April 11, 2018

The Essence Of Tirupati

When most people visit India, Tirupati escapes their notice. This quaint little city located to the south of India, is one of the most religious places you will be able to find throughout the world.

Why is that special?

Thousands of Indians flock to the Tirupati temple every single day in an effort to find peace with themselves. It is said that anyone visiting the temple is granted all their wishes. Now, you might not believe in God, but, there’s something about Tirupati that does pull you in.

History and Context

One of the heroes of Hindu mythology, Lord Rama apparently resided here on his return from an epic quest which he undertook to save his wife. However, the place has seen a lot of religious sects through the ages.

Earlier, Tirupati used to be a town crowded by the pacifist Vaishnavas. They are the people who erectedd the famous Venkateshwara temple. Some of the saints back then had described Tirupati as heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth?

Unless you are in one of the hotels in Tirupati, eating out of a banana leaf, you would understand the peace that this place offers. With its own texture, and with people from all cultures coming in with hopes in their eyes, Tirupati offers something of a cultural extravaganza.

Plus, because of the various Indian histories mingling at this place, you get a feeling that you are a part of something larger, something far more epic than you have seen.

Tirupati is also peaceful. Despite, all the accusations of dirt about Indian religious places, Tirupati is very clean. It gets quiet in the evenings so when you get out of one of the hotels in Tirupati, you can just go around and visit the places all around you to gain perspective on what is there to see.

The stories of boon

Look, I don’t believe in it either. However, the three days spent at Tirupati was strangely enticing. Maybe, its the hope surrounding you with everyone looing for something out of this experience, but, it seemed that this town was a corner of hope in a bleak world.

Maybe, that is all we need in the high-paced life we lead today. Some hope and some time with our loved ones. Tirupati offered me both.

About the revisit

I do not know what it is about Tirupati, but, the moment I was out from one of the hotels in Tirupati, I knew I would be back again to visit. I wished for all that hope around me, and the sweets coming to me from all the Indian people.


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