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July 14, 2023

Ultimate North America Travel Guide 2023

North American is a truly enormous and utterly diverse continent complete with breathtaking landscapes, exciting cities, and a varied cultural heritage and history. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, history buff, or food lover, you’ll be able to find the ideal places to go – and this guide should help you narrow things down. Read on to find out more in this ultimate North America travel guide for 2023.

The United States

When many people think of North America, the United States is what immediately comes to mind, and this does make up a large portion of the continent – it’s not everything, though, and we’ll talk about other areas in the rest of this article.

However, it could be that the United States is actually the ideal destination for you in North America, and it certainly has plenty to recommend it. You could begin your journey in New York, the city that never sleeps, and take in the tourist sites like the Statue of Liberty, take a stroll in Central Park, catch a show on Broadway, and enjoy some fantastic fine dining. Or why not head west to Los Angeles and explore the glamorous neighbourhoods of Hollywood and Beverly Hills? Don’t forget to visit the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona too!


Canada is known throughout the world for its stunning natural landscapes and wonderfully diverse cities. Perhaps you’ll start your Canadian adventure in Vancouver, a city perfectly positioned between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. There you’ll find Stanley Park, historic Gastown, and you can even drive along the scenic Sea-to-Sky highway. For something different, go east to Toronto to see the CN Tower. And for nature lovers, the majestic Canadian Rockies in Alberta are a must – you can even go on a Silversea Cruises 2023 trip to see them specifically.


Mexico is an enchanting combination of ancient history and modern culture, and it all starts in Mexico City, the capital. You’ll see Aztec heritage at the Templo Mayor and the National Museum of Anthropology, and if you go to the Yucatan Peninsula, you can see ancient Mayan ruins – Chichen Itza and Tulum. Plus, you’ve got the sandy beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carman if you want to relax.

The Caribbean

Who wouldn’t want to escape to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean if they had they chance? If you like the sound of that, make it part of your North American tour this year. You’ll get to enjoy turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and warm hospitality. Start in the Dominican Republic and get a dose of culture in Santo Domingo, or be awed by the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. For snorkelling, nothing can beat the coral reefs in the Bahamas, and Aruba has some of the best beaches in the world.

North America is a continent that has it all, from the cosmopolitan cities of the United States and Canada to the ancient ruins of Mexico and the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean, there is something for every traveller. In 2023, make it a point to explore the diverse landscapes, immerse yourself in the local cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime – your North American adventure is waiting for you!

December 25, 2018

Possible Reasons for Visa Application Rejection You Need to Know


Not all visa applications get approval. Even if you feel like you already did everything possible, your application could still receive a stamp of rejection. Of course, you don’t want it to happen. You already worked hard trying to obtain approval. You also spent a lot of money to achieve your goals. You need to know what caused the rejection and what you can do to avoid it.

You don’t have a clear purpose for visiting

Some people who want to work in the UK start by applying for a travel visa. It is not necessarily the right channel. As such, it is easy for you to get rejected because the government would notice that you don’t necessarily intend to stay in the country for tourism purposes only. If you want to move there as an immigrant, you need to get the correct visa and submit all the relevant requirements.

On the other hand, if you intend to travel and not move to the UK, you need to provide proof that you can afford the You need a contact who will host you in the country. You also need precise details on what you are going to do in the country and where you are heading to, specifically.

You fail to prove that you are financially stable

If you intend to move to the UK, the government wants to make sure that you won’t be a burden because you will end up relying on government subsidies. As such, whether you already have an employer, or you still need to find one, you need to show you of funding yourself and your family. It helps if you show your proof of income, credit card statement and bank statement. You can use them as evidence that you have enough money at hand to afford your stay in the country.
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You falsified documents

You shouldn’t make this mistake at all, since it will not only affect your current application, but it could do the same for any future applications. You need to check all your travel documents first and verify them. If you don’t have the required document, you need to search for it first. Don’t feel tempted to find someone who can create a fake document, since the government has ways of determining document authenticity.

You made mistakes in the application

You need to be careful with the documents you fill out and submit. Errors in these documents could lead to possible rejection. You might not intend to make a mistake, but the government won’t necessarily interpret it that way. To be safe, you need to double check all the documents first.

To avoid rejection, you need the best immigration solicitors London has. They will help you go through the requirements and ensure that you are ready for the application. Don’t rush if you still have missing documents. Be honest with your lawyer and understand the process before you begin. If you follow the rules and guidelines, and you receive help from a legal expert, you won’t get denied.

November 30, 2018

Your Insurance After a Car Accident

Even the most responsible drivers may be involved in a fender bender at some point. As you prepare to contact your insurance provider after a crash, you may naturally be wondering how this will affect your rates and premiums. Insurance adjusters, after all, are not exactly forgiving to drivers determined to be at fault. Below is some useful information to prepare you before making the call; as to what exactly happens to your insurance in the aftermath of a collision.

Rates Don’t Always Go Up

First, we must point out that rates do not automatically go up following an accident. In fact, drivers typically aren’t penalized for minor fender benders, especially when the driver has an otherwise stellar safe-driving record. More insurance companies nowadays also have accident forgiveness programs where they look at your record in its entirety rather than exclusively at a single recent incident.

Even so, as we will later see, motorists with a spotless driving record may not be immune to skyrocketing premiums.

When Rates Do Increase

If you were deemed at fault in a more serious collision, then it’s a whole other story. Rates will usually increase at your next policy renewal. If you previously received a safe-driving discount, expect to lose that benefit as well.

How long do rates stay raised? This usually depends on the severity of the accident, the cost of damage, and whether there was bodily injury that required medical attention. From here, the rates usually gradually decrease for every year you remain accident-free. In some states, insurance agencies restore the rate back to default within three years provided that you’re not involved in another at-fault accident.

Additional Factors That Determine Your Rate

It’s difficult to list the exact factors that insurance adjusters look at. Every agency has their own criteria, which may be influenced by state traffic laws. In California, for example, insurance agencies are only allowed to determine rates based on these three factors alone: driving record, number of years of driving, and miles driven per year. This may restrict an adjuster’s ability to take other factors into consideration.

Even Good Drivers Are Not Completely Immune

A study from revealed that filing a single claim increases your rate by an average of 41% when the claim exceeds $2,000. To compound matters, the study involved a female driver in her mid-40s who is married, employed, and has no previous collisions. This profile perfectly fits the description of a low-risk client. That’s not all; for drivers who make two claims within a year, rates nearly double with a 93% increase.

Again, drivers should not worry if they were not at fault. However, there may be some murky grey areas when determining who was at fault. Law enforcement may determine that both drivers share the blame.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

When contacting your insurance company after a crash, it is advisable to:

  • Keep a record of the adjustor you speak with and the content of your conversations
  • Be honest, stick to the facts, and avoid speculation. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to an adjustor’s question.
  • If you dispute the insurance company’s at-fault claims, contact an attorney to avoid an unnecessarily blemished driving record that could adversely affect you in ways beyond higher premiums.
November 4, 2018

Popular exotic destinations of Europe

Europe has been one of the popular destinations for the people looking for some exotic vacations. This country is the home of the world’s most popular cities and has something for every visitor. Not only its exotic lifestyle, but Europe is popular for the natural beauty that its cities have. It is said that if you really are a travel freak and love vacations, you must come to Europe once in your life.

Here is a list of the most popular and exotic cities and sites that will become your favourite once you visit them. You can include these cities in your visit list. Thanks to so many great and reliable sites that now you can book your holiday packages from Dubai to Europe, the USA to Europe, and Indian to Europe with an ease and in the budget.


If we have to talk about the most beautiful cities, not only in Europe but in the world, then the first in this list has to be Budapest. This is the capital of Hungary. This is not only the favourite vocational place for common people but is always popular among celebrities too. You might have seen the beautiful pictures of your favourite celebrities, chilling in Budapest. Various things that attract tourists here are the botanical gardens, parks, geothermal plants, and several architectural treasures. It is most popular for its grand parliament building.


This valley of Serbia is named after the river Uvac that flows beside it. This place is surrounded by hills from all the sides and when you are on the top of these hills, you will witness the mesmerizing bends and curves that will leave you awestruck and will make your day. This attracts the nature lovers always not only because of the hills and the river but because of the wildlife that surrounds this place.


Who has not heard of Poland and its beautiful cities? One of such beautiful cities of Poland is Krakow. This is one of the ancient and historical cities of Poland. Considered as the most beautiful city of Europe, Krakow attracts the tourists for the historical sites that it has. The special attraction here is the amazing architecture representing the gothic, renaissance, and baroque themes.


Another country that is rich in culture and history in Romania. This is a southeastern European country and is popular for the jungles of Transylvania, architecture of Bucharest and the Carpathian mountains. Apart from this, one of the most exciting places that one must visit in central Romania is the Bran castle. This castle is said to be one of the scariest places in the world.  You must have read or at least heard about the gothic novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker. The main protagonist of this novel was made by getting inspiration from the cruel Romanian ruler Vlad-iii, who was named as Vlad Dracula by the native people. This ruler used to live in this castle. We generally see or read something and we get excited to know more about that particular character. So, those who want to know more about the Dracula and want to see his place of living closely must visit this place.

So, these were few of the European countries you must visit during your Europe trip.

November 1, 2018

Top Ideas for a Christmas Getaway

Christmas is something that only comes around once a year. Knowing this, people often want to make it as meaningful as possible. For some this could mean buying their favorite candy canes, blasting the latest Christmas albums or playing secret Santa to put them in the mood. For others, it’s about getting away from the noise and spending the season with the people who give life meaning. On that note, a Christmas getaway may be on the horizon for you this year if this is the case. Consider trying at least one of the ideas for a Christmas getaway below.

Christmas Eve in Rome

If you still want a Christmas feel on your holiday, then you may be looking for a destination that won’t cripple you with cold but is still cool enough. Rome, Italy is a perfect Christmas getaway destination for this reason. The cool temperatures are ideal for walking around and taking in historic views. What’s even better is spending Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. Seeing as some of the most common foods are pizza, gelato, and pasta, you can expect to enjoy the best of those worlds as well.

Traditional Dinner in London

Another perfect idea for a Christmas getaway is going to the famous city of London. If you’ve never been to London during Christmas, you can look forward to a stunning display of lights on Bond and Regent streets which are notorious areas for shopping, fine dining, and tourist activities. On Christmas day, you should also enjoy a traditional English Christmas dinner which consists of roast, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, mince pies as well as a tasty Christmas pudding. If you look for Expedia coupons before booking, you may also find affordable flights or hotels at a discounted rate.

Light Displays in New Orleans

For those interested in spending Christmas in the United States, Louisiana is a location to consider. This colorful city will definitely give you a festive holiday feel because of how vibrant and alive it typically is. Seeing as Christmas isn’t complete without a light display, you can go and see one of their biggest ones called Celebration in the Oaks and located in City Park. Aside from this, you could enjoy festive holiday homes and Cajun cringle which are pastry rounds with your
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The Champs-Elysees in Paris

For those interested in spending Christmas in the city of love, you should take a trip down to Paris, France this Christmas. Whether you want a romantic Christmas or to simply spend time with your loved ones in cooler temperatures, it’s a beautiful Christmas destination. You can look forward to seeing the Champs-Elysees all lit up and covered in snow, an image you’re likely to cherish. The traditional dessert, the Buche de Noel, is also something worth trying.

Heat up at the Fireplace in Charlottesville

Have you ever watched Christmas movies and seen families snuggled up by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and exchanging gifts? This is something you could experience if you decide to venture off to Charlottesville, Virginia this season. At the foothills of Blueridge mountains, Charlottesville isn’t one of the most popular Christmas destinations, but it has a lot to offer. you can expect cedar-filled hills, horses and farms, as well as Christmas inspired decorations. In terms of activities, you may enjoy a gingerbread building class, breakfast with Santa, and three-course dinner on Christmas day. For the most part, it’s a warm and relaxing pick if you’re going away with family.


For those looking for an island getaway, there had to be at least one on the list. The stunning Bermuda is an ideal place to find yourself this Christmas if you want a few days or weeks of island living. This is your chance to spend Christmas lounging in a beach resort. Some of the things that you’re likely to enjoy include breakfast with Santa and Christmas dinner with the famous eggnog. To throw a little more adventure than you’d have on a normal day into the mix, you’d have the opportunity to go snorkeling and see what Christmas is like under the sea. It’s definitely an unconventional way to celebrate Christmas which is ideal if you want something different.

Christmas can ultimately be spent any way that you want. It depends on factors such as your preference, budget, and sentimental values. However, if you do decide that finding yourself in a new destination with your friends or family is what constitutes as the perfect Christmas for you, then choose a destination that’s difficult to forget.

September 29, 2018

What’s the Deal with Chinese Food on Christmas

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Most of us remember that scene in “A Christmas Story” where Mr. Parker (Darren McGavin) gathers his family in a Chinese restaurant for their Christmas dinner. This is a more common tradition than most of us think—minus the ill-fated turkey.

Chinese Food Was there When Other Restaurants Weren’t

In reality, Chinese food has become a staple in households across the country and remains an American favorite every holiday season. The tradition can be traced back to the late 1800s, when non-Christian immigrants were looking for an alternative to the usual “Christmas dinner.”

While other restaurants closed for the holidays, places that served Chinese food were open—and business was booming. Now, Christmas has become one of the busiest days of the year for Chinese restaurants. Most of us have experienced this tradition in one way or another, and it definitely beats spending all day cooking. Dishes aren’t exactly on anyone’s wish list this (or any) season.

Chinese food is cheaper than your average holiday fare, available, and delicious. Leftovers are a bonus, and you can mix up your holiday traditions by trying different dishes. According to a 2016 report by CNBC, some of the most commonly ordered Chinese menu options on Christmas include:

  • Vegetable Chow Mein
  • Moo Shu Chicken
  • Spring Roll
  • Pu Pu Platter
  • Almond Cookies
  • Cold Sesame Noodles
  • Orange Chicken
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Orange Beef
  • Beef Chow Fun

The list goes on to include favorites like General Tsao’s chicken, sweet and sour dishes, and a huge array of different choices. A report by GrubHub showed that Chinese food is—on average—ordered over 150% more on the Christmas holiday than on any other day of the year.

Whether you’re building a new tradition, sticking to an old one, or just hate to cook, the Chinese menu offers something for everyone year round. But, there’s just something about Christmas Chinese food that tastes so much better. It’s hard to argue with stats, and it’s hard to ignore the call of the refrigerator at 2am when you wake up with a serious craving for some eggrolls.

Embracing the Jewish Tradition

The tradition of replacing the standard spiral cut ham on Christmas day is largely credited to the Jewish community. In 1940s New York, Jewish people began flocking to Chinese restaurants while others celebrated the Christmas holiday. According to an interview released by National Public Radio, Rabbi Joshua Pluat nails down the first recorded meeting between the Jewish community and Christmas Chinese food.

In response to a question about the how long the tradition has been around, Plaut explained:

“At least since 1935, according to The New York Times, which cites that a man by the name of Eng Shee Chuck brought chow mein on Christmas Day to the Jewish Children’s Home in Newark, N.J. That’s the first written citation of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas.”

Thus began a love affair that continues to this day. Chinese restaurants have become an iconic part of our holiday season, and many of us are already looking forward to our holiday spread!


August 31, 2018

Why Visiting London Can Be A Great Stress Reliever

If one has few holidays gathered from work, or one is between some temporary jobs or going through a difficult phase in life and wants to take off his mind from work or something else, they should immediately book Flights from Dubai to London because London is the most vibrant city on earth and one do even need a reason among these to visit the gorgeous city. No matter what one’s interests are, London will have something for everyone which is why it is regarded as one of most important cities in the world. As a matter of fact one the most difficult thing one has to do while travelling London is to decide what to see and what to miss out on because there is just so much to see that it would take up entire month to visit entire city.

But like all cities and places, some cities are known for some special things they offer while other cities are known for other things they offer. London has great live theatre theme. One has to see a West End show whenever one visits England. Most people around the world consider this as a place of best shows and even more so than. This place is even better than Broadway in New York. The live performances in West End have a lot of variety and genres, so one can choose a show he thinks he might love to see.

One of the most iconic things about London is the Thames River. There are large numbers of tours available along the river also. Beautiful canals such as Little Venice and Regent’s Canal also exist in London. The city has so many beautiful things to offer. From London eye to stunning museums, from House of Parliament to Westminster Abbey there is so much that the city has to offer. One can easily hire bus tours or tour guides to help them show around London although it may not be needed at all. London maps are very convenient when it comes to marking out the tourist places. There is no shortage of sporting events even. So one should book Flights from Dubai to London and visit this marvelous city immediately.

August 29, 2018

4 Tips To Keep Things Safe While You Travel

A good number of people do not even realize it, but a lot can happen while you are on vacation and not all of it is always good! Safety is of paramount importance when you are traveling, especially when you are flying out of country. Did you know that each year, multiple US citizens fall victim to ID thefts while traveling? In addition to the concerns of safeguarding ourselves and our physical property while traveling, the digital age has made things even more complicated, necessitating a whole new range of protective measures. In light of all this, it only makes sense for everyone to adopt at least the four security tips mentioned below.

Public Wi-Fi is a Bad Idea

No, it’s not just a nifty little TV show trick that we saw in Mr. Robot, if you use public Wi-Fi, hackers really can hack you and most of them are not cyberheroes like Elliot Alderson in the show! They are almost always going to be criminals who will try to steal every bit of your personal info that they possibly can to either rob you, impersonate you or blackmail you, depending on the content that they manage to get their hands on. To know how to keep your data safe from Wi-Fi-based hacking attempts and plenty of other cyber security threats, read about it on Secure Data Recovery.

Travel Light

The idea is simple really; the lighter you travel, the less you will have to lose, if you are unfortunate enough to be in a situation where that’s a possibility. Even if you must bring a few valuables with you, keep them secured at the hotel, although even that may not always be the safest option. The few points below are the rules of thumb to go by:

  • Carry only one or two credit/debit cards
  • Don’t bring any other ID proof except your passport
  • Note down every important document you have with you, in case anything gets stolen or lost and you have to report it
  • Don’t carry too much cash

Protecting Your Home

Just as you need to take measures to make sure you are safe abroad, you will also need to safeguard your home before leaving. A few safety tips are as follows.

  • Tell a neighbor to pick up the mail because unattended mailboxes make homes a target for burglars
  • Inform the post office and they will stop delivering the mail temporarily to your location
  • Do not upload social media posts as they inform potential burglars of your absence
  • Set up a home security system that is monitored by a security company
  • Have a relative or a neighbor stay in your house for a few days

Don’t let Your Social Media Posts Track You in Real Time

It’s a common mistake to geotag your posts in real time when you are on the go. This essentially announces where you are at which time to everyone. Police reports confirm that this can lead to safety hazards in certain circumstances.

As a bonus point, always remember that traveling alone is never ideal, although it may feel like an adventure. Even if you do travel alone, always let the people close to you know your latest whereabouts.

August 27, 2018

5 Beautiful Places To Visit During Your Vacation In Uganda

So, have you decided where to visit for your trip to Uganda? If you haven’t, this guide will help you with the places that you would want to visit. Uganda is one of the best destinations in the continent of Africa and is often termed as the pearl of Africa. It’s landscape, biodiversity and activities are one few of the primary reasons to visit this place. From Uganda safari to game watching, this place is packed with natural landscape and wonders that will fascinate you till your next visit.

1. Murchison Falls

Accessible either by a boat or through a safari tour, you’d definitely want to visit this place and witness its majestic waterfalls running through the gorges. This place is full of energy as you can feel and hear the roaring waterfalls crashing through its course. While visiting this place, don’t forget to drop by at the Murchison Falls Conservative Area. You can expect some of Africa’s most iconic animals like lions, leopards, giraffes, and elephants. It is an experience to look out for.

2. Lake Victoria

If you want to take a boat ride across the heart of Uganda then Lake Victoria is the place you’d want to start with. This is also the birthplace of the famous river Nile. This place is a haven to the world’s one of the biggest eco-systems and is also the world’s largest tropical lake. You can hire a boat and hitchhike the ride through the lake while seeing the setting sun or by fishing.

3. Jinja

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While you are having the tour of Lake Victoria, don’t forget to check Jinja out. This is the colonial town which is positioned at the starting point of the River Nile. This town is also filled with a adrenaline packed adventure that includes activities such as river rafting, quad biking, mountain biking and of

4. Ssese Islands

This is a group of 84 islands which is spread across the north-west shores if the Lake Victoria. Each of these islands is unique and has a diverse set of flora and fauna. If you are looking for a secluded getaway, then this place is where would want to end up at. Apart from relaxing your time away, these places are also filled with activities such as horse riding, windsurfing and game watching. You can also get a historical tour while getting in touch with the Bantu people and learning a lot about their

5. Kampala

This is the capital city of Uganda and is a place filled with various architectural splendours. You can take part in the usual walking tour of Kampala. These tours will let you around places that will highlight your Kampala visit. For the shopaholics, this place offers them a wide range of products available in the local market. Kampala also has a number of good restaurants where you can try some authentic cuisine of that place.

August 2, 2018

One Off Travel Experiences You Can Treasure Even on Your First Visit

Everything is about making goals and careful planning, that’s why travel expenses are cheaper when planned ahead. Life is too short to experience all the pleasantries in life, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to schedule a few items from your bucket list to enjoy life and its many wonders. Though you can maybe pass on a few beach trips or some company hiking trips, some travel activities are essential for any avid traveller. With half of the year almost gone, you might feel left out from the vacation season of the summer, but there are still places to be and activities to do if you’re up for an adventure later on in the year or places to look forward to early next year. Here are some one off travel experiences that you are sure to treasure, even on your first and only try.

Skiing in Canada

Just in time for skiing season, Whistler, Canada boasts of a number of skiing resorts to satisfy any adventurer’s need to experience the snow. If you’re a beginner when it comes to snow activities, you might need to prepare a little bit before you can get the hang of skiing or snowboarding. Besides the ski runs, you can also spend your time trekking the various scenic trails that are open all year round. Being there in different seasons makes for a memorable but repeatable experience in case you want to make a visit again next year.

Kayaking in Sri Lanka

If snow isn’t up to your taste, there are also other environments that might be fit for you. One of the more famous activities for travellers is experiencing the serene state of nature mixed with a dash of foreign culture. Sri Lanka may be a little bit prone to wet monsoons, but their flora is a beautiful sight to see. What better way to experience nature but through the comfort of taking a paddle on board your own kayak. Kitulgala is a small town located west of Sri Lanka. Early on in the year, the environment packs a punch with its lush green rainforests that are famous for tourists as kayaking routes.

Mountaineering in India

If you’re not a fan of braving the waters and cruising through ravines, there’s always the dry land route of adventuring which leads you from the land to the mountains. North India is home to a number of mountaineering institutions considering that it’s the prime place for hiking as it has the Himalayas as a go-to spot for hikers and mountaineers. As a hotspot for mountaineers both local and foreign, the Stok Kangri trek is one of the more famous trekking routes that you can pick among a handful of others that you can choose depending on the difficulty of the trek that you want to take. If you’re looking for an adventure not just in culture but also in nature, India is the place for you.

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