March 20, 2018

5 Useful tips on Being an Executive Vice President

If your dream role is that of an executive vice president like Kevin Rolle, simply continue reading to discover a variety of useful, invaluable tips on being an executive vice president.

1. Be able to multi-task

If you take on the role of an executive vice president, expect to have to multi-task on a day to day basis as you’ll have a wide variety of roles, in different sections of your business to take on. So it’s well worth working on your ability to be able to multi-task. As an example, on route to a meeting with your company’s board of directors, you may have to take phone calls from various managers, whilst clearing important emails.

2. Be willing to take on leadership duties when needed

To succeed in your career as an executive vice president, there may be times in which you’re sent to meetings or to different sections of your business, in lieu of your company’s president. As it’s impossible for your company’s vice president to be two places at once. So make sure that you’re able to take on the role of a company president, several times per week.

During these times make sure that you’re just as inspiring, articulate and charismatic as your company’s president. As if you perform well, there is every chance that you may be offered the position of company president, when the current president retires or decides to move on to another challenge.

3. Be able to problem solve and take initiative on a daily basis

Contrary to what some individuals may believe, the role of an executive vice president involves more than simply on behalf of the president. Instead, if you’re looking to be an effective executive vice president, you must be able to make autonomous decisions and being able to take initiative and solve any problems which may surface on your own. As your company’s president is likely to have their plate full, with their own tasks and challenges.

4. Concentrate on becoming an effective manager

Executive vice presidents are often tasked with overseeing the implementation of strategic plans, so it’s a wise move to work on becoming an even more effective manager. As an example, you may want to work on getting various heads of departments to send you regular email updates on the progress which is being made in their departments so that you won’t have to physically visit departments which are reaching their set targets

5. Don’t be afraid to delegate key tasks to individuals who you trust, will perform well

As an executive vice president, you’ll find that you’ll be kept just as busy as your company’s president, so it’s well worth learning how to delegate tasks which you can’t take on, to trusted members of the executive team. After all, if you try to take on too many tasks at any one given point in time, you’ll be highly unlikely to complete any of the tasks on your plate to your full ability!

In order to become the best possible executive vice president that you can, it’s well worth following the 5 leadership tips listed above!


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