November 1, 2018

Top Ideas for a Christmas Getaway

Christmas is something that only comes around once a year. Knowing this, people often want to make it as meaningful as possible. For some this could mean buying their favorite candy canes, blasting the latest Christmas albums or playing secret Santa to put them in the mood. For others, it’s about getting away from the noise and spending the season with the people who give life meaning. On that note, a Christmas getaway may be on the horizon for you this year if this is the case. Consider trying at least one of the ideas for a Christmas getaway below.

Christmas Eve in Rome

If you still want a Christmas feel on your holiday, then you may be looking for a destination that won’t cripple you with cold but is still cool enough. Rome, Italy is a perfect Christmas getaway destination for this reason. The cool temperatures are ideal for walking around and taking in historic views. What’s even better is spending Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. Seeing as some of the most common foods are pizza, gelato, and pasta, you can expect to enjoy the best of those worlds as well.

Traditional Dinner in London

Another perfect idea for a Christmas getaway is going to the famous city of London. If you’ve never been to London during Christmas, you can look forward to a stunning display of lights on Bond and Regent streets which are notorious areas for shopping, fine dining, and tourist activities. On Christmas day, you should also enjoy a traditional English Christmas dinner which consists of roast, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, mince pies as well as a tasty Christmas pudding. If you look for Expedia coupons before booking, you may also find affordable flights or hotels at a discounted rate.

Light Displays in New Orleans

For those interested in spending Christmas in the United States, Louisiana is a location to consider. This colorful city will definitely give you a festive holiday feel because of how vibrant and alive it typically is. Seeing as Christmas isn’t complete without a light display, you can go and see one of their biggest ones called Celebration in the Oaks and located in City Park. Aside from this, you could enjoy festive holiday homes and Cajun cringle which are pastry rounds with your
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The Champs-Elysees in Paris

For those interested in spending Christmas in the city of love, you should take a trip down to Paris, France this Christmas. Whether you want a romantic Christmas or to simply spend time with your loved ones in cooler temperatures, it’s a beautiful Christmas destination. You can look forward to seeing the Champs-Elysees all lit up and covered in snow, an image you’re likely to cherish. The traditional dessert, the Buche de Noel, is also something worth trying.

Heat up at the Fireplace in Charlottesville

Have you ever watched Christmas movies and seen families snuggled up by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and exchanging gifts? This is something you could experience if you decide to venture off to Charlottesville, Virginia this season. At the foothills of Blueridge mountains, Charlottesville isn’t one of the most popular Christmas destinations, but it has a lot to offer. you can expect cedar-filled hills, horses and farms, as well as Christmas inspired decorations. In terms of activities, you may enjoy a gingerbread building class, breakfast with Santa, and three-course dinner on Christmas day. For the most part, it’s a warm and relaxing pick if you’re going away with family.


For those looking for an island getaway, there had to be at least one on the list. The stunning Bermuda is an ideal place to find yourself this Christmas if you want a few days or weeks of island living. This is your chance to spend Christmas lounging in a beach resort. Some of the things that you’re likely to enjoy include breakfast with Santa and Christmas dinner with the famous eggnog. To throw a little more adventure than you’d have on a normal day into the mix, you’d have the opportunity to go snorkeling and see what Christmas is like under the sea. It’s definitely an unconventional way to celebrate Christmas which is ideal if you want something different.

Christmas can ultimately be spent any way that you want. It depends on factors such as your preference, budget, and sentimental values. However, if you do decide that finding yourself in a new destination with your friends or family is what constitutes as the perfect Christmas for you, then choose a destination that’s difficult to forget.


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