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November 8, 2018

Six Traits All Small Business – Need to Appeal to Millennial Generations

Millennials are notable to the business world due to the fact that they are the single largest generation in history. Their younger counterparts, Generation Z, are noted to be more sensible than their slightly larger counterparts, and yet they still care for many of the same marketing tactics and business values that Millennials do. These millennial generations are the power force of spending power. Ignoring what they want and what they value will be done at every business’ peril. You need to provide the complete experience as a business, and to have these six traits so that you too can appeal to these younger generations:

A Strong Digital Presence

Regardless of what your store offers or where it is located, you must have a digital presence online. Even if your website has a great home page that lets customers know what you sell, what your opening hours are, and where you are located, that is enough. You need to create this great website not just to sell items online, but so that you can be found by your local customer base. People go online and search through Google to find stores they need nearby. If you are not online, Google cannot help to direct these customers to your store.

An Engaging Social Media Personality

The same applies to social media. You can market incredibly successfully online, even without spending a lot on your marketing budget or all of your time on social media. If you are a store that has new items in stock on a regular basis, use your social media presence to advertise these items. Artisan stores, vintage shops, and other eclectic industries can be very successful by doing this, because it gives customers a small sense of what they can expect in-store when they go.

Then, of course, you can also grow a community and bond with your customers – two factors that will lead to return customers and greater gay-sauna-nice.com.

A Well-Designed Concept Store

When you do have a physical store, you also need to put a lot of effort into designing it for the experience, not just the products. Concept stores, for example, have been a recent trend that has seen a lot of success among the younger generations. Why? Because they can visit not just to buy something, but to enjoy themselves. Perhaps they go to see the great design, or perhaps you have added a small café area to your store. Having a social element to your store’s core layout will help bring people in for reasons that don’t solely have to do with shopping. This way you can build your relationship with them and enjoy the soft-sale element.

Fun Events to Attend

Launch events, special occasion events, and even signings or celebrity appearances can all make a huge difference to the foot traffic in your store. Have artisans, designers, or other relevant celebrities come in to host a talk. Then, offer a discount on a product range or two to encourage people to buy something as they are there or as a souvenir. This is a great way to boost publicity, sales, and even your SE ranking.

An Easy and Modern Checkout System

Whether your customers shop online or in-store, the checkout process should be easy and absolutely secure. Thankfully, offering this experience is as easy as partnering with the right choice of merchant account providers. The best one should be able to offer you services for both your retail space and your digital counterpart, and be able to check your customers out with ease. Online, this means accepting different currencies through a secure channel. In-store it means being able to accept payments by magstripe, chip, contactless, or through a phone payment. Combine this checkout system with a great returns policy, and you will have customers feeling confident and great about buying from your company.

A Reason to Return

Concept stores that have a social space offer customers a reason to return. Brands that have events, talks, and even parties offer their customers a reason to return. Even having a great loyalty program can entice people to come in again and again. Whatever you choose, analyze the response. You will want to test out different methods before settling on the best marketing tool for your business.

Appealing to millennial generations does not mean that you alienate your older customers. It simply means that you update the design and modernize your practices to make it easier and more fun for everyone involved.


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