February 27, 2018

Best Morning Routines To Start A Good Day

If you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting each and every day off to a great start, continue reading to discover six morning routines, that will help ensure that every morning is a good morning!

Best Morning Routines to Start a Good Day:

  1. Avoid checking your text messages, emails and social media alerts for 30 minutes

While your first instinct may be to reach for your smartphone when you switch off your alarm, you’ll be far more productive in the mornings if you avoid checking your text messages, emails and social media alerts for 30 minutes. You should find that you’re far less stressed, whilst getting ready, by putting your phone away for half an hour.

  1. Listen to a playlist of happy, upbeat songs which will energize you

Every time you hear an upbeat, happy song it’s well worth writing the title so that you can add to a morning playlist, which you can listen to when you’re getting ready in the mornings. You can even purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which you can use to listen to your morning playlist in the shower.

  1. Choose outfits which make you feel confident

One way to ensure that you have a great day is to put together outfits which make you feel happy and confident. Don’t worry about trends may be in style, simply choose pieces and colors which make you happy and will put a smile on your face when you walk past a mirror. Also, avoid saving your favorite clothes for special occasions as every day should be a special occasion.

  1. Consume a healthy, nutritious breakfast each day

Regardless of how much free time you have in the mornings, it’s important to prioritize eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Examples of which may include an omelet which is packed full of protein, a smoothie which features Greek yogurt, spinach and an assortment of fruits or a toasted bagel, which is topped off with fresh avocado.

  1. Try to fit an early morning workout, into your morning routine

It’s far wiser to try and fit your workout into your morning routine, instead of trying to fit in a workout in the evening, when you’re far more likely to be tired and may be tempted to skip out on your workout. If you make a habit out of working out in the morning, your body will also start to produce endorphins, which will boost your mood. A great way to get in the habit of waking up is by setting an alarm for the same time each morning. Eventually your body will get use to waking up at this time and it will make it easier to wake up early overtime. While not all alarm clocks are the same you’ll want to take the time to see what options are out there in order to find the best alarm clock for you!

  1. Listen to a humorous podcast on the way to work

If you commute to work on a daily basis, you may want to download a variety of humorous podcasts which you can listen to on the way to work. As there’s no better way to ensure that your day gets off to a great start than making sure to laugh as much as you can. Whether you drive to work or take public transport, it’s well worth listening to a funny podcast, which is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter!

So if you want to ensure that you get each day off to a great start, it’s well worth implementing the six positive tips listed above.


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