August 2, 2018

One Off Travel Experiences You Can Treasure Even on Your First Visit

Everything is about making goals and careful planning, that’s why travel expenses are cheaper when planned ahead. Life is too short to experience all the pleasantries in life, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to schedule a few items from your bucket list to enjoy life and its many wonders. Though you can maybe pass on a few beach trips or some company hiking trips, some travel activities are essential for any avid traveller. With half of the year almost gone, you might feel left out from the vacation season of the summer, but there are still places to be and activities to do if you’re up for an adventure later on in the year or places to look forward to early next year. Here are some one off travel experiences that you are sure to treasure, even on your first and only try.

Skiing in Canada

Just in time for skiing season, Whistler, Canada boasts of a number of skiing resorts to satisfy any adventurer’s need to experience the snow. If you’re a beginner when it comes to snow activities, you might need to prepare a little bit before you can get the hang of skiing or snowboarding. Besides the ski runs, you can also spend your time trekking the various scenic trails that are open all year round. Being there in different seasons makes for a memorable but repeatable experience in case you want to make a visit again next year.

Kayaking in Sri Lanka

If snow isn’t up to your taste, there are also other environments that might be fit for you. One of the more famous activities for travellers is experiencing the serene state of nature mixed with a dash of foreign culture. Sri Lanka may be a little bit prone to wet monsoons, but their flora is a beautiful sight to see. What better way to experience nature but through the comfort of taking a paddle on board your own kayak. Kitulgala is a small town located west of Sri Lanka. Early on in the year, the environment packs a punch with its lush green rainforests that are famous for tourists as kayaking routes.

Mountaineering in India

If you’re not a fan of braving the waters and cruising through ravines, there’s always the dry land route of adventuring which leads you from the land to the mountains. North India is home to a number of mountaineering institutions considering that it’s the prime place for hiking as it has the Himalayas as a go-to spot for hikers and mountaineers. As a hotspot for mountaineers both local and foreign, the Stok Kangri trek is one of the more famous trekking routes that you can pick among a handful of others that you can choose depending on the difficulty of the trek that you want to take. If you’re looking for an adventure not just in culture but also in nature, India is the place for you.


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