March 16, 2018

Jack Elway Talks About His Best Fitness Tips


It would be fair to say that Jack Elway, and his father for that matter, have enjoyed a very successful time in sport. They’ve played at the top of the game – and become household names in the process.

As anyone who has ever watched or played NFL will testify, this isn’t a sport for someone who doesn’t take their fitness seriously. It’s something that puts immense strain on the body, and there’s a reason why all of the guys have such an incredible physique.

Following on from the above, we have spoken to Elway about his best suggestions for staying in shape. As such, whether you are a bodybuilder or someone who is just starting their fitness journey, let’s take a look at the best ways to keep on top of your body.

Weight lifting doesn’t just give you bulging muscles

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to weightlifting. Many people believe that this is something which is only worthwhile for bodybuilders, or at least those people who want to benefit from the bulging biceps and famous six pack.

Well, this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, all of the above will happen if you train seriously, but there are further benefits to weight lifting.

This is a practice which can boost your metabolism emphatically. The result is that through the course of the day, your body will be burning a lot more calories. The end result of this is that weight lifting can be a key tool in helping you lose weight. In fact, some people will only rely on this – and ditch cardio completely. This in itself should highlight just how powerful it is.

Don’t underestimate the power of resting

This is a heading that is certainly going to appeal to a lot of you. After all, staying in shape is all about pumping iron and running miles upon miles, right?

Well, while all of the above can help you, you also shouldn’t forget just how important it is to give your body a break. If you’re in the mood to train every day of the week, we take our hats off to you. At the same time, this is giving your body too much.

Every time you work your muscles, they need time to recover. Without this recovery time, it means that they aren’t able to rebuild and ultimately get stronger. Not only is this going to hinder your development, but it can also increase the chances of incurring an injury substantially.

Aim for form, not the big weights

This is something that Elway is a particular advocate about. While it might be tempting to grab the biggest weights in the room, try to resist the urge. If you’re not strong enough to lift said weights, you will just be risking injury. Instead, make sure that you are doing the exercise properly – this will allow you to progress much faster and actually make more efficient strength gains.


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