January 9, 2019

Tips for Starting a Whole New Career in 2019

People change, and so do their goals. That’s why so many people spend so much time daydreaming about the possibility of completely changing their career. The urge to change your work future can strike at any time, but you may feel that there are too many barriers to really take those necessary steps. Whether it’s family commitments, your current employment, or your age, those limitations are no longer the barrier that they used to be. There are now a wide range of options available for everyone. If you’re contemplating a complete change of career in 2019, then here’s what you need to know.

Online Education

For a new career, the chances are that you will need to undertake some additional education. This is not the barrier that it used to be, and there a range of online courses available that can be tailored to your time requirements and financial needs. Look at some of the courses available and determine which is right for your new career. Online degrees offer flexibility, scope and career prospects, and can help steer your career in the right direction. For those in the health sector, you may want to consider a health science degree online to broaden your employment options. You can find online degrees that specify sectors of business, the arts, history and economics to name a few; online education is paving the way forward for education in 2019, and your career can greatly benefit as a result.

Look At Your Current Job

The first thing that you need to do is look closely at what it is about your current job that you don’t enjoy. It could be that it’s not a career change that you need, but a my-pharm-blog.com change. If you’re unhappy at work, but you enjoy your actual role, then look at other employers in the same field. You might find that it’s not your career that’s unsatisfying, and that a change of employer could provide you with all you’re looking for.

Determine Your Interests

If you’re looking for a new career that more closely suits your hobbies and interests, then you need to write a detailed list of exactly what future there might be for that new career. Whether you’re considering setting up an e-commerce business selling action figures, or looking for an advertising career that will allow you to be more creative at work, knowing what you want from your career will help identify your next steps.

Check the Market

There’s little use in making a huge commitment to a new career if there is little demand for your future ambitions. Check job adverts online to determine if there are vacancies available in your new field. You might not be able to apply for them until you have some formal qualifications, but knowing what’s available right now can help guide you to a smarter career choice.

Get Some Experience

If there’s a potential career that seems appealing, it’s worth getting some work experience in that field. Speak to local organizations and businesses in that field, and volunteer some time. You might even get the opportunity to shadow someone who is doing the career that you’re dreaming of. This can give you a great chance to experience the realities of your new career dream, and help you make a decision as to whether it’s right for you.

A new career can be scary to contemplate. It might mean changing your entire life around, but if the other option is staying in a job that you hate, then that upheaval might just be worth it. Don’t let fear keep you in a job that you don’t love, and take the time to explore some of your alternative options.


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