March 20, 2018

Ron Ozer On The Advantages Of Being An Attorney

The job of attorney is one of the most respected in the entire country. For Ron Ozer, who works in New York, it is a way of life. He loves not just the many advantaged that are on offer with this job, but also what the actual job entails. Whether it is dealing with the contractual obligations of a hedgefund or arranging fair child support, he has seen it all and he loves it all. In a recent email, Ron Ozer revealed what he perceives to be the greatest benefits associated with being a lawyer.

The Benefits of Being an Attorney According to Ron Ozer

  1. Lawyers make a lot of money. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average lawyer earns a six figure income, with many exceeding $100,000 by a lot. How much someone makes depends on their experience, where in the country they work, and who they work for. This with the least experience can still expect to make a lot of money if the work for the right law firm. Others, however, don’t do it for the money and prefer to take on as many pro bono cases as possible.
  2. No two days are the same. It is impossible for an attorney to get bored. They often have to travel to investigate their cases or to complete further training. They have work opportunities all over the country and each case they take on brings with it a range of new experiences.
  3. The role comes with a lot of job satisfaction and prestige. In fact, anyone who is able to become a lawyer is seen as successful. The pay is high, as explained, but it also leaves people in positions of influence, propelling them to the elite levels of society. Lawyers command recognition and respect. The media plays a role in this, as they still promote this glamorous image.
  4. It is an opportunity to help others. For all the excitement, money, and prestige, lawyers become lawyers because they want to uphold the law and believe everybody has the right to a fair trial. Each situation is different, with some cases being civil and others being criminal, but it is always about finding justice and doing what is right. Sometimes, this goes so far as being able to spare someone’s life, for instance by helping them avoid the death penalty.
  5. Lawyers know the law. This makes sense, of course, but it is a benefit that transcends the profession itself. Knowing the law benefits people in doing business, buying property, doing taxes, and so on. It is also an opportunity to network and make connections, because others will want to take advantage of this knowledge.
  6. Attorneys can start their own businesses. Some join existing firms, others start their own. A lawyer has the freedom to decide what they feel is right for them. This is a degree of flexibility that few other professions offer.

Clearly, being a lawyer offers fantastic advantages and opportunities. It is no surprise, therefore, that Ron Ozer loves his profession so much.



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