January 17, 2018

Best Road Trips in Canada

Canada is vast, unexplored, and untamed. Driving will give you the freedom to see it all. You can pull over and take in the scenery. You can always stop for kayaking and hiking. As you hit the highway in your Ford Mustang, have tunes blasting from the sound system and roll down the windows. The following are routes to consider:

Halifax – The Cabot Trail

Most Canadians choose this trail every year. According to locals, the best time to travel is during the fall. You go round a 297 km loop around Nova Scotia. For the most part of the route, you will be just by the coast. They are numerous viewpoints overlooking the North Atlantic. You will also pass through Cape Breton Highlands National Park and many quaint towns. There is also wildlife on the trail such the moose and a variety of birds. At Pleasant Bay, you can go on a cruise to spot whales and seals. The trail will take you almost five days, but you experience the best coastal scenery.

Calgary to Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is a beautiful lake full of crystal-blue water. It offers beautiful landscapes regardless if traveling during winter or summer. It also offers visitors the chance to behold stunning sunsets and sunrises. On your way from Calgary to Lake Louise, stopover at Columbia Ice field for snowmobile tours.

St. John’s – The Heritage Run

It is another great Canadian road trip and Newfoundland’s most popular drives. In fact, it has an online website with excellent resources that can help you plan your trip. The 463 km loop from Burin Peninsula takes you through cherished historical sites and gives you the chance to behold beautiful scenery.

Vancouver to Tofino, British Columbia

This is one of the most worthwhile trips to do. Your trip begins with a ferry crossing across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island. Once you arrive at Nanaimo, you will take the Pacific Rim Highway (BC Highway 4). The following windy drive from Nanaimo to Tofino in your Ford Mustang through ancient temperate rainforests is sure to delight. You can stop at MacMillan Provincial Park to see the 800-year-old Douglas fir trees. If you are lucky, you may encounter a bear. Other stops include the Coombs Country Market full of locally made souvenirs. Tofino, your ultimate destination, is Canada’s surfing capital. The trip will only take you two days.

Montreal – The Gaspésie Tour

The 1500 km requires some good planning and takes almost a week. In 2011, the National Geographic Traveller featured it as one of their top 20 trips. You start at the metropolitan city of Montreal, which celebrated 375 years since its founding in 2017. The famous route also has a website to make planning easier.

Getting Your Car Ready for the Trip

You will need your car in prime shape for your trip across the nation. Car detailing is the process that makes the car any look new. There are several car detailing options you can see here.


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