August 29, 2018

4 Tips To Keep Things Safe While You Travel

A good number of people do not even realize it, but a lot can happen while you are on vacation and not all of it is always good! Safety is of paramount importance when you are traveling, especially when you are flying out of country. Did you know that each year, multiple US citizens fall victim to ID thefts while traveling? In addition to the concerns of safeguarding ourselves and our physical property while traveling, the digital age has made things even more complicated, necessitating a whole new range of protective measures. In light of all this, it only makes sense for everyone to adopt at least the four security tips mentioned below.

Public Wi-Fi is a Bad Idea

No, it’s not just a nifty little TV show trick that we saw in Mr. Robot, if you use public Wi-Fi, hackers really can hack you and most of them are not cyberheroes like Elliot Alderson in the show! They are almost always going to be criminals who will try to steal every bit of your personal info that they possibly can to either rob you, impersonate you or blackmail you, depending on the content that they manage to get their hands on. To know how to keep your data safe from Wi-Fi-based hacking attempts and plenty of other cyber security threats, read about it on Secure Data Recovery.

Travel Light

The idea is simple really; the lighter you travel, the less you will have to lose, if you are unfortunate enough to be in a situation where that’s a possibility. Even if you must bring a few valuables with you, keep them secured at the hotel, although even that may not always be the safest option. The few points below are the rules of thumb to go by:

  • Carry only one or two credit/debit cards
  • Don’t bring any other ID proof except your passport
  • Note down every important document you have with you, in case anything gets stolen or lost and you have to report it
  • Don’t carry too much cash

Protecting Your Home

Just as you need to take measures to make sure you are safe abroad, you will also need to safeguard your home before leaving. A few safety tips are as follows.

  • Tell a neighbor to pick up the mail because unattended mailboxes make homes a target for burglars
  • Inform the post office and they will stop delivering the mail temporarily to your location
  • Do not upload social media posts as they inform potential burglars of your absence
  • Set up a home security system that is monitored by a security company
  • Have a relative or a neighbor stay in your house for a few days

Don’t let Your Social Media Posts Track You in Real Time

It’s a common mistake to geotag your posts in real time when you are on the go. This essentially announces where you are at which time to everyone. Police reports confirm that this can lead to safety hazards in certain circumstances.

As a bonus point, always remember that traveling alone is never ideal, although it may feel like an adventure. Even if you do travel alone, always let the people close to you know your latest whereabouts.


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