December 18, 2017

5 Traffic Offence Facts Which May Surprise You!

If you drive on a frequent basis, simply continue reading to discover 5 traffic offence facts, which may surprise you! As well as how to contest any traffic offences which you may be charged with.

5 Traffic Offence Facts Which May Surprise You:

  1. It is illegal to flee the scene of a motor vehicle accident, which you’re involved in

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and attempt to flee the scene, you may find face criminal prosecution as it is illegal to flee the site of an accident which you were involved in. Legally, you must stop and provide assistance to any individual who is injured. Furthermore, you must be willing to providing your name and address as well your vehicle’s number plate to the other motorist involved in your motor vehicle accident. If you believe that the other motorist was at fault, it’s well worth calling a lawyer.

  1. If you’re caught driving a vehicle whilst being disqualified from driving, you may face incarceration

If you’re caught driving, whilst serving a temporary driving disqualification for drinking under the influence, you may find yourself facing a $5,000 fine or a 1-year prison sentence. As well as being disqualified from driving for a further three years. So if you’re ever charged with driving under the influence, it’s well worth hiring a qualified traffic offence lawyer, to fight the charges submitted against you. As having a DUI charge on your record can cause you serious problems, in the long term.

  1. If you’re unable to pay any traffic fines which you may incur, a fines recovery and enforcement officer will be tasked with securing payment

If you don’t pay a traffic fine within 14 days of receiving your fine, a reminder notice will be posted your address. If you fail to make the necessary payment within an additional 14 days, you will be visited by a fines recovery and enforcement officer, who will have the legal right to confiscate any of your assets or personal property, in order to settle your fine.

  1. If you’re unable to pay a traffic fine, you can opt to pay your fine in instalments

If you’re unable to pay a traffic fine, you are permitted to enter a payment arrangement, which will allow you to pay your fine in regular installments, over a 12 month period.

  1. Most traffic offences incur demerit points

As well as facing expensive fines, if you commit a traffic infringement you may also incur demerit points. If you collect too many demerit points, your driving license may be suspended or you may be disqualified for a period of 3 years. You may be surprised to learn that minor traffic offenses such as speeding can result in the accumulation of demerit points. So it’s well worth contesting any speeding fines which you may pick up.

So if you’re surprised by some of the facts listed above, it’s well worth having a family lawyer, who you can call in the unfortunate event that you’re charged with a driving offence. On the bright side, traffic offence lawyers put their clients first no matter the fault. They care about the client/customer service you are receiving without judgement. You’ll be thankful you hired a qualified professional to help beat your case.


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