December 14, 2018

How to Optimize Your Business Travel Experience

Despite the increasing availability of remote communication via video-link and related technologies, there are still a considerable number of people who need to travel for their job. It could be making sales calls around a local area, or you might be flying all over the world. Either way, your job may require you to take time away from home and stay in another town, state, or country.

Traveling and stopover time can take up a large chunk of your day, and it can be frustrating to lose so much time outside your normal working hours. Then you have the additional issue of being in an unfamiliar place, very possibly on your own and at a loss for how to spend your time. What you need is a strategy for reclaiming that lost time and enjoying the traveling experience rather than it just being a necessary chore.

To optimize your traveling time, think about what you could realistically do during the trip. If you’re flying, you can easily take along some work to do, or catch up on industry news during the flight. If you’re driving, you clearly can’t read or write; but you can listen. You could take along a self-help or business training audiobook to listen to, for example.

You don’t have to be doing a work-oriented activity; you might prefer to use the time to relax and de-stress before an important meeting or busy conference. The point is that traveling time is an opportunity to do something far more productive than sit and read the in-flight magazine.

When you reach your, the first thing you want to do is get settled in your accommodation and make sure you’re prepared for the work ahead. Once all your documents, files, and notes are in order, and you’re ready to roll, you can relax and ease away the stresses of the journey.

There are few better ways of achieving this than massage therapy, so find out what facilities there are at your hotel or nearby. You can check out and book many treatments in advance, so if you were traveling to the UK for example, you could find out about the treatments available by looking on a massage therapy website such as Massages and spa treatments are an ideal way to get out of your hotel room, get rid of the fatigue and stress of traveling, and prepare for the task ahead.

Social interaction is always pleasant when you’re away, making you feel less lonely or so far from home. If you know anyone in the area give them a call and arrange to meet up or have a pre-meeting meal with your work colleagues. People everywhere are often friendly and happy to chat, so don’t be afraid to just head down to the bar and strike up a conversation; but avoid consuming too much alcohol, or you won’t be as fit for your meeting as you should be!

If you use your time away constructively by a combination of productive working and relaxing, you’ll find your business trips become far less stressful and far more enjoyable.


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