February 13, 2018

What Is It Like to Be a Lawyer?

Growing up, many of us would say that we had always dreamed of becoming a successful doctor, CEO, surgeon or for many of us, lawyer. The reason behind why so many young people want to take on this profession is unclear but what is very obvious is that a great many of us grow up with ideals of being the purveyor of justice.

Personally, I have wanted to be a lawyer of real estate ever since I read about the inspiration Pedro Martin, CEO of the Terra Group and a man with over 25 years experience as a real estate attorney. I have tried, and still am trying, to follow in Pedro’s footsteps and leave my mark on the real estate industry. The question that many ask, is what is it really like to be a lawyer? Let’s take a look.


Lawyers, generally speaking, are some of the highest paid men and women in the country, and given the level of stress which they face on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why they command the big bucks. When there is a live case, lawyers jobs can be stressful, they can expect long days, plenty of hard work and a great amount of pressure on their shoulders. Being a lawyer is not like it is in a program lie Suits, where we see Harvey Specter owning people each episode. Being a lawyer is hard work and incredibly stressful.

Morally Difficult

The idea of a lawyer is to ensure that everything which is brought to court gets a fair trial, it is about defending the innocent and ensuring that the guilty pay. With this being said, there are many cases as a lawyer where you may need to defend someone that you don’t believe, you may need to work with a firm which you believe to be unscrupulous or you may need to work on a case which is unsavory to say the least. With all this in mind, the life of a lawyer can be tough from a moral standpoint, and one must separate their professionalism, from their personal feelings.


As much as some lawyers will have paralegals or a team around them to help in terms of dong the donkey work when it comes to admin, many still need to muck in, and read reams and reams of information pertaining to their case. Most lawyers have a love and hate relationship with their job. Lawyers must study incredibly hard to achieve the status of a lawyer in the first place, and the studying does not stop there. There are always new cases, new challenges and ultimately, new information to be found and in order to be the best lawyer that you can, one must spend a great deal of time studying.

Being a lawyer is like being on a rollercoaster, there will be ups and downs and losses and victories, the job is a highly respected one which pays well, but this is a salary which is definitely well earned.


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