December 14, 2017

Facts About Sports

Most sports fans know all the details about their favourite athletes, memorable game scores, and plays. Many are loyal of sitting at their favourite local bar or simply on their couches at home to watch the next big game. However, many sports fans are unaware of the history of sports or fun sports facts that have lead up to where sports are today.

No matter where you live or what age you are sports fans share the same common purpose; their passion and love for the game.

Here are 13 facts about sports that you may have not known:

  1. In 1900-1920, Tug of War was a part of the summer games as an Olympic Event
  2. The World’s Largest Bowling Alley opened in 1972 and is located in Japan with a total of 116 lanes.
  3. In 2010, the longest tennis match took place at Wimbledon and it lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes.
  4. In Thailand, kite flying is considered a professional sport.
  5. In 1949, the grass length at Wimbledon changed from two inches long to 8mm because a snake bit a tennis player…ouch!
  6. Olympic gold medals are actually made of silver!
  7. A golf ball has anywhere between 330 and 500 dimples depending on it’s make.
  8. The Chicago Cubs baseball team never played any night games at home until after 1988 when Wrigley Field finally installed lights at the field.
  9. The NCAA required college football players to study during halftime. This was not changed until after 1925.
  10. In 1901, boxing finally became a legal sport.
  11. Pig bladders were used as rugby balls before they were made from synthetic material.
  12. Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Toronto. He was only 19.
  13. At the 1993 Breeders’ Cup Classic a winning ticket paid $269.20 for a $2 bet. That’s $13,460 for every $100 bet!

Sports and entertainment have come a long way. Whether it is the materials they use, the advancement in the technology of equipment, the rules and regulations, or the change in new and upcoming players, there is always evolvement. Many sports fans also bet on sports event like horse racing for example so that they can not only be immersed in their favorite sport, but they can win money off their favorite teams too.

Clearly, without sport fans and their support there would not be as huge of a sports industry as there is today. If you have ever purchased a ticket to see a sport game live then you are aware or have some idea of how much the industry makes… billions.

It is with your support in purchasing tickets that teams are able to travel and entertain, that venues and arenas are able to accommodate so many fans while paying their staff, and so that buildings can be maintained.


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