November 29, 2017

My Facts About Customer Service

The customer is the king, so that adage goes. But in all aspects, customers are the ultimate reasons why businesses – large and small – are formed. Patronage is also a crucial determinant of whether enterprises prosper or go under.

As a consumer, I am always fascinated by shopping. My idle time is spent mostly browsing new e-commerce sites and searching for new brick-and-mortar outlets, art and clothes. But what happens when you aren’t getting the customer service you need?

Turning to sites like when you need great customer service is a effective move to help you in the process. They are #AtYourService and that’s how customer service should be. We have all had bad customer service and complained, but today I would like to focus on a good customer service experience for once. 

Recently, I went shopping for a new outfit to wear at some Christmas parties this year. I had more than a few great experiences around my local mall. The presentation, service delivery, staff technical aptitude, communication as well as their range of products were all 5 star.


The first impression is always a lasting one. When I log into a website or step into a provision store, the ambience around would propel me to either step back immediately or get inside and explore further. So when I decided to visit this store and was greeted by friendly workers, I felt welcomed and appreciated. Looking around, I found that customers were getting avid assistance. The neatly arranged rows, shelves packed with many varieties, correctly labelling and adequately lit. I found myself eager to discover more.


Service is the key to excellent customer care. And this played out when I got a little confused by two favorite brands. I decided to seek the intervention of a sales staff to differentiate the two items regarding their specifications and functionalities. I got concise answers and immediately decided which one suited my needs best after price comparisons. The check-off lane was swift while packing was accurate. I didn’t have to queue unreasonably long to make payment. Besides, the payment procedure was reliable, discreet and secure, which gave me greater confidence.


Perhaps the most encouraging factor during my shopping was the enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge with which the sales staff assisted me. I was sure they underwent customer relations training and were putting the expertise into practice. They were all smiles, decent, informal and polite in their communication. We shared a joke or two which thawed away my stressful day.


After purchasing, I had some stuff that could not fit my car. Therefore, they offered delivery using their van. I was impressed that by the time I reached home, their customer care division had already sent an email that my consignment would arrive the following day morning and if I could confirm my availability at the time. I called them back just to make sure that that particular high-value product came with a warranty. They not only confirmed the same but also informed me that they had a free full price refund if I experienced a manufacturer’s defects during the lengthy warranty period. And true to their communication, the courier was in my driveway precisely as was promised.


Checking on the delivered item, I noted that it was well packaged and had arrived without a scratch. In fact, they offered if they could provide an assembly service, which was done quickly and accurately at a small fee. I didn’t mind tipping extra being that they saved me much time. During this time, I realized that the staff had a great teamwork, valued their employer and knew about the products the outlet dealt in. In fact, they promised to update on upcoming promotions and sales periodically.

If you’re shopping online or in person, your experience should be a good one. Whether you’ve been saving money for a vacation or are merely looking for a new tshirt, you should be treated with respect and get all the information before your purchase. Below is a helpful and informative infographic about customer service from Contract Customer Services Number. 



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