November 29, 2018

A Guide to Improving your Reading Skills

Reading is a skill the benefits your whole life, and without good reading skills, you may find studying, passing exams and other academic work a challenge. This could also have an effect on your career, so being a confident reader is essential for your ability to perform well at work. The good news is that there are ways we can all improve our reading skills, and this guide gives you some tips.

Read Different Texts

A good way to improve your reading is to read a variety of material. Along with fiction books you might need to study, you can read articles online, newspapers, or instructional books on the things that interest you. This will help build your reading stamina, as well as expose you to different vocabulary and writing styles, and this will help you in your academic work.

The more you practice reading, the more your fluency will improve and also your enjoyment.


When you have read a paragraph of text, take a little time to summarize the message of it to yourself before you continue. This allows the information to sink in, as well as making sure you fully comprehend what you are reading. If you find that you do not understand what you have just read, ask for some advice to help you understand. That way you will feel confident as you move on to the next part of the text.

Learn New Vocabulary

When reading, if you see new words that you don’t understand the meaning of, then try to guess what the meaning could be in relation to the overall ideas or themes in the text. Then, check the words using a dictionary to make sure. When you improve your vocabulary, it opens up a new way of expressing yourself, as well as understanding the nuances of the written word.


When reading, use a pencil to underline things that catch your eye in the text. It could be uses of descriptive writing, similes or metaphors, or it could be passages that you want to deepen your understanding of. When you are an active reader, rather than just moving your eyes over the text and hoping to understand it, then you are working to improve your skills.

Get Help

If you continue to find reading a challenge, then ask for extra help form your teacher. Another way of getting help is to use a tutor, such as from Sometimes all it needs is to have someone help you with one aspect of reading such as fluency, scanning or comprehension, for the rest to naturally come.

Improving your reading skills is important, especially if you want to get into higher education or want a career where good reading skills are needed. Not only that, when we are good readers, it helps us with all aspects of understanding the written word and we begin to find enjoyment in picking up a book, finding a favorite writer or learning new things about the world that we would have otherwise thought about.


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