November 28, 2018

Hosting A Gathering – 3 Top Tips To Follow

Hosting a gathering is not an easy task, not by a long shot. What with having to keep everybody comfortable, entertained, and happy throughout the duration of the party, everything can become a tad difficult.

Fortunately, the three top tips found below will see you circumvent most of the difficult challenges you would usually face as the host of a gathering. All you have to do is give them a read and then go and put them into practice.

Don’t stress… for your sake and your guests

There have never been truer words spoken, especially when it comes to hosting a gathering. Of course, hosting a party and getting things as perfect as you can for all of your guests is always going to be a heavy load to carry, but stressing is only going to hinder your ability to carry it. To the point, by stressing, you’re going to make everything worse, for yourself and your guests, so don’t do it!

Advice on how to host a small gathering in as stress-free a way as possible includes making as much of the meal as you can in advance, keeping the cost of the whole venture down, and mastering the art of being able to clean-up as you go.

Get the food-drink pairings right

The drinks that you serve alongside your food can make or break your gathering, so, get the food-drink pairings right! Here are some pairings that you should consider:

White wine and seafood — shrimp tostada bites and Pinot Grigio will go down a treat

Dry rosé wine and cheese — a triple-decked Italian cheese sandwich partnered with your dry rosé wine of choice, it’ll prove to be a match made in heaven

Pizza and Pinot Noir — this red wine will compliment any tomato-based pizza that you serve up

Mojito and a number of appetizers — if you’re planning to go all out and offer small appetizers, such as parsnip and sweet potato crisps or salt cod croquettes, then you should balance them out with a fresh mojito cocktail

Make it memorable by setting up a vape bar

If you’ve got a big party coming up, chances are, you’re probably looking for a way to make it as memorable as can be. Today, there’s no better way to do this than to set up a vape bar. To do this, you should, first, know how many guests you are expecting in order to know what you need to get in. Second, you need to buy or rent different vaping devices and e-liquid flavors from a store such as

Remember, though, that not all of your guests will be smokers. In the interest of making sure everybody remains comfortable, you should set some ground rules in place in regards to where the vaping can take place. If one guest were to vape in a communal unceremoniously, another could start to feel incredibly uncomfortable extremely quickly, whether they admit to their plight or not, so designating a space for vaping is essential.

If you’re hosting a gathering any time soon, make sure to follow the three top tips that you’ve come across above.


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