December 8, 2018

An Introduction to Premium Virtual Offices


The virtual office in Indonesia can provide your office with the best of both business worlds, a home office that has world-class technologies with access to the finest conference and meeting rooms. Depending on the fit out, your business can have a number of amenities that come with the standard plan. The online landscape and the tools that are available make managing a business online effortless.

With your standard plan, businesses typically are given access to the internet through Wi-Fi or some other high-speed internet connection. While there are variations on this plan, your virtual office should allow you to communicate online with clients, collaborate with team members, and a host of other functions. A premium virtual office plan does come with all of the bells and whistles, but if you plan on managing your business in the country long-term, you might find the cost is worth the investment.

Continue reading to learn more about just some of the things that a premium virtual office can offer your business.

Business Registration

If you are a foreign business interest, some of the virtual office fit outs will help your business traverse the tricky government registration process. Whether looking to incorporate or looking to apply for licences, a few virtual offices can assist your business in the process. With this taken care of, you can at least go about the business of getting your virtual office organised and up and running.

Location In Affluent Area

The virtual office can also give your business access to permanent address and dedicated phone number in the most prestigious areas in the country. The great thing about the virtual office is this address and phone number can be printed on business cards, and when clients see your impressive location, they definitely will be influenced by your professional image. In the end, this image helps set the tone of your attitude toward your business as well.

Meeting And Conference Rooms

With the larger fit-outs, you can get access to conference and meeting rooms with all of the latest technologies. These rooms come equipped with smart stations that will allow you to do a number of tasks, including play sound and video files online. The meeting rooms also come with video-conferencing abilities as well. The rooms are furnished with the corporate-designed furnishings, and if you need to have food or beverages, it is possible to organise this with your meeting. The rooms are in some of the most beautiful buildings in the country, and so this can only add to the image of your business as a top-notch organisation.

International Access

International fit outs with offices in other locations can be great for businesses whose team members travel, and often. Ideally, if you need to meet with clients in any part of the world, for a small charge, you can reserve space in any location they have a building. This is great logistically because it can make reserving space for a meeting simple.

Office Support

As a part of these fit-outs, you do not have to worry about hiring staff to answer calls, as the virtual office comes with a receptionist that can answer calls. When the building is closed, a professional answering service can take calls. The receptionist is a nice touch that conveys to clients your professionalism. Then, of course, there is the IT support staff that can help you with your internet hook up. These professionally-trained staff can also help you with online needs, which negates you having to deal with minor IT problems.

Finding Your Premium

The premium virtual office is not just some amped up version of the basic plan. Everything that comes as a part of the office is a tool that can be used to help businesses to grow. With an office that functions much in the same way conventional offices do, your business is sure to succeed.


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