April 16, 2018

Finland For Adventure Seekers

From excellent infrastructure to absolute safety, these are but a few of the things which go into making Finland a great destination. If you happen to be an adventure lover, take time out from the hectic parlays with modern life and head to this Land of Extremes to fulfil an outdoor experience of your dreams. With so many options on offer it becomes quite simple to script an itinerary to cater to the demand of any adventure lover.

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Trekking and hiking

Finland is a well forested country, which makes outdoor activities a very popular pastime of the locals. Being less populated then most European countries, makes Finland a mecca for hikers and trekkers for every level. The extremely famous Urho Kekkonen National Park, which has innumerable trails, is a favourite with hikers seeking long trips in the wilderness amongst spectacular scenery. The extensive network of hiking routes are well supplemented with a range of staying options like, camps and huts.

The other popular trail at the Nuuksio National Park in the Lapland region can be accessed by using local transport from Helsinki itself. Situated just 15 km away from the city center, the park has beautiful lakes and good infrastructure for hikers, especially those interested in mountain climbing. The most sought after trail remains Karhunkierros, situated in the Kuusamo region. Cabins and camps along the 80 km trail, takes hikers through some of the most pristine wilderness to be found in the country.

Mountain biking

There is a boom around the world for mountain biking and Finland, with the excellent infrastructure it possesses, has latched on to the demand very well. The Pallas-Yllas Tunturi National Park is the ideal place to explore on two wheels. A staggeringly 900 km of biking trails, set amongst the most stunning landscapes, welcomes adventure enthusiasts for one heck of a trip.

Another destination which attracts many bikers, especially during the winter season, is Syote. The area has all types of terrain, suitable for mountain biking, which can be traversed over days on end. Tahko also plays host to many mountain biking events in Finland in the summer months.


The top most destination for mountain climbers in Finland is without doubt the Olhava crag, in Repovesi National Park. The iconic peak is located a short distance away in the park, where the steep granite wall in the backdrop of a scenic lake makes the place an instant hit.


Though the rapids in Finland can be tumultuous, the infrastructure is so reliable, that even enthusiasts with limited ability can partake in rafting here. There are plenty of spots like Kuusamo, Koli and even Ruka. This is the best way to enjoy an outing on the river and savor the comforts of excellence accommodation en route.

Husky safari

The husky safari allows the visitor to spend magical time in the wild, led by a team of dogs among spectacular scenery. Around 40 km of distance is covered per day, and depending on weather conditions. Guests are taught to drive their own huskies, learn wilderness skills and get a chance to spot the Northern lights by night.


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