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March 16, 2018

7 Of The Best Reasons To Give People Flowers

If you love giving and receiving flowers, simply continue reading to discover 7 of the best reasons to give people you care about flowers.

7 Of the best reasons to give people flowers:

  1. To surprise a loved one

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion such as a loved one’s birthday or Valentine’s Day in order to surprise someone you love with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. As you’ll be sure to make your family member or friend’s day if you surprise them with flowers, in order to show them just how special they are to you.

  1. To say thank you

If you want to show your appreciation for an individual who has gone out of their way in order to help you, you may want to consider gifting them with fresh flowers as a way of expressing your gratitude. As an example, you may want to gift a friend with a bouquet of flowers for helping you move to your new house or to present a bouquet of beautiful flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day.

  1. To celebrate a special occasion

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, a graduation or a milestone birthday, it’s well worth picking up a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers, to gift your special friend or family member with.

  1. To brighten the day of an ill friend or family member

Whether you have a friend who is recovering from an illness at home or have a family member who is currently in hospital recovering from a procedure, it’s well worth purchasing fresh flowers for your loved one in order to help brighten their day.

After all, if an individual is so ill that they’re unable to leave their home or hospital room, being able to look at a gorgeous bunch of flowers, will be sure to brighten up their day.

  1. To decorate their home or office

If one of your friends or family members takes great pride in presenting a gorgeous home or office, they’ll definitely appreciate receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers which they can use to decorate their workspace or bedroom.

  1. To present to the host of a dinner party

If you were raised not to turn up to a friend’s house without purchasing a gift for the host, you can’t go wrong purchasing fresh flowers for the host of the event to proudly display in their home.

  1. To gift an individual who you don’t know well

If you ever find yourself shopping for a present for an individual who you don’t know all that well, you can’t go wrong purchasing flowers. As while not everyone likes chocolate, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual who doesn’t appreciate a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

You can give fresh flowers for everyone as they are the perfect gift for every occasion. So if you’re ever looking for the perfect present for a new acquaintance such as a new partner’s mom or your closest friend, it’s well worth purchasing a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

March 14, 2018

Why Location Is So Important For Your Business

If you’re currently searching for the ideal location for your business, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover why it’s crucial to choose the perfect location for your business.

Why Location is So Important for Your Business:

  1. It’s crucial to choose a location which boasts plenty of foot traffic

When searching for a prime location for your business, it’s crucial to choose a location which boasts plenty of foot traffic as while some of your customers or clients may travel specifically to visit your business, a large proportion of your customers will choose to pop into your business as a result of walking past your business.

  1. In general, most potential customers are drawn to businesses which appear to be popular

If you choose a popular location, which boasts regular foot traffic and your business manages to attract pedestrians to enter your business, you’re very likely to attract further customers. As in general, individuals are far more likely to check out a business, if it appears to be popular. As if a business is empty, individuals will start to wonder whether there is a good reason for the business in question being empty.

  1. Your choice of location will influence your customers’ perception of your business

Another reason why it’s important to choose a great location for your business’ premises is that the neighborhood or area which you choose to base your business in will reflect on your customers’ perception of your business’ brand.

As an example, if you choose to purchase or rent a storefront which is located in an artsy neighborhood, your business may be perceived as being fresh and creative. Whereas if you set up shop in an exclusive, luxurious neighborhood, your business and its products may be perceived as being high end or luxurious. If you are looking for the best possible location for your business you can find commercial property for rent from Pall Mall Estates.

  1. It’s extremely important that your customers are able to easily access your business’ premises

One of the worst mistakes which you can make when it comes to choosing a location for your business is to choose a location, which is hard for your customers to access. As an example, never choose a location, which lacks ample parking or which is difficult for pedestrians to access!

As well as choosing a location, which boasts plenty of carparks, it’s also worth choosing a location which is easy for your clients to access via public transport. As not all of your customers may have access to a private car.

  1. It’s important not to set up shop in an area which features too much competition for your business

As an example, if you plan on opening up an organic cafe, it may not be a wise idea to open up an organic cafe in a block which already boasts a couple of organic cafes. Instead, your business will generate a higher turnover, if you set up shop in an area where your organic cafe, is the only organic cafe in the area, you should expect to generate a huge profit.

So it’s definitely well worth carefully choosing the right location for your business!

March 9, 2018

Prestigious Casinos And Epic Tournaments – Why London Is One Of The World’s Hotspots For Poker

Source: Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City  via Facebook
Caption: The Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City in London offers poker, roulette and more

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with a population of nearly 9 million. The thriving capital attracts around 20 million overseas visitors, who travel there every year, highlighting its status as an ideal location for major events. Poker is often associated with the USA, with the World Series of Poker taking place in Las Vegas every year. But the British capital is also a major hotspot for the much-loved card game, and it is consistently used as a place to stage some of the best competitions.

There are numerous high profile tournaments which take place in London every year, and also a number of luxurious and lavish casinos where poker can be played. In addition to all this, the amount of poker being streamed live is helping to attract even more players to this already hugely popular game. So why is London one of the best places to play poker right now?

Best-known London Poker Tournaments

There are some seriously prestigious poker tournaments held in London each year, and one of the biggest of them all is the 888poker WPT 500. This year, the event – which has a whopping guaranteed prize pool of $1 million – will take place in the last week of March. With a vast number of players expected to enter, Day 1 of the event will take place at various casinos across the country as well as online. The casinos hosting this stage of the tournament are the Aspers Westfield Stratford City, The Casino Milton Keynes, and Aspers Casino Newcastle. After the players have been whittled down, Day 2 and the final day of the tournament take place at Aspers Westfield in London.

The WPT500 has a buy-in of $565 for online players or £420 for live players, making it considerably cheaper than the WSOP in Vegas where entry costs $10,000. This opens it up to a much higher number of players, which is why the opening stages are held in different locations across the country. The WPT500 had previously taken place in Nottingham, at the Dusk Till Dawn in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The first ever winner, Eleanor Gudger, topped a pile of 2,133 entrants to claim the grand prize of £140,000. This was followed by wins from Richard Harris in 2015 and Ben Windsor in 2016. In 2017, there was a one-year hiatus for the tournament, but now it is back and promises to be bigger than ever.

In the 2018 tournament, players will start with 15,000 chips and the blinds will be raised every 30 minutes for the first eight levels. After that, it will switch to 40 minutes, and then 60 minutes for the final table. Players can re-enter unlimited times for Day 1, but only their largest stack is brought forward into Day 2. This is why there is more than a week between the start of the event and the final day. Players who want to progress and survive such a huge tournament with multiple tables need to incorporate a solid poker strategy. The pros recommended playing as many low-level hands as possible and building up a healthy stack early on. When the blinds get bigger, it doesn’t make financial sense to see a flop with a hand that has a low chance of winning.

In addition to this epic competition, the European Poker Tour has also been held in London. The second ever EPT was held there in 2004, around the time of the poker boom. British player John Shipley claimed the grand prize of £200,000 at the memorable event. Since then, it has taken place in London on another nine occasions, with the last event taking place in 2014. Ten years after the first tournament in the capital, German Sebastian Pauli topped the pile to win a jackpot of £499,700.

London has proven to be a prime spot for some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, and there is no doubt that this will continue long into the future. One of the reasons for this is because the English capital is home to some of the best and most lavish casinos in the world, which are superb locations for playing the classic card game.

Image source: Pexels
Caption: Four Kings, playing cards.

Top Casinos to Play Poker in London

There are certainly some casinos in London that could cut it alongside the best in the world. One of these is the Hippodrome Casino, which is one of the biggest and busiest casinos in the UK. The huge gambling house in Leicester Square has been open since 2012, and since then it has welcomed over 7 million visitors. As well as having a wide range of traditional table and slot games, the casino has a heavy focus on poker. There are regular cash games and tournaments, as well as famous poker tours and events. One of the most notable times of the year at the Hippodrome is when it hosts the UK & Ireland Poker Tour. This is a live action poker series with high octane action.

Moving on to another supercasino, the Aspers Westfield Stratford City is the Hippodrome’s closest challenger for the biggest gambling house in Britain. The supercasino has emerged as one of the paramount spots for poker competition, which is why the World Poker Tour is taking place there this year.  The casino has an extremely relaxed vibe and attracts young cosmopolitan players who enjoy the lenient dress code. The poker tables can be found at the far end of the casino, where there is a wide range of different limits. This makes it ideal for newcomers, as well as more experienced poker players. The stunning layout and facilities also make it a great place to hang out and watch other players battle for supremacy.

Aside from these two London powerhouses, there are a few other spots that are held in high esteem among poker fanatics. The Genting Casino Cromwell Mint is a private club which gives off an exclusive feel. It’s not just for high rollers, though, and welcomes regular players as well. There is also the Empire Casino, which hosted the first ever World Series of Poker Europe in 2007, and the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, which has the largest poker room in the city.

British Poker Tournaments and Live Streaming

The amount of people playing poker and the staging of major poker tournaments is on the increase in London and across the UK. The reason for this is because the game’s popularity is continuing to rise. This is helped massively by the fact that there are various ways to watch poker games through live streaming.

In the past, way before the poker boom, a large proportion of each WSOP tournament went on without cameras. In the late 1970s, ESPN began showing the final table of the ultimate tournament, but it wasn’t until 1999 that poker began to be shown much more on television. This was thanks to the pocket cam, which came about in 1997 and gave viewers the opportunity to see what cards a player was holding. Around this time, there was also a rise in the number of televised cash games, which included the Late Night Poker television series.

More recently, the technology used to televise poker has become even more advanced, and a quick internet search will reveal numerous live streams of ongoing poker tournaments. Major operators like 888poker have live streaming channels so that poker fans can watch major events like the WPT500. While this is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the best players in action, there are also ways to observe everyday players and see how they handle certain situations. Casinos like the Grosvenor have live streams on their websites for viewers to enjoy.

Being able to see normal people make it to the latter stages of huge tournaments gives British players hope that they can also get that far. There are some well-known poker players from England that have managed to cause quite a stir on the world stage. Will Kassouf is a prime example, and the player who is famous for getting under the skin of his opponents started out playing in the Grosvenor in London. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the WSOP and picked up a cash of more than $330,000 in the 2016 event.

For many, Las Vegas and the USA will always be the home of gambling, and the first place that springs to mind when they think of poker. After all, some of the best-known players of the game hail from America. But London has proved that it has what it takes to host some of the biggest tournaments and produce some of the best players. There is no denying that the English capital is now one of the leading hubs when it comes to the wonderful card game.

March 5, 2018

Board Software Is An Increasingly Popular Choice For Credit Unions

Credit unions face many unique challenges in the 21st century, and credit union boards are faced with the difficult task of anticipating and meeting the needs of their organizations while charting a strategic course that will help their membership grow in the years to come. Whether a credit union thrives or merely survives often hangs on decisions made by board members, and ensuring that board meetings are productive is absolutely vital to the success of the business as a whole.

Planning and running an effective board meeting, however, is not an easy task. Not only are there the usual logistical challenges of making sure all members can be present in person or via teleconference; there is also the problem of sending out the information packets ahead of time so members can arrive at the meeting prepared for a productive discussion. There are plenty of document sharing services available online, but with new risks to cyber security arising every month through malware and ransomware attacks, ensuring that sensitive information stays confidential is a serious concern. In fact, an annual study carried out by Computer Services Inc. noted that banks and credit unions across North America listed mitigating fraud and cyber security as one of their top three biggest challenges.

For many credit union board managers, the solution lies in better technology. While data security has always been a major priority in the industry, there is a growing awareness that even big-name software tools like Gmail and Dropbox are not impervious to cyber attacks. This is why a growing number of credit unions are turning to portal software to help share board information in a secure but accessible way.

Board portal software allows board members to access and comment on information packets through a secure portal, both before the meeting and while it is in session. Credit union board managers looking for the best board meeting software often evaluate it using a few basic criteria:

  • Accessibility: Can the software be accessed across a range of platforms (desktop, tablet, etc.)?
  • Security: What jurisdictions are server data kept in, and does the service authenticate each user when they login?
  • Functionality: Is the software easy to navigate, and does it facilitate user interaction with and discussion of the documents and reports?
  • Training: Does the provider offer training, so board members can get the most out of the software?

Most portal software providers are able to meet at least some of these requirements, but when considering which is right for your organization, it is best to look at what kinds of clients they specialize in serving. Credit unions have particular needs, and finding a portal software provider who understands those needs, like Vancouver-based Aprio, will make implementing and using the software much easier in the long run.

With 2018 already well under way, credit union boards are already planning how best to meet the latest challenges facing the industry, from sustaining growth on the individual level to working toward meaningful regulatory relief. No wonder so many are opting to facilitate these conversations using portal software that offers a secure forum to share information and ideas.

March 3, 2018

Sell Autographs or Rent Out a Room to Generate Extra Income

Many people work full-time jobs and even put in overtime at a job only to find that they still have challenges making ends meet. If the combination of inflation and a growing family eats into the money we are able to earn, we can discover that we need to locate new ways to generate income.

In many cases we need to find things that can bring in consistent income over time and in other cases we need to find things that can bring in one time income so that we can get caught up on our finances. For both situations there are great options. Here are a few:

Sell autographs

If you choose to sell autographs you can actually make quite a significant amount of income. Many people collect autographs from sports stars, entertainers, politicians, and other celebrities or famous people. These autographs are usually on t-shirts and other clothing, sports or musical equipment, memorabilia and even handkerchiefs.

People normally acquire these autographs because they really love the person from whom they are getting it. Their aim in collecting them is to be able to show their friends and to feel great about getting something to memorialize the time they met the famous person. Others collect autographs with the intention of selling them someday for-profit. Many famous people have autographs that are very valuable, particularly those from famous people that do not provide their signature often.

If you happen to own autographs of famous people, one great way generate additional income for yourself is to sell these autographs for cash. There are online companies like who you can contract to sell your entertainment autographs and memorabilia. The company is currently the largest online autograph seller and works with hundreds of individuals who own valuable signatures. Selling your autographs can be fast and provide you with quick capital.

Rent out a room in your home

Many of us have extra rooms in our homes that sit empty. Perhaps a son or daughter has gone away to college or the room used to be occupied by extended family who would often come by, but currently it has sat empty for quite some time. This creates a great opportunity for you to generate additional income. There are certain things you have to do however to ensure that you do things legally and safely.

First go on the internet and locate all the laws relating to taking in a tenant in your home. Make sure that you understand everything you need to know about contracts that need to be signed and the laws around being a landlord. When you start interviewing potential tenants, make sure to do background checks and that the person has a steady job and is responsible.

Next check in your neighborhood to see what rents are going for and make sure that you can pay the extra bills that this person might cause including water and electricity, and still make a good profit. If this is the case then you should start interviewing potential tenants.

Before interviewing anyone, have each prospective tenant fill in a questionnaire that gives you information about the person. Where does a person work and for how long? Where did the person live before and why is the person now looking for a new place to live?  If you get satisfactory answers to these questions then you can interview the person.

The interview should be conducted in a very formal way and you should feel comfortable enough to answer any questions you need to fully understand who this person is. Finally if you have any concerns about feeling safe around the person, then this is the wrong person for you. If you do locate the right tenant this is a great way to generate passive income.

These two ideas are great for generating additional income that can help you make ends meet or get you out of a financial tight spot.


March 2, 2018

Scrutinizing The Best Agricultural Equipment Financing Myths

As anyone who has worked in the agricultural industry will testify, it’s certainly not a cheap one to operate in. In other words, the potential margins might be high, as you are constantly supplying food to eat, but to get to that level the equipment you need is very expensive.

This is one of the reasons why the best agricultural equipment financing companies are proving to be a popular option for business owners nowadays. In short, they give you an extra option to purchase equipment on, and mean that you don’t have to spend your entire year’s revenue on just one piece of machinery. In fact, it can be split across several years, which opens up umpteen growth opportunities.

As with any financial topic, there is still a lot of misinformation doing the rounds though. This is the reason this guide has been put together, as we take a look at some of the primary myths that exist in relation to buying agricultural equipment on finance.

“You need to put down tax returns and financial statements”

This first myth sounds correct, for the simple reason that most of us know how seriously banks are vetting applicants these days. Once upon a time you could walk into the bank and be pretty much given what you asked for. Now, the economy means that this has changed.

However, when it comes to the hire of agriculture equipment, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, if the equipment is particularly expensive (and we’re talking about that which is in excess of $250,000) there probably is a case to hand as much evidence as you can to the bank.

For smaller items, this isn’t always needed though. Specialist lending companies tend to have requirements which are far less strict than high-street banks in this regard.

“You can’t obtain finance because the equipment is too old”

This is something which also tends to be a problem with some banks. Some banks will put an age requirement on equipment, suggesting that it is too old to be eligible for finance.

It’s at this point you need to say to yourself that if you deem the equipment right for your business, you should chase down every avenue to obtain finance for it. In some niche agricultural fields, new models aren’t created all of the time. This means that old equipment is needed, and of course you need finance for it.

At the same time, you might need equipment for a job that you aren’t going to complete too frequently. In these cases, purchasing old equipment obviously makes much better business sense.

“You need to put more collateral for the loan”

This is quite an old-fashioned way of purchasing equipment, but is again one of the methods that some major banks insist upon.

This is another one of the reasons why specialist equipment financing companies tend to be a better option. It’s companies like these which will usually be completely fine with the equipment itself being the collateral, and won’t demand anything else.

March 1, 2018

Background Checks: Researching Before You Hire

To say that employers have more power than ever before when it comes to the hiring process would be a huge understatement. Through the use of technology, the ability to vet a candidate has never been higher – and this should make the general recruitment process much more seamless for every company around.

However, there are ways and means to check public record information and base your hiring decision on this. Through the course of this post we will now take a look at some of the areas you should check, to ensure that the person you select is the right fit for your business.

Start with social

While it’s true that there are now a lot of very useful specialist services when it comes to carrying out background checks, for the purposes of keeping things simple at the start we are going to suggest you start your hunt with Facebook or Twitter. These platforms are an easy way to find out the general demeanor of your applicant, and for you to immediately see if they are involved in something which might not fit with your ethos. On the flip side, you might see them involved in projects which really tickle your fancy, and actually make you more inclined to hire them.

Some sources have suggested that there are problems if you get this wrong though. If you are basing your employment decision on something that you have seen on social media, you need to make sure there’s absolutely no form of discrimination within your thought process.

Criminal record checks

Suffice to say, this next check requires a little more attention, and you should check your local laws to ensure that you are complying with regulations when you perform a background check of this type.

Generally, you will need to not only inform the applicant that you are carrying out an official check, but also you will need their written permission. As they are applying for a job, most will be happy to oblige. At the same time, make sure that you factor in enough time for this – as it can delay the whole process significantly if you have not asked for their permission from the start of the application process.

Educational verification

Fortunately, the process of verifying educational claims is now much easier than it once was. A lot of services now provide this instantaneously, although if you do want to take extra care you could still approach the educational establishments directly to find out if the person really has achieved the grades which have been set out on their CV.

This is an area that is frequently abused, so it might be an idea to make this one of your first background checks. After all, if it’s clear that a candidate has not told the truth in relation to their education history, you are well within your rights to question what other information is accurate and potentially base your decision on this.

March 1, 2018

Stainless Steel Nails and Their Material Contribution to Recycling

Most of us have come across stainless steel nails and other products made from this material. What few of us know is how important these products are to overall recycling efforts. 100% of stainless steel can be recycled, and anything made from the material is likely to have already been used before. In fact, on average, 60% of the stainless steel in any nail, tube, or other piece that you can come across is likely to have a previous life.

Stainless Steel Nails Have Been Around for 100 Years

It has been 105 years since stainless steel was invented, which means that the nail in your furniture or that cooker in your kitchen could have been around during World War I! Since it was discovered, 18 other metals were discovered as well. Stainless steel is a lot of things, therefore, but it certainly isn’t new. We love it for its impervious, elegant, durable, lustrous, and shiny properties. One of the reasons for this is that it fits perfectly in with our 21st century culture.

Throw-Away Society

The 21st century world is a disposable one. Everything is created to be used and thrown away. Mobile phones are update every year, televisions last about four years, tents are used once at a festival and then abandoned, and so on. There are even people who simply purchase new socks in packs once a week, instead of washing them.

Of course, nothing truly lasts forever, but we seemed to have stopped trying to make things last at all. We measure our attention span in seconds, in fact. This is one of the reasons why there is a character limit on Tweets (there used to be one on Facebook posts as well). The phrase “here today, gone tomorrow” is perhaps the best descriptive for the modern world.

Mother Earth, meanwhile, is dying as a result. All these things we throw away may not have lasted in our household, they last on the planet. There are landfill sites the size of skyscrapers, sea animals dying because they get trapped in plastic, and we are running out of resources. So how do stainless steel nails and other such products fit in with all of this?

Stainless Steel and Recycling

Recycling is never ending. Whenever we throw something away, it can be recycled into something else again. Anything can be recycled, but most things don’t last very long. Stainless steel, by contrast, is used for quite a substantial amount of time before it is melted back down and recycled again. Now that more and more companies and even entire countries are starting to ban plastic, stainless steel is becoming increasingly important. That cooker you have in your kitchen is likely to last you for many years, after which it can be turned into something else again – even a new cooker. And because stainless steel is so durable, it looks like it is also the one thing that won’t get thrown away in our throw away society.

February 28, 2018

Top 3 Medical Research Tools In 2018

Today’s top scientists and medical research teams are constantly studying the human condition to help improve humanity’s overall health. As technology continues to advance, medical researchers and scientists all over the globe are capable of sharing valuable, lifesaving research and data with one another much easier now. These advancements have helped propel medical research forward further even faster and they’ll continue to do so as further advancements take place.

As someone working in the scientific and medical field, it’s up to you to keep up with the latest medical research tools. Whether you’re looking for online lab animal management software by Studylog or other powerful research tools, it’s to your benefit to learn about these advancements and keep abreast of newer, more effective tools as they catch on in popularity. To help you keep up with these changes, we’ll share brief reviews of our favorite research tools currently taking the scientific and medical communities by storm.


This tool has effectively permeated the medical research space because it utilizes open source software to build code and reusable tools in the field of bioinformatics. The ultimate goal of this software is to process big genomic data, and to do so using node.JS streams.

The cool thing about bionode is that they truly want to make this experience available to everyone. They actually encourage participation from contributors from all over the globe. They want you to share your knowledge, insight, expertise, and obviously your data as well. And if you have knowledge of code or other relevant information that could be viable to improve this product, the creators are more than happy to hear your valuable input and perception.


This software focuses on machine learning. The ultimate goal of BenchSci is to extract data focused on antibody usage and share this information in the form of published figures. By providing this material, the bench scientists that created the program hope to make this info readily available to other scientists and researchers in the field, so they can use the data quickly and easily and have it readily available for their research projects.

Why would a medical researcher want to use BenchSci? Simply put, the software is incredibly value because you can use it to decode millions of papers. Once all this data is extracted and then thoroughly indexed, scientists and researchers can discover all kinds of valuable gems very quickly using search keywords. This should help scientists move forward in their research as fast as possible. When all is said and done, this software will be a huge boon to the medical research community and scientists all around the world.


The developers of QuPath have created an interesting piece of software that has the ability to analyze open source images. The focus of this software is to fully analyze tissue and digital pathology. This should be very helpful to scientists and medical researchers who regularly analyze open source images of this nature, because it will make the process much easier.

This software is particularly effective because it utilizes a wide range of additional effective features. Some of the more popular features include interactive machine learning, annotation tools, tissue microarray dearraying, cell segmentation, and it even incorporates a whole slide image viewer. Not only that, but the software is even capable of utilizing scripting support.

At the end of the day, this tool is valuable because it helps to improve reproducibility, objectivity, and speed of biomarker interpretation and digital pathology analysis for applications focused on research.


Staying on top of the latest medical trends isn’t easy. So if you’re considering pursuing a medical career, or you already work in scientific research, the tools we shared today should help improve your research a great deal, so use them wisely.

February 27, 2018

Best Morning Routines To Start A Good Day

If you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting each and every day off to a great start, continue reading to discover six morning routines, that will help ensure that every morning is a good morning!

Best Morning Routines to Start a Good Day:

  1. Avoid checking your text messages, emails and social media alerts for 30 minutes

While your first instinct may be to reach for your smartphone when you switch off your alarm, you’ll be far more productive in the mornings if you avoid checking your text messages, emails and social media alerts for 30 minutes. You should find that you’re far less stressed, whilst getting ready, by putting your phone away for half an hour.

  1. Listen to a playlist of happy, upbeat songs which will energize you

Every time you hear an upbeat, happy song it’s well worth writing the title so that you can add to a morning playlist, which you can listen to when you’re getting ready in the mornings. You can even purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which you can use to listen to your morning playlist in the shower.

  1. Choose outfits which make you feel confident

One way to ensure that you have a great day is to put together outfits which make you feel happy and confident. Don’t worry about trends may be in style, simply choose pieces and colors which make you happy and will put a smile on your face when you walk past a mirror. Also, avoid saving your favorite clothes for special occasions as every day should be a special occasion.

  1. Consume a healthy, nutritious breakfast each day

Regardless of how much free time you have in the mornings, it’s important to prioritize eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Examples of which may include an omelet which is packed full of protein, a smoothie which features Greek yogurt, spinach and an assortment of fruits or a toasted bagel, which is topped off with fresh avocado.

  1. Try to fit an early morning workout, into your morning routine

It’s far wiser to try and fit your workout into your morning routine, instead of trying to fit in a workout in the evening, when you’re far more likely to be tired and may be tempted to skip out on your workout. If you make a habit out of working out in the morning, your body will also start to produce endorphins, which will boost your mood. A great way to get in the habit of waking up is by setting an alarm for the same time each morning. Eventually your body will get use to waking up at this time and it will make it easier to wake up early overtime. While not all alarm clocks are the same you’ll want to take the time to see what options are out there in order to find the best alarm clock for you!

  1. Listen to a humorous podcast on the way to work

If you commute to work on a daily basis, you may want to download a variety of humorous podcasts which you can listen to on the way to work. As there’s no better way to ensure that your day gets off to a great start than making sure to laugh as much as you can. Whether you drive to work or take public transport, it’s well worth listening to a funny podcast, which is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter!

So if you want to ensure that you get each day off to a great start, it’s well worth implementing the six positive tips listed above.

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