March 1, 2018

Background Checks: Researching Before You Hire

To say that employers have more power than ever before when it comes to the hiring process would be a huge understatement. Through the use of technology, the ability to vet a candidate has never been higher – and this should make the general recruitment process much more seamless for every company around.

However, there are ways and means to check public record information and base your hiring decision on this. Through the course of this post we will now take a look at some of the areas you should check, to ensure that the person you select is the right fit for your business.

Start with social

While it’s true that there are now a lot of very useful specialist services when it comes to carrying out background checks, for the purposes of keeping things simple at the start we are going to suggest you start your hunt with Facebook or Twitter. These platforms are an easy way to find out the general demeanor of your applicant, and for you to immediately see if they are involved in something which might not fit with your ethos. On the flip side, you might see them involved in projects which really tickle your fancy, and actually make you more inclined to hire them.

Some sources have suggested that there are problems if you get this wrong though. If you are basing your employment decision on something that you have seen on social media, you need to make sure there’s absolutely no form of discrimination within your thought process.

Criminal record checks

Suffice to say, this next check requires a little more attention, and you should check your local laws to ensure that you are complying with regulations when you perform a background check of this type.

Generally, you will need to not only inform the applicant that you are carrying out an official check, but also you will need their written permission. As they are applying for a job, most will be happy to oblige. At the same time, make sure that you factor in enough time for this – as it can delay the whole process significantly if you have not asked for their permission from the start of the application process.

Educational verification

Fortunately, the process of verifying educational claims is now much easier than it once was. A lot of services now provide this instantaneously, although if you do want to take extra care you could still approach the educational establishments directly to find out if the person really has achieved the grades which have been set out on their CV.

This is an area that is frequently abused, so it might be an idea to make this one of your first background checks. After all, if it’s clear that a candidate has not told the truth in relation to their education history, you are well within your rights to question what other information is accurate and potentially base your decision on this.


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