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February 14, 2018

Pastor Ron Hindt talks about how to make families enjoy serving God

Anyone who is involved with religion will tell you how important it is to get young people interested as early as possible. Going to church as a family is something that is often not appreciated, yet those families who are able to participate in such a practice really do reap the benefits.

Of course, getting the whole family to church is easier said than done. According to Pastor Ron Hindt, it’s something which is really important though. Through the remainder of this guide we will now take a look at some of the ways to make families enjoy serving God more.

Encourage family members to volunteer

A common misconception amongst those who are not familiar with God is that it is all about sermons. Whilst this is of course very important, let’s not forget there are other roles that can be played as part of the process of serving God.

One of these is volunteering. It doesn’t matter where in the world your church is based, we would quickly assume that it offers some scope for volunteering. It’s here where your family members should be encouraged to volunteer, for the simple reason that it can bring out a different layer of enjoyment which is not always associated with the church. As well as this, it will give all concerned the ability to share their talent with others.

At this point it’s worth saying how important it is to choose the right form of volunteering. There are so many available and if you do choose something that you or one of your relatives is not suited to, there’s an increased chance of burnout occurring.

Build friendships with other families attending

Again, this adds a different degree to the church experience. While nobody should attend church purely for social reasons, children in particular are going to be more inclined to go if they have made friends there. If they can at least start like this, before then attending for “real” reasons, it makes the experience easier for everyone.

The best way to do this is for families to actively engage with other families. This should increase the chance of long-lasting friendships.

Another suggestion is for children to be given the role as a greeter. As the name suggests, this is a role designed to welcome anyone who is visiting the church. It gives young children a small sense of responsibility, whilst also integrating them further into the church.

Bible study groups

In a bid to encourage older children of the household to serve God, bible study groups can work very well as well. In short, this tends to involve groups of children congregating around one person’s house in a bid to form the study group.

Not only does this add to the social benefits that we have talked about, but it also provides crucial leadership skills which might be more appreciated at this age. Again, it just gives children more of a reason to join their family and serve God.




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