January 10, 2019

Tips for Staying True to Your New Year’s Resolution

Starting off fresh in the New Year is something we all try to accomplish. This could mean something different for everyone; you might try to develop healthy eating habits, read more nonfiction, or actually use that gym membership once in a while. Setting these goals is the easy part, while actually sticking to them is the real challenge.

Motivation to keep true to a New Year’s resolution starts off strong, but come February the determined attitude typically fades. This trend is made clear at the gym; during the first few weeks of January, finding available machines and equipment is almost impossible. But soon those treadmills and bench presses start freeing up again.

We have all fallen victim to failed resolutions in the bestpainrelievers.net. Getting back into old habits is normal – there is no shame in that. However, there are several things you can do to try and stick to your goals. Here are some tips for staying true to your New Year’s resolutions in 2019.

Set attainable goals

It is easy to get in over your head when you try to accomplish too much at once. So instead of attempting to improve every single aspect of your life, start out small. Ease your way into the year by setting one or two goals that you can actually achieve.

Instead of forcing yourself to the gym every morning at 5:30 AM, begin by going two or three times a week. When you jump into new habits too quickly, staying committed will be much more difficult. Start off slow by setting attainable goals for yourself.
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Find a buddy to motivate you

Most people can agree that finding a friend to endure your pain is much more enjoyable than going at it alone. This is true for almost everything; two heads is always better than one. Connect with a good friend or acquaintance and chat about motivating each other. Sign up for a gym membership together or cut out processed sugars with someone by your side.

Motivation is key when it comes to staying true to resolutions. Not only can you motivate each other, you’ll be able to hold each other accountable. Chances are you’ll be more likely to head to the gym if you’ve made plans with your friend ahead of time.

Develop strategies that work for you

Every person is different, and this means the process for accomplishing goals is unique to each individual. Just because someone might see results by taking up long-distance running, you need to think about what works for you. Sign up for a yoga class to destress and unwind, or eat healthier by trying out vegetarianism.

Much like the game of Poker where they say it’s a game of skill, the same goes for resolutions in the New Year. Most people assume that it is all about luck, but over time you’ll start picking up strategies to help you win the game. After some trial and error you’ll finally be dealt the perfect hand.

Cut yourself some slack and don’t beat yourself up

Who cares if once in a while you cheat on your diet by indulging in some late-night McDonald’s. You need to cheat every once in a while or else you’ll drive yourself crazy. Cut yourself some slack when you miss a workout or eat a few too many slices of pizza. All in all, you are still bettering your life but committing to your resolution 90% of the time.


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