March 31, 2018

Live-in Care Works And Why It’s A Great Option

The idea of having someone come over to stay at home with the rest of your family is not easy to accept for a lot of people. They are afraid that there will be a lot of adjustments. They also can’t trust someone to come over and somehow be a part of the family.

Before you abandon the idea of getting live in care, you need to realise that a lot of people are doing it. If you have trust issues, you must understand that these care providers are well-screened. You are going to partner with an agency deploying them. If you have problems with them, it is easy to just report to the agency and inform them about the issues you have.

Besides, they are experienced medical care providers. They have years of experiences doing the job, and they know exactly what to do. It is also easy for them to adjust to a totally different environment. They are given their own space. You have to respect their space when they are not on duty. In the same way, they also know their boundaries in your family.

The other choice

If you are not going for live-in care, the alternative is sending your loved one to a nursing facility. It is an even more difficult choice to make. You are sending them away just because you are unable to take care of them. You will surely feel guilty about this decision. You will also feel bad that you can’t see them any time you want. You will have to travel just to be closer to them.

There are also some ageing people who are on the verge of dying. They are just waiting for their time. You don’t want the last days of their lives to be spent away from the people they love. Imagine how guilty you would feel when you have sent them to a facility and you have just received a phone call telling you that they have passed away. This is something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Extra services

Aside from providing care to your beloved elderly relative, you can also expect a live-in carer to assist you in terms of domestic duties. They can help prepare food. They can also be sent to buy items at the grocery store. They offer companionship even to your kids. Of course, these responsibilities have to be clear right from the start. You also want to be fair to them and not give them tasks beyond what you have agreed upon.

In the end, you will still be the one to make the decision based on the best interests of your loved one and the rest of the family. Choose what you think will be the most suitable setup for everyone.


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