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February 14, 2018

Geoffrey Morell – Why has Faith and Energy Healing Endured for so Many Centuries

Medicine and doctors can be traced back to the very beginning of civilization. Initially in each practically every family there was someone who functioned as a doctor or healer. They eventually came to be those that recognized as being better and they became the village healer. These people were thought to both have a personal connection to the world and to the energy flowing through the world. There use became so prevalent that there came a Time when they were the most important people in society, and the kings, queens and emperors would depend on the skills and the counsel to rule.

Problems developed because many Faith Healers made so many outlandish claims about their abilities but ultimately they proved to be incapable of following through on those claims. As a result the profession suffered greatly. Coupled with this was the emergence of medical doctors who had standardized treatments and formalized education. They were soon filling the communities with a new type of medicine that was based on historical fact and trial and error.

The doctoring profession depended on doctors convening regularly to compare notes on treatments allowing for fast advancement in therapies to patients. Within a few hundred years of their introduction, medical doctors became the go-to professionals for those needing medical care. And those calling themselves faith and energy healers were pushed to the side and classified as medical alternatives.

Faith and Energy Healing Has Survived

Even with this being the case, there have continued to be those like Geoffrey Morell who use spiritual energy and faith to physically and mentally heal. Many faith healers have come directly from the church or other religious institutions. Over the Millennia some claim to have gotten their power directly from God, while others who said their energy has come from the universe or some other source outside of themselves. They are said to be able to channel healing energy through their own bodies and direct it toward a patient.

The Healer might actually touch the patient, or put hands near the patient in order for the energy to be transferred. This can be done in any number of settings including a church, some other religious place, or even a home.

Why do People Consider Faith and Energy Healing as an Option Today?

With so many advances, and so many of the therapies used in traditional medicine proven, why do people continue in large numbers to go to Faith and energy healers today? Perhaps the most prevalent reason is that faith in energy Healers never turn away from proposing that any particular ailment can in fact be cured. This is in stark contrast to traditional doctors who believe that only certain ailments have a cure and others must be managed. Faith and energy healers believe that the energy they provide is healing energy that can be directed toward any element including cancer, diabetes, and HIV, to eradicate the illness. So people looking for cure might gravitate toward faith and energy healers.

Another reason why faith end energy Healers remain popular is because they offer an approach to Healing that does not include pills and other medicines, machines which can cause additional negative symptoms, or extended stays at a traditional medical facility. Many people have a healthy skepticism about the traditional medical system would you time seems to Value profit over people. As a result it often appears that patients are given treatments and medicines simply because they are expensive rather than effective. Many people who either believe this or who have experienced it, choose to turn two alternative medical approaches including faith and energy healing.

Finally, many people find the spirituality aspect of faith in energy healing to coincide with their views on life, Death, and the nature of things. So for them, this approach to Healing the body, is natural and appropriate and the traditional medicine approach goes against what they believe.

The trends for these types of healing Therapies is that more people are adopting them. They are producing very good results for many people who have been told by the traditional medicine community that they were either incurable or that their symptoms could not be alleviated without radical therapies, if at all. There’s no doubt that the popularity of these therapies will continue to grow, and they may soon be considered traditional medicine.



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