January 31, 2018

How to Build the Perfect ‘Man Cave’

The idea of a ‘man cave’ may appear somewhat primal, but there is nothing prehistoric about a classy leather couch and an ornamental mini-bar that reminds you of the 60s. It originated from the idea of having a place in your home that you can use to relax, practice a hobby or get together with your friends.

Building your very own man cave may end up being a tiring endeavour, especially if you haven’t gone through the necessary planning and preparation. Considering this is a rather personal project, you will need to do most of the work, from the setup to the final decorating touches, but the most important step along the way is choosing the theme and choosing one that you will be completely obsessed with. Following is a list of the most frequent ‘man cave’ themes to get you inspired – as long as you choose something you like, you shouldn’t have any problems with the final product.

A Hunter’s Den

A hunting-themed man cave is the perfect solution for hunting enthusiasts who aren’t normally able to hang their trophies around the house. Having a hunter’s den is the perfect solution to such problems – you can put anything from deer heads on the walls to bear skins all over the floor to give your man cave a more rustic, lodge-like look.

This is a good option for those that can’t afford to invest too much money in their man cave – you can use an old shelf and a bit of craftsmanship and end up with a unique display for your firearms collection.

A Vegas Casino

There is nothing like a casino theme to turn a man cave into a whole new experience. You can add as many Vegas elements and symbols as you like, but a few slot machines and a poker table in the middle should be enough to get you started. Those with enough room left can include a blackjack or craps table afterwards, or at least a small bar area with a cigar case and a few authentic ashtrays, as well as the typical hanging light bulb for a dimmed effect.

This man cave is the ultimate retreat location both for a friendly poker night with the guys and your solo attempts playing online poker at redbet. All you’re missing is a sign on the wall that says ‘What happens in this man cave, stays in this man cave’ for a complete look.

A Gamers’ Lair

Gamers are just as entitled to a man cave as any gambling and hunting enthusiast, although you might need a bigger budget to equip it to perfection. A must-have item for a gamer’s lair is the huge flat screen for a perfectly sharp and clean visual, along with a high-end sound system to round up the whole experience. Even if you prefer PlayStation, the ‘lair’ will most likely require all the latest consoles so that everyone can choose based on their liking. A Wii and an Xbox will complement your console collection, and an open cupboard made of glass and metal bars is the perfect storage solution.


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