January 14, 2019

A Checklist to Avoid Being Locked out of your Home

Lockouts Happen

Even the most organized of us can make mistakes and locking yourself out of the house is an easy one! Instead of panicking and getting stressed out that you can’t enter your home, just change your thought process and plan for the worst case scenario. With these suggestions you should never have to deal with getting locked out of your home again.

Write Yourself a Note

Leave a sticky note somewhere that you are sure to look before walking out of your door. You could simply write “don’t forget keys” or even draw a picture of a key to remind yourself to have your house key with you before leaving your home. It is important to remember to put this note in a place where you’re guaranteed to see it before you leave, such as on your door or near your purse.

Keep Keys Attached

Keeping your keys attached to something you never leave the house without, such as your purse, will prevent a lockout. After using your keys, always reattach them to your personal item so you can be assured they are always with you.

Leave a Key with the Neighbor

Though this method will not prevent a lockout, you will be able to get back into your home after the deed is done. Leaving a key with neighbors can be very convenient, especially if you have predictable next-door dwellers. Problems with this method can occur when you do not realize you have locked yourself out until the middle of the emmawatson-fans.com. Plus, your neighbor could have things to do and might not be home when you need them.

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Hide a Spare Key

Since you cannot always depend on your neighbor, hiding a spare key outside can save you from lockout. There are small hollow rock-shaped boxes you can purchase that are specifically made to hide a key inside. These convenient devices are fairly inexpensive and extremely handy. Since they look just like a rock, they provide an inconspicuous hiding spot for a spare key. They can be put nearly anywhere without seeming out of place.

You can also try hiding a key somewhere outside without the extra rock box device. When doing so, it is important to remember that house key hiding places that are convenient easy for you are also convenient and easy for would-be robbers to find. Make sure to find a spot away from doors or windows and one that might be hard for someone unfamiliar with your property to find. Be certain that your hiding spot is one that you will remember or your effort was in vain.

Deadbolt Lock

Another way to prevent lockouts is to eliminate the threat altogether. This can easily be done by replacing your lock with a deadbolt lock. Most deadbolt locks require a key to both open and lock the door. If you cannot lock your door without a key, you cannot lock yourself out in the first place! Though this method is one of the pricier ones on our checklist, it will provide you with extra security and the assurance that you simply cannot be locked out of your house.

If you do not want to spend the few dollars on a deadbolt lock upgrade, you can also take the doorknob off of your door should you experience a lockout. Though this will require tools and light, both of which have been scare during my personal experiences with lockouts.

Call a Locksmith

When all else fails, or simply cannot be performed, you can always call your local locksmith. They have various ways of helping you get back into your house without climbing through any windows. Though calling a locksmith will cost the most, you can be sure you will be back inside your house before too long.

Be Prepared

Lockouts can periodically happen to the best of us and more often to the more scatter-brained of us. With this checklist, you can prepare yourself for the possibility of a lockout before it even happens. Ideally, preventing a lockout can keep you going on about your day without wasting valuable time and money.


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