November 29, 2017

5 Spots to Take a Selfie in Dubai

The place of the richest, the most luxurious, the most splendid, where money can buy you happiness, the dream destination of a vast majority of the people of the world – Dubai is almost a magical city. Because in Dubai people do not wait for things to happen, they just make it happen. So what are you waiting for? Book Mumbai to Dubai flight tickets online and head over to the place of your dreams this vacation. And if you love to click selfies, you are at the perfect place! Read on to find the top five places in Dubai, you must not definitely miss clicking a selfie, or two, at to keep records of probably the most glamorous vacation of your life.

The Burj Khalifa: Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the tallest building in the world is in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa boasts of not only the maximum height of a building, but is also the most elegant and one of the most elite in the world. Remember that tickets for a view from atop the Burj Khalifa are best bought two weeks before the date of visit, as on spot tickets are quite pricey. It had extremely strict security measures, and you would do well to remember the same. The views from atop the building are marvellous, needless to say, and a selfie from the top of the highest building in the world is surely on everyone’s bucket list.

The Dubai Marina: One of the most popular locations in Dubai is perhaps the Dubai Marina. It is crowded all day long, but it thins out the most late at night or quite early in the morning, and the views are simply spectacular. The skyline is amazing and would provide the most elegant backdrop for your perfect selfie. There are a few no photography zones, but the most of it is unrestricted.

The Business Bay: This is, by popular opinion, the most famous spot for photography in Dubai. If you are a selfie addict hoping for the perfect photo for your Insta account or to show off on other social media accounts, and you are armed with a fabulous low light camera that takes amazing low light pictures, the backdrop for this photo shoot is the ideal one. Flaunting the amazingly lit Burj Khalifa in the background, with the spectacular arc of the bridge, this always accessible place is a must visit.

The Palm Jumeirah: If you’re looking for a backdrop that involves a beautiful city scale for your selfie, then the Palm Jumeirah is one great place you must not miss out on. To one side of the Palm life’s the view of the Dubai Marina, and on the other side you will be greeted by one of the most luxurious hotels on the planet – the Burj Al Arab. Keep in mind however that a wide angle or zoom lens would be preferred in addition to your phone’s front camera.

The Jumeirah Public Beach: Of the creative professor in you lights up at the sight of something reflections of skyscrapers in the placid water, red from the setting sun, this is the fifth most important place to click your selfie at, while in Dubai. This beach will mesmerise you with its spectacular views.

So, head over to Dubai with your phone juiced up, book Mumbai to Dubai flight tickets online, and off you go on a holiday you will never forget! This is because, once the sands of Dubai have settled on your shoulders, you cannot just shake it off, ever. And, if getting clicked is your new-found hobby, don’t forget to carry your selfie stick!


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