November 8, 2018

How to Accessorize Your White Prom Dress

Have you chosen a white dress for your prom night? Perfect. Now wondering what to pair with it? No problem, we have put together a range of ideas for you to kit your outfit out to look classy, stylish, and glam.

Now you have your dress, how you accessorize it becomes an important task, and will make the difference between your outfit looking stunning or average. Whilst it’s important to maintain your own style, and of course there are no right and wrong ways to style your outfit, there are however some fashion guidelines we can get ideas and inspiration from along the way.

Having chosen a white prom dress, you know you already stand out in the crown at your event. White is fun, bright, and easy to notice, meaning all eyes on you. It is a bold choice, and we have fab recommendations on what to pair it with.

Colour Choice

You’ve chosen well, as white can be paired with almost any color, so you can be creative with your pairing. We love vibrant bright colors such as red, ocean blue, and bright green, to make your dress stand out, however more pastel tones and lighter colors such as yellow or baby pink also look fab with white.

Contrast the outfit with bits of black

One thing we want to avoid when wearing white is looking too similar to a bride on her big day, therefore one idea is to pair your dress with black accessories, such as a headband or belt to enhance the shape and create an empire waistline. This can add a nice contrast to your white outfit, adding sequins and crystal beads will also highlight the dress nicely for snaps in the right lights.

Add Gold or Silver

These two shades work great with white prom dresses, and will certainly be popular accessories for prom dresses 2019. Gold or silver will add glimmer and dazzle to your dress, and gives it an extra special feel. If you don’t want to go all out with gold or silver shoes and handbag, why not try to add these colors in the form of a sash or hat.

Dress Style Matters

When accessorizing, we need to be conscious of the style and design of our dress. For example, if the neckline is off the shoulder or thin straps, then a statement detailed necklace would look good, however dresses with a closed neck may suit a simple elegant pendant better.

Metallic Accessories

White also looks eye-catching alongside metallic pieces. JJ’s House designer Jessica thinks adding metallic jewellery or a handbag gives you a sophisticated and fashionable look. Choosing minimalistic and plain metallic accessories bring sleekness and glam to your outfit, the ideal statement for your night.


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