November 15, 2017

5 Facts About Thailand Travel

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap travel option that will also whisk you away to tropical beaches, an array of rich culture and one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia, Thailand may be just what you’re looking for. However, there’s a few things you should keep in mind before you go. Here’s five facts about Thailand travel to help you plan your trip.

1. Best time to go: Thailand weather is broken down to two main seasons, known as the wet (or low) and the dry (or high) seasons. The dry season occurs between November and March and the wet from July through to October. With a generally warm year-round climate overall, it’s still best to make sure weather conditions are right for what you want to do before you go. For example, in peak seasons like Christmas time there will be far more tourists and higher costs, while some places close in the wet seasons due to storms.

2. What to wear: It’s important to respect the Thailand culture when visiting. Though you could wear flip-flops(rubber soled shoes) just about anywhere, there are some cultural factors to consider. Visiting temples, ruins or sacred places requires covering the entirety of your arms and legs with longer clothing as a sign of respect. In areas such as public beaches and swimming pools, swimwear such as bikinis are fine to wear, but clothing that surpasses your knees and shoulders must be worn in other public places.

3. What to do: There’s plenty to see and do in the beautiful land of Thailand. You can partake in jungle trekking, visit National Parks or museums, seek out elephant sanctuaries, take a tour of the many tropical islands (and maybe even scuba-dive, this is offered particularly at the Similan islands), go shopping at one of the many floating markets, explore one of the cities or visit ancient temples and ruins. Bear in mind that these things will cost a range of different prices, and some involving hiring drivers or tour-guides.

4. Laws:Beware of Thailand’s laws and safety before you go to ensure you don’t wind up getting yourself into trouble.The people in Thailand have immense respect for their king and it is illegal to badmouth their king or deface him (so avoid stepping on any money). Drugs are strictly illegal, and the worst-case scenario is the death penalty, while you must be at least 20 years old in Thailand to legally consume alcohol, and carry your ID with you everywhere you go.

5. Watch out for: Thailand culture frowns upon public displays of affection, no matter who you are, so do not engage in such behaviour on the streets. It is not safe for tourists to drink the tap water in Thailand, so make sure you only drink bottled water. Watch out for scams when hiring motorcycles or jet skis and only hire them from well-known places otherwise they may not be in a safe condition. And lastly, beware of some lovely females on the streets and in bars who may not be as female as they seem.

Thailand is a beautiful place to travel, and we hope these facts and tips help you plan a trip to the beautiful, tropical beaches to smile with the locals and enjoy a relaxing or adventure-filled holiday.


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