October 2, 2018

How To Choose A Dentist In Canada – 5 Simple Steps

Finding a new dentist in Canada can be a difficult task. But whether your current dentist is moving or retiring, or you’ve just moved to a new city in Canada, it’s important that you give your teeth the care they need to stay healthy – and avoid hefty bills for root canals, fillings, and crowns.

Not sure how to choose a dentistry practice in Canada? Here are 5 simple steps you should take to find a dentist in Canada, and get the oral care you need.

1. Understand Your Dental Plan (And Who Takes It)

Unfortunately, dental care is not covered by the Canada Health Act (CHA) for most people, unless you qualify for some government assistance programs.

This means that, if you have a dental coverage plan, one of the first things you should do is contact your provider, to see which dentists near you are in their network.

You should also take this time to re-familiarize yourself with what your dental plan covers. Does it include free x-rays and teeth cleanings? What oral health conditions are covered?

Once you’ve gotten familiar with your options in the area, it’s time to start looking for a dentist.

2. Ask Friends, Family And Coworkers For Recommendations (And Don’t Forget Your Old Dentist!)

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find a great dentist just by asking friends, family members, or coworkers. You can ask your friends and colleagues individually, or use a social media website like Facebook to ask for recommendations.

You should also ask your old Winnipeg dentist about their recommendations. They probably have relationships with quite a few different dentists, even if you’ve moved to a different city.

Usually, this will help you get quite a few great recommendations in your area, and this is a great place to start when looking for a dentistry practice in Canada.

3. Check Out Online Reviews And Testimonials

After you’ve got a few ideas about which dentists you’re interested in, it’s time to do some more homework! Next, you should check out online reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp!, Google Reviews, and other such websites, to learn more about the dentist’s you’re interested in.

You can also find testimonials and patient reviews on their websites. These sections usually also include a “smile gallery”, or another compilation of before/after photos of their patients.

Think about what is the most important to you. Child-friendly care? Sedation dentistry? Convenient, after-hours appointments? Emergency dental care?

Then, do some digging into the positive – and negative – reviews. It will be pretty easy to tell which practices offer great service, and which ones should be avoided.

4. Consider Accessibility And Convenience

Even if you find a great dentist, they may not be the best choice if they’re 30 miles away. Going to the dentist should be easy, so it’s usually ideal to find a dentist who is near you, or close to your work, your child’s school, or another place where you often visit.

In addition, you should think about whether after-hours appointments are important to you. Some dentists allow you to schedule appointments earlier in the morning or late at night, to work around your schedule.

5. Get A Consultation With A Prospective Dentist

Have you made it through the previous 4 steps? Here’s the last one! Call the dentist you’re interested in, and ask for a consultation or interview! Dentists are always happy to talk to new customers.

In the interview, you can ask any other questions you might have about things like pricing, the type of dental work offered at the office, insurance policies that are accepted, and so on.

Then, after the interview, you’ll have a comprehensive idea of the services a dentist will provide – as well as their personal character and approach to patient care. You’re sure to make the right decision!

Follow This Guide – Find A Dentist in Canada Today!

Don’t wait! If you need a new dentist, find one right away. Regular oral cleanings and check-ups are critical for your oral health, and you don’t want to miss them just because you’re still searching for a new dentist!


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