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February 19, 2018

Proven Facts To Help Increase Your Factory’s Productivity

What do you think of when you hear the word productivity? Do you image the costs of production, efforts made towards company improvement, or hard working team of employees? While all of answers are correct, productivity is also a state of mind.

As a team leader and manager, you certainly place the productivity of your factory on high priority. How can you get your workers to do the same? The answer lies in motivation, the driving factor behind nearly everything anyone does.

Where does this motivation come from, and how can you foster it to help your workers become the productive employees you know they can be? Here are some proven facts behind the secret to unlocking your factory’s full potential.

Work Needs Meaning

No one punches in every day simply because they love pulling a 9 to 5. Take your own job into consideration. What factors keep you coming back throughout the year?

Perhaps it’s putting food on the table for your family, paying off student loans, or striving to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone has personal reasons for going to work, but what keeps them at a particular job is the meaning they associate with it.

Each employee has a crucial function in the overall productivity of your factory, including you. Knowing your worth and meaning within the company gives you a sense of pride, importance, and makes you feel necessary.

Combining these two factors together is a sure-fire way to have each worker putting their best foot forward. Get to know them and their personal reasons for coming to work each day, then let them know that the particular job they do is essential to the bigger picture. Whether it’s buffing out the imperfection on a product or making use of pieces from the insert molding process by Weiss-Aug, their tasks are all equally important in getting the job done

Everyone Wants Control

Think about your first day as manager. While you might have felt a little nervous, it probably felt good to be in control at the same time. That’s true for everyone, no matter what position they work in.

When your workers feel like another cog in the machine, their productivity suffers. Try giving them a little creative freedom to get the job done their own way.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should let your employees run wild, but it does mean giving them a little autonomous freedom to make decisions. Maybe they see a simpler solution to eliminating a snag in production, or have an idea to increase their output with a smoother way of doing things.

Giving them the wiggle room to make small decisions is not only motivating, but also builds a sense of pride when they see the increased fruits of their labor. With that tiny aspect of control, each employee will challenge themselves to get their task done to the best of their ability. Plus, you can always keep tabs on their productivity with a service like Clockspot.

Everyone Needs Dignity

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 or whipping up someone’s drive-thru burger, you want to be treated with respect. While cracking the whip might work for horses, it doesn’t motivate people in the same way you might think.

When managers come down hard on their employees, resentment begins to build and productivity suffers. Instead, work on building a sense of pride and respect to better motivate your workers and help them move forward in their career. You can do this through one on one conversation, or addressing them as a group to congratulate them on their strengths.

Address the current problems with productivity, but let them know that they can reach your company’s goals through the hard work they are capable of. The more appreciation you show them for a job well done, the better their output will be.


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