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May 7, 2018

Follow This Advice To Have The Most Beautiful Low-Key Wedding

Not every couple pictures a bustling ballroom filled with glittering chandeliers and ornate centerpieces for their big day. Many imagine a casual affair where their close friends and family gather in a big backyard or a grassy field. If you want to know how to have a lovely low-key wedding reception, here are some ideas to think about.

The descriptors of casual or low-key can give couples the wrong impression that the wedding reception will look plain, boring or even cheap. You can still plan for a low-key wedding that’s also breath-taking — all you have to do is remove unnecessary additions and fussy adornments so that the atmosphere is clean, beautiful and relaxed. This means skipping out on glitzy decorations like enormous floral arrangements, giant centerpieces, scattered rose petals, dangling light fixtures and extra ribbons, garlands and bows. Paring down your list of essential items will make your reception look simply charming, along with the added benefit of being much friendlier to your wallet.

Once you figure out the location and décor of your venue, you should find an experienced wedding caterer that can serve quality dishes that fit with the atmosphere of your reception. Food is another element that can be elegant without being overly fancy or lavish — you should hire a company that can create casual fare with good ingredients and professional skill. The Toronto wedding caterers The Food Dudes are known for their ability to make gourmet meals with fun and unexpected twists. They can offer a buffet menu with home-style dishes like pan-roasted chicken breast or BBQ smoked ribs and grilled favourites like burgers, hot dogs and Mexican sweet corn. If you are planning for an outdoor reception, you can hire their food truck in Toronto to serve tasty treats like mac and cheese balls, fried chicken sandwiches and Nutella bombs. If you are looking for something that wedding guests love and that will suit your low-key personality, then a food truck is the right choice for your outdoor reception.

You can also choose low-key outfits for your ceremony and reception, instead of traditional choices. The bride doesn’t have to wear a dress that’s layered with tulle and appliques, because there are a number of stylish options for outfits that aren’t princess gowns, like cocktail-length dresses, long bohemian dresses, delicate skirts and sleek pant-suits. The groom can skip the full-tuxedo with extras like tails, cummerbunds, ascots or top hats in favour of casual groom attire — choose a crisp button-up shirt with a fitted jacket and a colourful tie. You can be quite the fashionable pair without dropping thousands of dollars on an outfit that you will wear once.

If extravagance doesn’t suit your personal taste, you can have a low-key reception that is just as lovely. As long as you remember to whittle down your décor to the essentials, choose caterers that can be laid-back and gourmet, and find outfits that are beautiful without breaking the bank, you can easily plan the wedding that you’ve been dreaming about.


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