June 19, 2018

Training To Work Inside Or Outside?

If you want to work in the home care market, have you wondered whether you would prefer to work inside or outside? Landscape gardeners work in all weathers to beautify people’s gardens and public areas. Heating and air conditioning engineers work indoors making sure that homeowners, office blocks, factories, shops, and any other buildings have their heating or air conditioning in good working order. There is a great demand in America for qualified workers in both occupations, and it really is a choice of where you prefer to be, indoors or outdoors.

Training For Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

If you train to become an HVAC technician, your work will involve the installation, maintenance, and repair of a heating and air conditioning system, as well as industrial and commercial refrigeration units. HVAC training Arkansas, for example, includes learning the basics of maintaining and repairing motor, compressors, and pumps that these systems depend on to work efficiently. To complete the course, the students are also taught the fundamentals of electrical engineering and circuitry. Once qualified, you can expect to earn a salary in excess of $37,000 in an area where the demand for qualified technicians is growing very fast.

Training For Landscape Gardening

There is much more to being a landscape gardener than knowing about plants and lawns. You also have to know how to construct gravel and paved areas, walls, fences, pergolas, ponds, and barbecues. You have to be able to know if a tree is healthy, and if not, how to treat it. Shaping shrubs, trees, and hedges with chain and handsaws is also another skill needed, and there are many more. An eye for design can also be very useful.

The area the work is needed in varies from private gardens to parks, and many other open spaces. Once qualified, you can expect to earn about $40,000 a year in a profession that needs more qualified people desperately.

Making Your Choice

Both career paths offer plenty of work because of the lack of qualified HVAC technicians and landscape gardeners, and the basic salaries are not very different. Either choice will also give you the option of starting your own business, many people in either of these jobs being self-employed. Then it could be you that becomes the employer; the amount you can then earn is much greater.

There are some parts of the country that have hot summers and very cold winters. In these areas, heating and air-conditioning technicians will have to be on their toes to keep up with the amount of work, as people will want their equipment to always be working and in good order.

Landscape gardening is not just a job you do in the summer months either. If plants, lawns, and most other elements outside are not properly cared for in the winter months, they will not be much good come summer.

Both jobs are fulfilling and worthwhile, so you just need to decide if you want to train to work indoors or outdoors.


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