July 27, 2018

Top Strategies To Afford The RV Lifestyle

There are many people who live the RV lifestyle, and there are many more who dream of it.

What is the so-called ‘RV lifestyle?’ Basically, it’s where you live and work entirely from an RV while traveling the country or areas of the country.

It’s an idea that certainly sounds appealing to a lot of people because living and working from an RV really symbolizes adventure and freedom. You can set your own hours, explore new areas of the country, and each day is something new.

But if there’s one thing that’s holding people back from selling their homes and property and moving into an RV full time, it’s because they question whether they can actually afford it.

Living from an RV may not be the cheapest venture on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps you can take or strategies that you can apply to afford it.

Here are the top strategies you will need to employ in order to afford the RV lifestyle:

Create A Budget

The very first and most foundational step that you need to do to afford the RV lifestyle is to create a monthly budget.

Really, this isn’t any different from setting a budget for when you live at home. Your budget will be comprised of the usual suspects like your RV monthly payment, fuel, food, laundry, propane, RV park/campground daily fees, health insurance, internet, RV insurance, household supplies, maintenance, and so on.

What is important though is that you actually set a budget to begin with. Without it, you’re not going to have any idea of where your money is going or how much you have left over at the end of each month.

Make Sure Your Business Can Be Run From The Road

In order to live and work from your RV, your business is going to have to be something that can be run from the road. In other words, it’s most likely going to have to be an online business, or something that you can handle entirely through emails and phone calls.

You need to work from your RV just like you would work from home in order to pay the bills and stay financially afloat. You also need to ensure that you set aside enough time each day or week to get work done (scheduling your days ahead of time will be wise) and that you have access to internet connection whenever needed (having your own Wi-Fi router with you will be a good idea).

If you’re not sure about whether or not your business can be run from the road, it may be a good idea to test it out. Rent an RV and then go on a two week trip or so and see if you can run the business entirely rom the RV. The results should be a clear indicator of whether or not it’s possible.

Find Ways To Save Money 

Finally, you’re going to have to find as many ways to save money as you possibly can so long as finances are tight. Besides, it’s always a good idea to be frugal and save what you can, right?

The good news is there are a number of ways you can save money to live the RV lifestyle. The first will be to choose an RV that has a lower monthly payment. Sure, it may not have every single luxury that you wanted, but it will work so long as it has everything you need.

Another way to save money will be to choose cheaper RV parks or campgrounds to stay at. Some RV parks can be as high as $40 to $50 a night, but others can be as low as $15 to $25 while still offering electrical and water hookups in addition to access to hiking trails and lakes or rivers.

One more excellent tactic to save money while living from an RV is to prepare and eat as many of your own meals as possible. Eating out at restaurants may seem like a minor expense, especially if it’s only fast food, but it’s also an expense that really adds up quickly.

Affording The RV Lifestyle

Really, affording the RV lifestyle is probably easier than you think so long as you truly commit to it. If thousands of other people live and work from their RVs, who’s to say that you can’t as well?


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