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March 20, 2018

Charles Nucci – The Two Most Important Steps to Creating Great Photographs

 Taking photos has moved into the center of our lives because of the addition of good quality cameras on smartphones, and digital photography that allows you to immediately see your picture and bypass the need to have film developed. The result of all of this is that cameras are everywhere and the amount of pictures taken has multiplied more than a thousand fold.

 But just because people are taking more pictures does not mean that they are taking better pictures. Yes smartphone cameras have improved greatly in quality, but they still cannot compare to a good SLR camera. Nor can the average picture happy tourist hope to compete and match the quality of photos taken by a professional. In order to take professional looking pictures like Charles Nucci, you need to understand how a professional takes photos. Ideally you also need to invest in a good camera, because higher price cameras give you more control over all of the different elements that make a picture perfect. With this in mind here are some tips on how to create great photos.

 Buy a good camera

 Only a decade ago, there were camera shops everywhere and they were filled with people looking to purchase the latest Minolta, Nikon, or Canon newly released SLR or hi in personal camera. If you were going on a special trip, attending a special event in San Francisco, or was a special occasion, you wanted to make sure that you could take great pictures, so purchasing a good camera was in a necessity.  However times have changed and today, it is no longer fashionable to shop for good cameras.

 But smartphone cameras have limitations in terms of their ability to deliver grey pictures. They use smaller and lower quality parts then professional cameras, and since the goal with a smartphone camera is to make it fit into an ever-shrinking smartphone, quality will always suffer. You may not notice this if you look at pictures on your phone, because the screen is optimized to make its own pictures look fantastic. But if you take those same pictures off your phone and want to duplicate them or put them into frames, you quickly see that the quality is not what you hope for. So it is imperative that you buy with camera. The great news about this is that prices of good cameras have plummeted and you can even find great used cameras for even cheaper prices.

 Take a photography class

 First, photography classes are a lot of fun. You’ll be around people who are really excited about learning the basics of photography, and you will more than likely have a teacher who has a background in taking professional shots. The opportunity to learn from a professional cannot be overstated. So much of what you read in books, or even see on Youtube videos can I prepare you for real life situations. However being in a class with the professional and other students who can ask questions as the class moves along, what position you with the level of knowledge that will make you a better photographer. In this class you learn the basics in framing, lighting, color, and even some-post production editing. In the end you will understand the basics of good photography and be on the road to becoming a great photographer who takes amazing photographs.

 Whether you live in San Francisco Bay Area or Miami Florida, the advice in this article will put you on the road to being exceptional photographer. The only downside is that all your friends and family will call you when they need great pictures taken, but they will want you to work for free.



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