January 3, 2019

Natural Pain Relief: A Guide

When you’re dealing with pain on a daily basis relying on medication may seem like the only option. The unfortunate problem with pharmaceuticals is that they come with the risk of side effects, addiction or habitual use, as well as interactions with other drugs. If you’d like to move away from prescribed medication, there are natural alternatives that can provide relief and help you feel better.

Hot/Cold Compresses

There’s nothing wrong with using tried and tested methods, especially when the basics work. Using hot/cold compresses works in a couple of ways. The change of temperature from hot to cold and back again causes the release of anti-inflammatory proteins. The compression lowers the blood flow to the pain area, helping to get the swelling down and reduce inflammation.


CBD Hemp Oil

CBD is becoming a popular treatment for a range of health issues, one of which is pain relief. It is believed that it interacts with receptors in your brain and immune system. The chemical signals received by these receptors helps your cells to respond, creating an anti-inflammatory effect that kills the pain. It’s possible to purchase CBD hemp oil wholesale from several online sites.


Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric and is what gives the store cupboard spice its healing properties. It’s a very safe anti-inflammatory and a very effective natural pain reliever. There are several different ways you can take it. Using turmeric powder in cooking is one way to ingest it, however, you can also make it into a tea or add it to warm milk.

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PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

PEMF is a popular treatment for healing fractures and torn cartilage. It works by sending electromagnetic pulses through your tissues, stimulating repair and anti-inflammatory compounds. You can buy the equipment to use in your own home or book sessions with a chiropractor or physical therapist.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark has been used for pain relief for centuries. It comes from the willow tree and is a valid form of pain relief because it contains a compound called salicin. In the late 1800s, a synthetic version was made called acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin. It can be used to manage pain and inflammation caused by back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, knee and joint pain. The herb can be purchased as a supplement, extract, tincture, or in the form of a tea. There are also ointments and salves that can be used for topical relief.


Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple stems. It can benefit people with arthritic conditions because it reduces the levels of hormones called prostaglandins which induce inflammation. The promotion of healing in muscles and connective tissues is thought to be another benefit.

The effectiveness of these natural pain relief methods does help many people who live with chronic pain on a daily basis. Before taking any kind of natural remedy, it’s advisable to contact your healthcare provider to ensure you won’t experience any adverse reactions. Combining these remedies with a healthy diet, regular exercise, deep breathing and meditation are certain to be of benefit to you.


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