June 18, 2018

Danger Signs To Look Out For During Pregnancy

Most of the body changes and discomforts women experience during pregnancy are normal but even then, it’s difficult to know draw the line where normal ends and where you should start getting concerned. You won’t to breeze through the pregnancy with minimal complications and delivery a healthy baby at the end of the term.

So how do discern dangerous pregnancy symptoms from the normal discomfort? Generally, contact your doctor if you have any cause of worry or if you notice unusual symptoms. Here are the dangerous symptoms during your pregnancy you should look out for.

Vaginal bleeding

Blood is not a good sign in your pregnancy unless it’s spotting and it occurs within the first 8 weeks. Spotting is a sign of the embryo getting implanted on the uterine wall and is actually a good sign of the pregnancy’s progress.

However, bleeding in any other form should be a cause for alarm and you should visit your doctor immediately. Bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain or discomfort could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy which requires urgent medical attention since it needs to be terminated before it grows big and poses a risk to your life.

Vaginal bleeding within the first and second trimester could be a symptom of miscarriage or placenta abruption, both of which needs immediate medical intervention. If reported early, placenta abruption is usually manageable and you can carry the pregnancy to term.

Body pains

You should notify your doctor of any Chest Pain During Pregnancy. While most of the time it is innocuous and brought about indigestion and the growing baby inside you, sometimes it can be a symptom of preeclampsia especially when there are other symptoms like protein in your urine, high blood pressure, blurry vision and persistent edema. Luckily, preeclampsia can be easily managed when detected early. All the more reason why you shouldn’t miss your antenatal appointments.

Chronic back and abdominal pain that don’t go away with local treatment could point to an infection and you need to talk to your doctor if you have these symptoms which are not normal to a pregnancy.

Decreasing foetal activity

Your baby should start showing signs of activity by the week 18 in the second trimester. You should expect some movement by then and kicks by week 24. Your baby should complete a minimum of 10 kicks in 2 hours.

Drink cold water or a sugary drink, which should get the baby’s response. Rush to the doctor if you notice decreasing or little activity from the baby.

Pre-term water break

It’s normal to experience urine leakage especially in the second trimester of the pregnancy as the grown baby exerts pressure on your bladder, as situation made worse by your overactive kidney.

However, if you experience a sudden release of water which persists even after emptying your bladder, then it could be a leakage of the amniotic liquid. This is a dangerous sign for your pregnancy but which can be treated if you get immediate medical attention.



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