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March 19, 2018

Bob Mims CPA Talks About The Best Golf Equipment Advice For Beginners In Memphis

From the outside, golf is regarded as a hugely expensive sport. This is a stereotype that has stuck for many years, although over recent times it could be argued that it has become a little more accessible.

For today’s post, we’re not going to talk about how to combat the high golf course costs, but instead take a look at the other side of the coin. Today is all about golf equipment for beginners, and the tips that Bob Mims CPA has up his sleeve to save you a small fortune as you begin your quest in the sport.

In truth, it’s absolutely essential to keep these equipment cost down if you live in Memphis. The likes of Louisville have some of the most expensive golf courses around, meaning that the community as a whole really has to hunt high and low in a bid to save money on other areas of the game. Bearing this in mind, whether you are starting to play this month or next August, here are some of the best golf equipment steps you can take.

Some golf clubs are more designed for beginners than others

Particularly in Memphis, where the fairways can be very hard in the summer, it’s crucially important to use clubs which are designed for beginners. These clubs have wider soles, meaning that there is far more margin for error. If you catch the grass before the ball, it’s not going to “dig” in and cause you to hit a heavy shot. Instead, it’s more likely to slide and still catch the ball relatively well, and disguise that potentially bad outcome.

Don’t fall into the golf ball trap

Golf ball manufacturers must be some of the best marketers around. After all, as soon as we see those “soft” balls advertised in the pro shop, we’re all desperately pining over them.

It’s at this point that few people reveal that these balls probably aren’t going to make much of a difference to the beginner. Sure, they might feel a little different of the face of the club, but in terms of the end results they won’t lower your score.

For the pros out there, it’s much different. But don’t be tricked by the marketing spiel for everyone else – it’s just trying to steal your money.

The more loft, the easier the shot

Whether it’s woods or irons, the same rules apply. Again, the pros might use drivers with barely any loft, but this doesn’t mean to say it’s the right strategy for you. On the contrary, as a beginner you should be looking for a driver with at least 10 degrees of loft. Any less than this and the club becomes much harder to hit. It’s harder to elevate the ball and ultimately, keep it on the fairway.

When it comes to irons, don’t be tempted to hit a Tiger-like 3-iron stinger. Instead, play sensible, 7-irons are much easier to hit and while they don’t carry the distance, they will keep you safe.


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