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January 11, 2018

If you are thinking of hiring a home tutor in Singapore, read this

Singapore is a hub of commerce, lifestyle, education and culture. Academic excellence is encouraged and celebrated and hence it’s natural for parents to want some extra help with their child. There’s no doubt that hiring a home tutor is not an easy task. Similarly, to expecting the best customer service, you expect the best and right tutor for your child and trusting a stranger with your child and his/her future is not something to be entered into lightly. Interviews need to be conducted, references checked and previous employment records to be vetted and verified. More importantly, the child and the tutor must strike a mutual comfort level with each other. If you’re thinking of hiring a home tutor in Singapore, keep these points in mind.

  1. Freelance tutor vs tutor agency

One of the key questions for every parent to consider is what kind of tutor service do they want to go for. Whether you need a private tutor Singapore or a Singapore tutor agency with many tutors on its rolls? The agency has some advantages – competitive fees, a large tutor network, fewer chances of a tutor discontinuing, long-term undisturbed work are a few of them. Decide the course of action before you go further.

  1. Friends and family vs professional tutors

There’s always a temptation to approach a friend, relative or neighbour to help with your child’s education. We’d advice against it. It can get awkward with a friend when it comes to fees, or indifferent results. What’s more there’s relatively less seriousness and more comfort that’s not always conducive to better learning. A professional tutor brings seriousness to the entire equation.

  1. Trained tutors

While considering a tutor for your child, make sure that they are trained to handle the subject and the grade. Ask for school and higher education documents and go through those records carefully. A person with academic inclination will make a more academically inclined student as well.

  1. Check documentation

Home tutors in Singapore should furnish their full name and address, NRIC, date of birth or age and academic records. This data is vital to the better understanding of the candidate and what kind of tutor they might be. We are always happy to see glowing tributes to the teaching prowess of tutors. They speak volumes about the candidate. But don’t go by reviews alone. Documentation, like we’ve mentioned previously, is also important to get a complete picture.

  1. Fees and negotiation

In Singapore, you’re bound to get tutors at a price you’re comfortable paying. This is fine. But do remember that if you need someone with quality and experience, you will have to pay them an appropriate fee. Do not compromise on quality because you’re looking at a lower fee. A young, inexperienced person may charge less but can they do the best for your ward? That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

  1. Your child’s needs

Some kids may require rigorous tutoring. Some may need light homework and more mentoring. Some might require long sessions. For others, a forty-five minute session might work best. You must ask not only the tutor, but the child as well for what works best for them. The child’s comfort has to be paramount.

  1. Tutor approach

What’s the tutor’s policy on lessons, homework, assessment, extra work – find these out before you commit.


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