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July 13, 2018

Are There Countries Where Playing Lottery Is Forbidden?

Different countries tend to have different laws when it comes to playing the lottery, and well, pretty much everything else. But when it comes to lottery, some countries are definitely more strict about it.

In general, lottery by itself is usually not banned, but playing the lottery online can be banned, or restricted in more countries. The reason for that is usually simple – lottery is considered a form of gambling and some countries have decided not to allow it for one reason or another. The reasons obviously vary.

Countries with very restrict rules or where lottery is banned:
– Libya
– Netherlands Antilles
– North Korea
– Pakistan
– American Samoa
– Puerto Rico
– Guam

Countries with some restrictions:
– Czech Republic
– Poland
– Switzerland
– Bahamas
– Cuba
– Turkey
– South Africa

And of course, in many other countries you need to obtain a local license in order to sell lottery tickets.

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In countries such as Estonia, playing the lottery by buying your ticket from a newsstand, or buying it online using your online bank, is possible, but there is one additional requirement. Or actually two. Firstly there’s age restriction, same as in many other countries, but secondly you also need to present your ID when buying the lottery. So when you buy the lottery from a newsstand you need to show them your ID card which they scan before you can buy it. When it comes to buying the lotteries online, everyone in Estonia are used to using their ID card together with their computer all the time anyway, so when you buy online lottery, you can just authenticate yourself digitally.

But obviously, independent of the country you are in, as long as you have internet, you can usually opt to buy an international lottery online one way or another.


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