March 19, 2018

Why People Love American Football

American football is definitely America’s number one sport, with most American’s being able to name a favorite football team. Ryan Grigson has tips to discover why so many individuals enjoy following American football, simply continue reading to discover a few major reasons why American football is so popular.

Why People Love American Football:

1. American football is a physical, high-contact sport, which most individuals find entertaining to watch

Most individuals find watching American football entertaining as it’s a highly physical, high-contact sport, which most individuals find more thrilling to watch than non-contact sports such as golf, baseball and tennis.

Part of the thrill of watching football is seeing whether your favorite players is able to complete a touch down or whether one of the opposition will tackle them to the ground, before they’re able to complete a touch down.

If both teams have scored equal points with a few minutes left on the clock, spectators will end up on the edge of their seats as each and every play could be the play which decides the final outcome of the game.

2. Most supporters of American football teams are extremely passionate about their team

Most supporters of American football teams are extremely passionate about their favorite team and will attend every home team, dressed head to toin their favorite team’s official colors.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of football, if you attend a home game and sit with the home team’s fans, you’re sure to get swept up in the excitement around you and may end up becoming a die hard fan of the team, which you watch.

3. American football supporters love to track the career progress of their favorite players

Not only do football fans enjoy following the progress of their favorite teams but American football supporters also enjoy picking talented players who play for their favorite college teams and then following their career progress as they get drafted into the NFL.

As it’s incredibly satisfying to see a rookie player develop in talent and perhaps one day win a Superbowl or two.

4. American football is a major American past time

Throughout their lives, Americans spend a great deal of time watching football games over any other sports. Just think, in high school attending pep rallies, homecoming games and weekly clashes are a huge part of the American high school experience.

Then when students move on to college, nothing really changes as most colleges rally around their football team. Especially if their football team, is known for recruiting up and coming football stars, who are highly likely to be drafted into the NFL.

Even when students graduate from college, most individuals will still spend a great deal of time attending local college games as well as local NFL games! In fact, many adults continue to use watching NFL games with their family members and friends as a regular opportunity to socialize with their loved ones.

Hopefully after reading the list above, you’ll have a better understanding of why so many people love American football and why it’s well worth watching an American football game in person.


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