treatment. This includes massages, face masks, and sauna treatment.

Aromatherapy and color therapy, encouraging people to enter a fully relaxed state of mind when they enter the treatment room.

Anxiety dogs and other pets, who spend time with patients, often during their treatment, to help them feel more relaxed.

Dentists who have tried to offer relaxation dentistry have been as enthusiastic as their patients. They have seen a great increase in the number of people who come through their door, but also a great increase in the number of people who stick to their six monthly checkups. Suddenly, people do not have as many reservations anymore about going to the dentist, and that can only be seen as a positive development. Exactly how much relaxation someone needs before their treatment and how that is offered varies tremendously, and good dentists will discuss this with their patients first.

The most important thing to remember is that, if you have a fear of the dentist, there are solutions out there for you. Whether it is stroking a dog to calm down while you receive your treatment, or whether it is being placed under general anesthetic because you genuinely can’t cope, there are options out there. There should be no reason, therefore, for anybody to not have their twice a year checkups and focus on their oral hygiene.

January 31, 2018

What Is an Innovation Lab? 7 Practices They Help to Foster

Have you ever posed yourself the question “what is an innovation lab?” If so, you are not the only one. Basically, it is a concept rather than a physical building, and one in which a true culture of innovation becomes created and fostered. Doing this is an innovation in and of itself, however, because it means changing the existing culture. And people are incredibly resistant to change, so this is a very difficult enterprise. That said, a good innovation lab helps to foster a number of key best practices that all companies should try adopting.

What Is an Innovation Lab?

An innovation lab is an organization in which all the best practices of innovation are found and put together. According to experts, there are specific best practices, of which seven must be present before an organization can start to see itself as an “innovation lab”. Those seven key best practices are:

  1. To encourage people to read on innovation. Businesses should provide them with relevant books to read, and they should be open to suggestions for other books as well.
  2. To ensure methods are researched and presented on how people can design their innovative ideas. Having things in place such as crowdsourcing software is vital, therefore,
  3. To adopt lean methodologies. This is something organizations, even large multinationals, can learn from startups. Startups innovate every single day, and they do so on the smallest budgets imaginable. This is how real innovation comes together.
  4. To use the Business Model Canvas. This shows key partners, key activities, key resources, value propositions, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structure, and revenue streams.
  5. To focus more strongly on acquisition of ideas instead of inventing new ideas. This helps to bring more innovation.
  6. To sponsor those who accelerate or incubate new programs and who attract the community within that.
  7. To put idea management software in place and make it accessible to everybody.

There are other key best practices that a good innovation law should have, which include:

  • To allow people to observe others, and make connections when they are ready.
  • To ensure all ideas actually fit in with the business.
  • To stop focusing solely on installing new technologies.
  • To run competitions for new and better ideas.
  • To host events that are like shark tanks, in which teams pitch to each other in an almost competitive manner.
  • To get rid of needless bureaucracy, forms, and red tape.
  • To ensure leaders and managers lead and manage, but that they don’t micromanage or helicopter manage. They have to lead by example.

With these examples of best practice, any organization can effectively become an innovation lab. It essentially means that it is a place where ideas are appreciated, listened to, and valued. It is a place where people feel comfortable talking about what comes in their head, without fearing they will be negatively judged for it. Most of all, however, an innovation lab is a business that is able to not just stay relevant, but to stay ahead of others.

January 31, 2018

How to Build the Perfect ‘Man Cave’

The idea of a ‘man cave’ may appear somewhat primal, but there is nothing prehistoric about a classy leather couch and an ornamental mini-bar that reminds you of the 60s. It originated from the idea of having a place in your home that you can use to relax, practice a hobby or get together with your friends.

Building your very own man cave may end up being a tiring endeavour, especially if you haven’t gone through the necessary planning and preparation. Considering this is a rather personal project, you will need to do most of the work, from the setup to the final decorating touches, but the most important step along the way is choosing the theme and choosing one that you will be completely obsessed with. Following is a list of the most frequent ‘man cave’ themes to get you inspired – as long as you choose something you like, you shouldn’t have any problems with the final product.

A Hunter’s Den

A hunting-themed man cave is the perfect solution for hunting enthusiasts who aren’t normally able to hang their trophies around the house. Having a hunter’s den is the perfect solution to such problems – you can put anything from deer heads on the walls to bear skins all over the floor to give your man cave a more rustic, lodge-like look.

This is a good option for those that can’t afford to invest too much money in their man cave – you can use an old shelf and a bit of craftsmanship and end up with a unique display for your firearms collection.

A Vegas Casino

There is nothing like a casino theme to turn a man cave into a whole new experience. You can add as many Vegas elements and symbols as you like, but a few slot machines and a poker table in the middle should be enough to get you started. Those with enough room left can include a blackjack or craps table afterwards, or at least a small bar area with a cigar case and a few authentic ashtrays, as well as the typical hanging light bulb for a dimmed effect.

This man cave is the ultimate retreat location both for a friendly poker night with the guys and your solo attempts playing online poker at redbet. All you’re missing is a sign on the wall that says ‘What happens in this man cave, stays in this man cave’ for a complete look.

A Gamers’ Lair

Gamers are just as entitled to a man cave as any gambling and hunting enthusiast, although you might need a bigger budget to equip it to perfection. A must-have item for a gamer’s lair is the huge flat screen for a perfectly sharp and clean visual, along with a high-end sound system to round up the whole experience. Even if you prefer PlayStation, the ‘lair’ will most likely require all the latest consoles so that everyone can choose based on their liking. A Wii and an Xbox will complement your console collection, and an open cupboard made of glass and metal bars is the perfect storage solution.

January 31, 2018

What Is a Fair Price for SEO Services?

A lot of people want to know how much they should pay for SEO services. This isn’t surprising, since there are horror stories of people paying thousands on their SEO campaign and never seeing any return. However, a price that is “fair” depends also on how much you can afford. A Fortune 500 company, for instance, is likely to pay a lot more for an SEO campaign, if they don’t do it in-house, than a sole proprietor, simply because they have higher expectations and will require more work.

What Should You Pay for SEO Services?

Good SEO services don’t come cheap. That is because, while their work is perhaps not labor-intensive, it also isn’t easy. Furthermore, the impact of their work is huge. In order to make sure that you pay a price that is both fair and right for your own business, you need to follow these steps for starters:

  1. Determine what you can afford. Be realistic in this and know what your goal is as well. This means that you shouldn’t think that you can get a good SEO service for $200 and find yourself on the first page of Google for a high demand keyword. If your keyword ranks in the top 20 of most searched for, then you can expect to pay thousands of dollars if you want to get anywhere near the first page.
  2. Spend some time comparing the market and asking for different quotes. There are quite literally thousands of SEO agencies out there, and the vast majority of them aren’t any good. The profession isn’t protected, so anyone can call themselves an expert. Doo your homework, ask for quotes, and take your time.
  3. Never agree to a contract unless you feel it is fair. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Similarly, if something seems unreasonably expensive, you are probably right in your suspicions.
  4. Don’t look for the lowest price but rather for the best value for money. Cheap prices usually mean cheap services, which in turn means you have wasted your money, even if you haven’t spent much of it. At the end of the day, you need to see a return on investment, which means you do have to make an investment.
  5. Always ask for a portfolio, references, and referrals. Any company not willing to provide you with these should be avoided straight away.
  6. Verify any referrals and references you receive, and check the portfolio. Unfortunately, you cannot trust a portfolio to be real. Contact the companies listed on the references and referrals and find out whether they were happy with the work that was done for them.
  7. Ask for progress reports and statistical growth. These should show the growth of the company itself – they couldn’t possible do for you what they can’t do for themselves. At the same time, you should ask what kind of progress reports you can expect yourself.
January 31, 2018

Disabled Access Hotels, Apartments, B&B and More to Ensure You Have a Comfortable Stay

If you are in a different country, it is vital that you find the best accommodation possible. If you happen to be disabled, then you need to find disabled access hotels, apartments, B&B and more in particular. In fact, finding good accommodation is perhaps the most important part of all, because you have to be able to rest while you are on your trip. So what are some of the things that you should look for?

Things to Look for in Disabled Access Hotels, Apartments, B&B and More

Naturally, price is a main factor to consider. You are likely to be traveling on a budget, and you should stick to that. That being said, you also shouldn’t spend less than your allocated budget. After all, why would you deny yourself some of life’s little luxuries if you are able to afford them? Mainly, however, you should be able to find somewhere to stay regardless of your budget.

The second thing to consider is location. Of course, the perfect location depends on a variety of different factors, including your particular needs and why you are on the trip at all. If you’re traveling for business, then you should find a hotel as close as possible to the business location you will be working with. But if you’re traveling for pleasure, then you should consider somewhere that is close to the different attractions. Of course, you also have to look at amenities such as transport facilities, shuttles, and so on. As a rule of thumb, the closer to the center of the city you are located, the more expensive the hotel will be.

Then, you need to consider amenities. You need to think about the facilities you need, particularly if you are disabled. Your room has to be fully accessible, but you may also want to look at the accessibility of things such as the gym, swimming pool, restaurant, and shops. These are all features that can help you narrow down your search, helping you to find accommodation that is both comfortable and suitable to your need. Do also look at the services offered at the hotel and what their quality is like. Read online reviews on popular sites such as Trip Advisor to see what other people have said, filtering them by comments on the issues that matter to you.

The final thing to consider is when you want to travel. There are always off peak seasons and high seasons, and there tend to also be differences between the days. For instance, business hotels tend to be more expensive during the week than on weekends, which means you could save a bit of money by changing your days. Consider, as well, whether there are seasonal issues that may cause you difficulties. For instance, if you are visually impaired, then perhaps traveling in winter in an area with notorious for black ice may not be the best solution for you.

January 31, 2018

The Bitcoin Wallet App and SNO Coins

There are many different types of cryptocurrencies out there, but Bitcoin is the original one. This is why the app is also called the bitcoin wallet app, even if it can manage other types of cryptocurrencies as well. Bitcoins are controversial. They were designed to create a decentralized banking system, but they have made a number of people multi-millionaires, within the centralized banking system. Of course, others want to have a slice of this pie, which is why different forms of cryptocurrency are also created, one of which is the SNO coins.

The Bitcoin Wallet App and SNO Coins

SNO Coins were developed in 2015 by Milan Roxe. They started in India, introducing bitcoins to that market. As successful as they were in this, people continue to be weary of investing in this type of currency. One of the reasons for that is because bitcoins are expensive and people still don’t quite understand the potential profits and benefits.

How SNO Bitcoins Can Help

People in India have very complex needs. They are growing into a first world economy, while still having third world problems at the same time. For developers and investors, there is a lot of money to be made, but only if what they offer is easy to access. And that is precisely what SNO coins offer. Millions of Indians have now started to use this system, helping the company to grow and learn to make things even better. As a result, SNO has come up with a number of strategies that were designed for the Indian market, but that have proven to be role models for the entire world:

  1. App development, ensuring people can access and by SNO coins from websites with ease, but also enabling people to access their coins on the go. Through the app, people can buy and sell SNO coins, as well as make purchases through them. The app is developed for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  2. In app features that ensure people are always satisfied with the services that they received. For instance, people can use the app to watch live sports and play games, for instance. This means that leisure time and financial time becomes inextricably linked.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality, ensuring no information is shared with third party vendors, as Skrill, PayPal, and Paytm do. Additionally, no regulatory bodies or governments overlook the SNO coin app.
  4. No government or economy is able to manipulate the currency, which means the value of the coins is down to the users themselves.
  5. A digital wallet through which payments can be made.

SNO coins have served as an example of best practice for the rest of the bitcoin industry. Different wallet apps have now started to appear, and they are in fact trending on the App Store and Play Store. People want to be able to use digital currencies, and they want to be able to do so in a safe, secure, and easy to understand environment.

January 30, 2018

UK Road Trip: 5 Safety Facts About Tyres To Understand!

If you’re planning a road trip in the UK, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover 5 basic tyre safety facts, which you should take to heart before embarking on your whirlwind tour of the UK. As the last thing that you want is to end up losing control of your vehicle on the open road or being involved in a serious car accident.

5 Saftey Facts About Tyres You Should Know Before You Road Trip in the UK:

  1. Frequently use a pressure gauge to assess your tyres’ pressure as it’s harder to brake and steer with underinflated tyres

Every couple of days it’s well worth stopping making a pit stop at a gas station to check your tyres’ pressure. As not only is more expensive to drive with underinflated tyres but it’s far harder to brake and steer with underinflated tyres and you’re far more likely to crash if your tyres aren’t inflated adequately.

  1. For your tyres to grip the road, each tyre needs at least 1.6mm of tread

Before heading out on your UK road trip it’s crucial to check that each of your tyres boasts a minimum of 1.6mm of tread, which is the legal minimum of tread required for vehicles to operate legally in the UK. Ideally, your car should have 2-3 mm of tread.

If one of your car’s tyres has less than 1.6mm tread, make sure to change your tyre or replace it with the proper tyre like the ones you can find at, TyrePlus before you head on out the open road as if you drive on tyres that have little tread, you’ll be far more likely to lose control and end up in a nasty car crash.

  1. If you expect to travel on snowy roads, make sure to pack snow chains to prevent a crash

As an example, if you plan on driving on a country road in the middle of winter, make sure to pack snow chains, which will give your tyres extra grip and will prevent your tyres from slipping and sliding on any snow covered roads which you may travel on.

  1. You can protect your tyres from damage by pre-planning your route

It’s well worth sitting down and pre-planning your route so that you can choose to travel on well-maintained roads, which are far less likely to damage your tyres’ wheel alignment and tread than if you were to take little used, less likely maintained roads.

  1. Don’t be tempted to drive on tyres which feature any bulges or cracks as you could risk one of your tyres bursting on the open road

It’s well worth inspecting all of your tyres for cracks and bulges before you start filling your car with luggage as you should never embark on a long drive, with tyres which feature cracks and bulges. While any cracks or bulges may not reveal a serious issue, which could cause a car crash, it always pays to take preventive measures to make sure that you don’t end up in a potentially dangerous situation.

So before you head out on a fun-filled UK road trip, make sure that you understand each of the 5 tyre saftey tips listed above and remember to #TestYourTreads!

January 25, 2018

How Terminix, A Top Pest Control Company, Treats Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are annoying because they are pests that can live both indoors and outdoors. Mosquitoes drink human blood and their bite is known to be itchy and uncomfortable, but even worse, mosquitoes can also carry a variety of pathogens that can cause disease that can be potentially dangerous to you and your loved ones. In some cases, you can get away with just wearing bug spray during the summer months. However, if you reside in an area that is particularly mosquito friendly, you should consider protecting your home and keep your kids safe with a reliable pest control company like Terminix.

Here is more on how mosquito pest control works with Terminix:

Pest Control Near Me: Terminix has a variety of locations within the United States and in Canada. With nearly a century in the business and a variety of trained professionals on hand, Terminix likely has someone in your area or can recommend a good alternative.

Bait: After you contact Terminix about your mosquito problem, a Terminix professional will come to your home to arrange a treatment. The professional will apply a lasting compound that kills mosquitoes and mosquito larvae on contact.

Bite Control: The mosquito population will decrease, leading to an equivalent reduction in bites. Terminix professionals generally estimate a 90% decrease in the first week. However, results can vary by area.

Lasting Protection: Once the treatment is arranged, its zone of protection can last for weeks thanks to a special layer that withstands weather. A Terminix professional can refresh the treatment on a monthly basis to keep the mosquitos controlled.

If you are facing a major mosquito problem, Terminix has plenty of solutions to help ensure that your property is protected from the bugs.

January 24, 2018

Tips for Touring Central Park

This park plays an important role in the lives of NYC residents, as it provides lakes and open spaces that make it possible to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists are always impressed by Central Park because of its sheer size and beauty. It provides a quiet haven to listen to music, exercise, and picnic.

Things to Do

Central Park is 843 acres, which means that you can spend a whole day there and not do everything that you want to do. From carousel rides to concerts, there is no shortage of things to do here. Here are some activities that you can do:

Ride the carousel: the current carousel has been there since 1950 and it features some of the largest hand-carved figures that have ever been made. You will need to pay three dollars for a ride – even children have to pay.

Take a walking tour: if you think that exploring Central Park alone is daunting, you should consider joining a walking tour. Take the Central Park Conservancy walking tour if you want other people to show you around.

Enjoy a picnic: you can shop for provisions in the city, then sit back, relax, and do some people watching while you enjoy food and drink. Great Lawn and Sheep Meadow are great picnic locations, but you can always find a quieter place.  

See a concert: during summer, Central Park has many music concerts for everyone’s taste whether you prefer classical music or popular music. When seeing a concert at this park, you can also have a picnic.

Central Park Hotels

If you want to stay near Central park, you will have great views from your hotel room. The hotels with a good view are in the southern part of Central Park and you will be closer to your favorite attraction. However, you should know that these hotels are quite expensive because of their proximity to Central Park.

The hotels that you should consider include the Plaza Hotel, The Pierre Hotel, Park Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental. Although they are expensive, you will save money because you will not pay much for transport.

Eating at Central Park

Are you going to spend the whole day at Central Park? You do not have to eat food from expensive hotels; you can pack your own lunch after buying groceries for yourself. However, if you are intent on trying NYC food, you should buy from vendors who are scattered all over Central Park selling hot dogs, ice cream, pretzels, and beverages.

Central Park Tours

If you do not like the idea of touring Central Park alone, you should consider joining the following Central Park tours:

Central Park Conservancy tour – you can learn about the park’s ecology, history, and design by joining this guided walking tour. You can walk straight to the heart of Central Park and enjoy a selection of architectural, scenic, and sculptural elements. You will be given an insider’s look at the iconic features in the world’s greatest park.

Free Tours by Foot – you will pay however much you want for a walking tour of Central Park. This tour will allow you to see things from a New Yorker’s perspective.

Sunset Central Park Tours – if you want to see more sights than you would your own, you should tour Central Park at sunset. Seeing this magnificent park at sunset will reveal all its splendor to you.

If you want to take a bike tour by yourself, you should consider renting a bike. Some Central Park bike rentals start at $7, making them quite affordable even if you are on a budget.

Overall, NYC may be an expensive city but there are many activities, sightseeing locations, rentals, and affordable deals to make your experience one for the books. So, you won’t have to save lots of money in order to see the beautiful views NYC has to offer.