January 8, 2018

Signs that you could be completely obsessed with interior design

Even if you don’t work as an interior designer, you could remain preoccupied with the subject of interior design – perhaps without consciously realising it.

Interior designers are very particular types of people; through utilising their creative powers while also keeping logic at the forefront, they can make a room look good without unduly compromising its practicality. If you tend to behave in the below ways, you could be one of those people…

Your books are arranged according to their colour

You might be so keen to make your bookshelves look good that you keep all of the red tomes in one section, the blue ones in another… and so forth. This is one potential tendency highlighted by Ideal Home, which adds that the “alphabetisation” of books in bookshops could, as a result, annoy you.

Of course, in your own home, the annoyed people could be other members of the household who, at the bookshelves, try to look for a book and know its title but not colour…

You constantly rearrange your furniture

Perhaps you sometimes see the layout of furniture in your workspace or a room and think “No, that’s not right” and so start moving items around to rectify the issue… only to realise, the following day, that you are dissatisfied again.

Your loved ones might often feel like they are in a different home each day. They could be especially irritated if they often have to head down to the basement to fetch their favourite chair because you thought it looked better there, a scenario suggested by Freshome.

You see potential in supposedly “eyesore” buildings

It’s a common occurrence for a community to have a building that has been effectively abandoned and now seems like a white elephant. Perhaps it’s derelict, and many people deem it ugly and fit to be demolished. However, you might not be one of those people…

You might have an idea of how the building could be brought back into use to fruitful effect. You may even want to campaign to save the structure so that an idea like yours can be put into action.

You are familiar with many different fabrics

If friends and family have no idea what you’re talking about when you use words like “arabesque” and “accordion fold”, this might just be a sign that they don’t quite have the same eye for interior design as you do.

However, people obsessive about interior design can know much about fabrics. You might also know the wisest ways of using different forms of fabric to design a home.

Home improvement staff are familiar with you!

You might revamp and tweak your home so often that people who sell home improvement equipment and supplies to you are on first-name terms with you.

Of course, they might be very friendly to you anyway if they work for a company that knows how to provide a genuinely friendly service. For example, ordering bifold patio doors from Bifold Shop can give you a service extending beyond the actual doors.


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