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March 14, 2018

Why Location Is So Important For Your Business

If you’re currently searching for the ideal location for your business, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover why it’s crucial to choose the perfect location for your business.

Why Location is So Important for Your Business:

  1. It’s crucial to choose a location which boasts plenty of foot traffic

When searching for a prime location for your business, it’s crucial to choose a location which boasts plenty of foot traffic as while some of your customers or clients may travel specifically to visit your business, a large proportion of your customers will choose to pop into your business as a result of walking past your business.

  1. In general, most potential customers are drawn to businesses which appear to be popular

If you choose a popular location, which boasts regular foot traffic and your business manages to attract pedestrians to enter your business, you’re very likely to attract further customers. As in general, individuals are far more likely to check out a business, if it appears to be popular. As if a business is empty, individuals will start to wonder whether there is a good reason for the business in question being empty.

  1. Your choice of location will influence your customers’ perception of your business

Another reason why it’s important to choose a great location for your business’ premises is that the neighborhood or area which you choose to base your business in will reflect on your customers’ perception of your business’ brand.

As an example, if you choose to purchase or rent a storefront which is located in an artsy neighborhood, your business may be perceived as being fresh and creative. Whereas if you set up shop in an exclusive, luxurious neighborhood, your business and its products may be perceived as being high end or luxurious. If you are looking for the best possible location for your business you can find commercial property for rent from Pall Mall Estates.

  1. It’s extremely important that your customers are able to easily access your business’ premises

One of the worst mistakes which you can make when it comes to choosing a location for your business is to choose a location, which is hard for your customers to access. As an example, never choose a location, which lacks ample parking or which is difficult for pedestrians to access!

As well as choosing a location, which boasts plenty of carparks, it’s also worth choosing a location which is easy for your clients to access via public transport. As not all of your customers may have access to a private car.

  1. It’s important not to set up shop in an area which features too much competition for your business

As an example, if you plan on opening up an organic cafe, it may not be a wise idea to open up an organic cafe in a block which already boasts a couple of organic cafes. Instead, your business will generate a higher turnover, if you set up shop in an area where your organic cafe, is the only organic cafe in the area, you should expect to generate a huge profit.

So it’s definitely well worth carefully choosing the right location for your business!

March 5, 2018

Board Software Is An Increasingly Popular Choice For Credit Unions

Credit unions face many unique challenges in the 21st century, and credit union boards are faced with the difficult task of anticipating and meeting the needs of their organizations while charting a strategic course that will help their membership grow in the years to come. Whether a credit union thrives or merely survives often hangs on decisions made by board members, and ensuring that board meetings are productive is absolutely vital to the success of the business as a whole.

Planning and running an effective board meeting, however, is not an easy task. Not only are there the usual logistical challenges of making sure all members can be present in person or via teleconference; there is also the problem of sending out the information packets ahead of time so members can arrive at the meeting prepared for a productive discussion. There are plenty of document sharing services available online, but with new risks to cyber security arising every month through malware and ransomware attacks, ensuring that sensitive information stays confidential is a serious concern. In fact, an annual study carried out by Computer Services Inc. noted that banks and credit unions across North America listed mitigating fraud and cyber security as one of their top three biggest challenges.

For many credit union board managers, the solution lies in better technology. While data security has always been a major priority in the industry, there is a growing awareness that even big-name software tools like Gmail and Dropbox are not impervious to cyber attacks. This is why a growing number of credit unions are turning to portal software to help share board information in a secure but accessible way.

Board portal software allows board members to access and comment on information packets through a secure portal, both before the meeting and while it is in session. Credit union board managers looking for the best board meeting software often evaluate it using a few basic criteria:

  • Accessibility: Can the software be accessed across a range of platforms (desktop, tablet, etc.)?
  • Security: What jurisdictions are server data kept in, and does the service authenticate each user when they login?
  • Functionality: Is the software easy to navigate, and does it facilitate user interaction with and discussion of the documents and reports?
  • Training: Does the provider offer training, so board members can get the most out of the software?

Most portal software providers are able to meet at least some of these requirements, but when considering which is right for your organization, it is best to look at what kinds of clients they specialize in serving. Credit unions have particular needs, and finding a portal software provider who understands those needs, like Vancouver-based Aprio, will make implementing and using the software much easier in the long run.

With 2018 already well under way, credit union boards are already planning how best to meet the latest challenges facing the industry, from sustaining growth on the individual level to working toward meaningful regulatory relief. No wonder so many are opting to facilitate these conversations using portal software that offers a secure forum to share information and ideas.

March 2, 2018

Scrutinizing The Best Agricultural Equipment Financing Myths

As anyone who has worked in the agricultural industry will testify, it’s certainly not a cheap one to operate in. In other words, the potential margins might be high, as you are constantly supplying food to eat, but to get to that level the equipment you need is very expensive.

This is one of the reasons why the best agricultural equipment financing companies are proving to be a popular option for business owners nowadays. In short, they give you an extra option to purchase equipment on, and mean that you don’t have to spend your entire year’s revenue on just one piece of machinery. In fact, it can be split across several years, which opens up umpteen growth opportunities.

As with any financial topic, there is still a lot of misinformation doing the rounds though. This is the reason this guide has been put together, as we take a look at some of the primary myths that exist in relation to buying agricultural equipment on finance.

“You need to put down tax returns and financial statements”

This first myth sounds correct, for the simple reason that most of us know how seriously banks are vetting applicants these days. Once upon a time you could walk into the bank and be pretty much given what you asked for. Now, the economy means that this has changed.

However, when it comes to the hire of agriculture equipment, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, if the equipment is particularly expensive (and we’re talking about that which is in excess of $250,000) there probably is a case to hand as much evidence as you can to the bank.

For smaller items, this isn’t always needed though. Specialist lending companies tend to have requirements which are far less strict than high-street banks in this regard.

“You can’t obtain finance because the equipment is too old”

This is something which also tends to be a problem with some banks. Some banks will put an age requirement on equipment, suggesting that it is too old to be eligible for finance.

It’s at this point you need to say to yourself that if you deem the equipment right for your business, you should chase down every avenue to obtain finance for it. In some niche agricultural fields, new models aren’t created all of the time. This means that old equipment is needed, and of course you need finance for it.

At the same time, you might need equipment for a job that you aren’t going to complete too frequently. In these cases, purchasing old equipment obviously makes much better business sense.

“You need to put more collateral for the loan”

This is quite an old-fashioned way of purchasing equipment, but is again one of the methods that some major banks insist upon.

This is another one of the reasons why specialist equipment financing companies tend to be a better option. It’s companies like these which will usually be completely fine with the equipment itself being the collateral, and won’t demand anything else.

March 1, 2018

How a Reputation Management Company Can Help You to Respond to Negative Reviews

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs 25 times more than keeping one you already have? This is why you must invest in consumer satisfaction. This is particularly true when you consider that a business with an average star rating of 1 or 2 will only be considered by 13% of customers. What all of this means is that, if you have negative reviews, or you could get them, you need the help of a reputation management company.

What Can a Reputation Management Company Do?

A negative review happens for a reason. But what makes it worse, is that too many businesses still don’t know how to handle negative reviews. And by poorly handling them, the business makes the situation far worse. There are some key elements that seem to happen again and again that must be avoided if responsible communication is to take place. This is down to a number of steps:

Identifying what the customer is really saying. Negative reviews are emotive, and customers will share many details that are actually irrelevant to the situation.

Understanding that, in many cases, people do not dare to complain directly when something goes wrong, taking to the internet instead. The result is that the tone is often scathing, and a business must be able to read past that.

Understanding that a negative review is a complaint about a business, not an attack on someone as a person.

Being able to take responsibility for the bad experience a customer has had.

Understanding that a negative review is an opportunity to change things for the better.

Always remaining professional.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

A good reputation management company is able to respond to reviews in such a way that the negative is transformed into a positive. Customer service is super important. Indeed, they may even convince customers to edit their reviews and increase their star rating. This is down to creating the right, powerful, response. This means:

Being personal – using the reviewer’s name when possible.

Starting with an apology in which the actual issue is raised.

Providing an explanation of why the mistake happened, without trying to make excuses.

Being accountable.

Showing how you have improved the situation.

Thanking the customer for their comments.

A few other key elements to a good response include:

To keep things short and to the point.

To use plain English.

To always apologize.

To make a peace offering.

To welcome more feedback.

Nobody wants to receive negative reviews. As humans, we don’t like criticism, no matter how constructive it is. However, it is inevitable that some people will be unhappy, and you must learn to see that for what it is: an opportunity to learn a lesson and to become even better at what you do. By responding directly and in a professional manner to complaints in the way described above, you show to others that you take things seriously as well.

February 19, 2018

Proven Facts To Help Increase Your Factory’s Productivity

What do you think of when you hear the word productivity? Do you image the costs of production, efforts made towards company improvement, or hard working team of employees? While all of answers are correct, productivity is also a state of mind.

As a team leader and manager, you certainly place the productivity of your factory on high priority. How can you get your workers to do the same? The answer lies in motivation, the driving factor behind nearly everything anyone does.

Where does this motivation come from, and how can you foster it to help your workers become the productive employees you know they can be? Here are some proven facts behind the secret to unlocking your factory’s full potential.

Work Needs Meaning

No one punches in every day simply because they love pulling a 9 to 5. Take your own job into consideration. What factors keep you coming back throughout the year?

Perhaps it’s putting food on the table for your family, paying off student loans, or striving to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone has personal reasons for going to work, but what keeps them at a particular job is the meaning they associate with it.

Each employee has a crucial function in the overall productivity of your factory, including you. Knowing your worth and meaning within the company gives you a sense of pride, importance, and makes you feel necessary.

Combining these two factors together is a sure-fire way to have each worker putting their best foot forward. Get to know them and their personal reasons for coming to work each day, then let them know that the particular job they do is essential to the bigger picture. Whether it’s buffing out the imperfection on a product or making use of pieces from the insert molding process by Weiss-Aug, their tasks are all equally important in getting the job done

Everyone Wants Control

Think about your first day as manager. While you might have felt a little nervous, it probably felt good to be in control at the same time. That’s true for everyone, no matter what position they work in.

When your workers feel like another cog in the machine, their productivity suffers. Try giving them a little creative freedom to get the job done their own way.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should let your employees run wild, but it does mean giving them a little autonomous freedom to make decisions. Maybe they see a simpler solution to eliminating a snag in production, or have an idea to increase their output with a smoother way of doing things.

Giving them the wiggle room to make small decisions is not only motivating, but also builds a sense of pride when they see the increased fruits of their labor. With that tiny aspect of control, each employee will challenge themselves to get their task done to the best of their ability. Plus, you can always keep tabs on their productivity with a service like Clockspot.

Everyone Needs Dignity

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 or whipping up someone’s drive-thru burger, you want to be treated with respect. While cracking the whip might work for horses, it doesn’t motivate people in the same way you might think.

When managers come down hard on their employees, resentment begins to build and productivity suffers. Instead, work on building a sense of pride and respect to better motivate your workers and help them move forward in their career. You can do this through one on one conversation, or addressing them as a group to congratulate them on their strengths.

Address the current problems with productivity, but let them know that they can reach your company’s goals through the hard work they are capable of. The more appreciation you show them for a job well done, the better their output will be.

February 19, 2018

Surprising Facts About Opening A Bar

The idea of owning your own bar has been a thought that crosses nearly everyone’s mind since Cheers hit the air. Who wouldn’t want to own the place where their friends come in to have a great time or be the cool bartender whipping up masterful cocktails and serving cold brews?

While it might seem like a fun and exciting endeavor, which it sure can be, there’s another side to owning a bar that many forget to consider. It takes dedication, excruciatingly hard work, and hopping through a network of laws to get the business up and running.

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own watering hole, then take a look at these 5 surprising facts that take place behind the scenes.

You’ll Need an Attorney

While obtaining your liquor license has certainly crossed your mind, there’s more to it than simply applying for the paperwork. Jumping through your state’s hoops is something beyond the scope of what this article can cover, but it starts with a thorough understanding of the liquor laws your area ha set forth.

Each state and county are different, which means that someone in Houston might have different regulations than someone in Amarillo. Staying in line with these constantly changing laws is a difficult process that requires an attorney to at least get the process started.

Texans might consult the attorneys at for assistance, but your individual state will have its own individuals who can help. Before any of that can happen, though, you need to actually own a business.

The Business Comes Before the Liquor

It sounds counterproductive, right? If your business was made to serve alcohol, what’s the point of owning one before you can even serve people drinks?

Let’s say you lived in Georgia, the first thing you’d need to do is contact your Secretary of State GA to file your business with the state and obtain your EIN. The same goes for nearly every one of the 51 states, and is an essential step in starting any kind of business.

On the bright side, this also helps you to develop a unique name for your bar. Branding aside, the next fact tends to come as a shock.

You Are Always Responsible

Let’s say your pub stays open from 10:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. every day, since you live in a state like New York where it can. You can’t possibly survive on a few hours of sleep each night, which means you’ll need managers to run the joint when you’re away. What happens if something goes wrong when you’re not there?

If a bar fight breaks out, someone gets arrested for driving drunk after leaving, or an agent from the LCB catches one of your bartenders serving an underage patron, that’s on you. You are 100% accountable for everything that happens at your bar whether you’re there or not.

While it hardly seems fair that bar owners are punished for happenings out of their control, it’s the way the hammer of justice falls. Make sure you employ people you can place your trust in.

You’ll Never Look At A Night Out the Same Way Again

All of the fun times that spurred your imagination towards starting this business in the first place will give way to a business owner’s eye. Whether it’s heading to another bar and scrutinizing their service and wallpaper, or stepping into your own only to fret over how the service is, your perception changes.

A manager’s mind is constantly at work on improving their customer service and business. At least, a successful one’s is. While the money coming in might make this aspect worthwhile, it’s something to consider beforehand.

February 15, 2018

Online Trading Academy Reviews Trading Tips for Beginners

If you are completely new to the world of online trading, you may be struggling to know where to start. Once upon a time, trading was only accessible to those with contacts on Wall Street and the likes. Today, however, the internet has made everything accessible. However, the problem with accessibility is that everybody sees themselves as some sort of expert. Trading involves real money, and a lot of money as well, so you shouldn’t just jump into it and hope for the best. This is why, when the Online Trading Academy reviews some key tips to help beginners trade, you should pay attention.

Online Trading Academy Reviews the Benefits of Trading Online

There are lots of benefits to trading online:

It makes the system more accessible.

You can gain a greater understanding of how markets work.

There is lots of online education available.

It is accessible to younger people.

You have control over what you do.

Of course, you do need to have the tools to make online trades. This includes a computer, an internet connection, and a software package, provided by brokers.

How to Trade Online

It is surprisingly simple to trade online. All you need to do is choose a software package and meet their requirements, and you will be good to go. Of course, understanding the market fluctuations, market conditions, and the various things you can trade in, is a whole lot more difficult! The internet is going to be your best friend in this, as it is filled with resources to help you train as an investor. The Online Trading Academy can help with this, for instance.

Some key beginner tips that may benefit you before you start include:

To make sure that the software package you choose is trusted and established. The last thing you want to do is fund your account and find that they suddenly go out of business. Or to focus on day trades, only to find the system goes down regularly, meaning you miss out on the opportunity to sell.

To look at how quickly the platform can execute your sale. Thanks to modern technology, online trading platforms operate almost in real time and that is what you should be looking for. Otherwise, you may as well focus on long term investments and work with a traditional broker.

To find out how good their customer service and care is. This is particularly important if you are a beginner, because you will need some support in terms of how to execute trades, where to find strategies and advice, how to use the system itself, and so on.

To look at the quality of the information the system provides. Simply cross reference it with other sources to determine whether it is correct.

To investigate the security and safety of the site. You will need to provide quite a lot of personal details to the system, including financial details, and you have to make sure that they aren’t compromised in any way.

February 14, 2018

For Haris Ahmed Chicago Is the Best Place to Buy Property – Here’s How to Do it Right

According to Haris Ahmed Chicago is a fantastic place to live. However, it is very important that people know exactly how to choose their new home in the Windy City. The block of Removille might be great for one person, it could be wholly unsuitable for someone else. This is why he feels that people should spend time investigating the options, amenities, and locations of the block they are interested in first.

Haris Ahmed Chicago and Finding New Homes

Haris Ahmed has been charged with finding people a new home in Chicago for many years. People paid him good money to help them find the best possible property. Today, however, he feels that much of the work he did, people are capable of doing themselves by using the internet and completing a bit of personal research. There are some important questions to be asked, such as how close the property is to local schools and work, what the neighborhood is like, and the state of repair of the property. And, of course, the most important question of all is whether or not a property is affordable.

According to Ahmed, however, there are other important considerations to make as well. He recommends people look up the infrastructural plans that are proposed, to determine there aren’t going to be any significant changes that will have a negative impact on their lives. Chicago is incredibly vibrant and it is home to rapidly changing communities. This means that people have to know what to expect before deciding to buy.

Chicago has plenty of homes to rent and to purchase, and they come in all shapes and sizes. From townhouses to single rooms in women-only homes, from luxury condos in high rise buildings to rehab homes, it is all found in this fantastic city. The suburbs are also very well-developed, growing rapidly in areas such as Will, DuPage, DeKalb, Kane, and Lake counties.

Haris on Purchasing Construction and New Build Homes

Haris Ahmed also feels that people should consider purchasing newly built homes. That is because their windows are better, their heating and cooling systems are more efficient, they offer better insulation and air filtration, and more. Essentially, in Chicago, new homes are modern and energy efficient, while also meeting all the relevant safety codes. You can live here safely, while also knowing your carbon footprint is as low as possible. Plus, when building homes under construction, you have a lot of choices in terms of the color scheme, design characteristics, and appliances, for instance.

That said, it is very important to only purchase new homes from excellent builders with a fantastic reputation. Other people must have been happy with their previous work. Additionally, it is very important that you learn how to read architectural plans and drawings, so that you get an idea of what the home will actually look like. In fact, Ahmed recommends that people don’t commit to buying a new build home until they have seen the show home.

February 13, 2018

Dan DeKoter – Key Elements of Your Lawsuit in a Personal Injury Case

Understanding the elements involved when you have a personal injury lawsuit can get you a better outcome. If for example you are stopped in your car at a light in Osceola County Iowa, and you get rammed into by another vehicle. You later find out that both of you are residents of the county. It seems like a simple right and wrong case. But, quite often it is not as simple as right and wrong, there are also the details that proceeded things, the person’s state of mind, and the evidence available to confirm what in fact occurred. These factors can greatly determine cause and what you might be awarded.

Throughout any legal case, the process is complicated, detailed and requires a really competent attorney like Dan DeKoter to quarterback things. What always determines a positive outcome is understanding the legal elements and coordination between you and your attorney to work those elements in your favor.

With this in mind, here are a few of the really important elements that will likely need to be focused on regarding your case.

Gather Critical Evidence

In every legal case there is evidence that must be gathered to support claims being made. So, your lawyer will work with you to acquire the necessary amount of physical and other evidence of what happened, why the other person was at fault, and which injuries both physical and otherwise were sustained. Tis evidence can be recorded in pictures, writings, a police report, and testimonies from witnesses who were at the scene of the accident.

A good lawyer will also decide if it is proper to file other lawsuits in addition to the one against the individual. Was he working at the time he ran into you? Perhaps he was a driver who was overworked and fell asleep behind the wheel. In this case, the company he works for may be at fault as well. The evidence will reveal these facts. What is important about gathering evidence is that it is complete and conducted quickly so it remains fresh and that it is included in any case at the beginning.

Work Within the Legal System

Personal injury is a legal classification of a case and must fit within the legal guidelines that have been established in the state where it occurred. Many good cases are lost or not receiving of the maximum benefit available simply because the attorneys did not follow proper legal procedures. As a result important steps or activities are missed. If the other sides sees this happening, they will know that your case is weakened as a result. Remember, most personal injury cases get settled before they go to trial. This is because the defendant realizes that the plaintiff has a good legal case and will win a bigger judgment in court. So all of the information relating to the case along with proper procedures can awake a big difference in a case and cause it to be ended early, via settlement.

Be Ready to Negotiate

As mentioned, most personal injury cases end in a settlement between the parties. This is because both sides know that juries can be tricky and there is no real assurances of the outcome in a jury trial. Therefore both side’s attorney will try and reach a settlement before going to court. For this reason a plaintiff needs to understand the parameters of a settlement and that it will likely mean that the defendant will pay less than what is being asked. A good attorney will tell the plaintiff that this is as good as it will get when he is sure they have reached the best possible settlement. But to be clear, the outcome of a settlement, will largely depend on your side’s ability to prove injury and losses, and the attorney’s skill at negotiation. The better attorneys can generally get more money for their clients.

Learn these factors about your personal injury case and things will have a better outcome for you.


February 13, 2018

What Is It Like to Be a Lawyer?

Growing up, many of us would say that we had always dreamed of becoming a successful doctor, CEO, surgeon or for many of us, lawyer. The reason behind why so many young people want to take on this profession is unclear but what is very obvious is that a great many of us grow up with ideals of being the purveyor of justice.

Personally, I have wanted to be a lawyer of real estate ever since I read about the inspiration Pedro Martin, CEO of the Terra Group and a man with over 25 years experience as a real estate attorney. I have tried, and still am trying, to follow in Pedro’s footsteps and leave my mark on the real estate industry. The question that many ask, is what is it really like to be a lawyer? Let’s take a look.


Lawyers, generally speaking, are some of the highest paid men and women in the country, and given the level of stress which they face on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why they command the big bucks. When there is a live case, lawyers jobs can be stressful, they can expect long days, plenty of hard work and a great amount of pressure on their shoulders. Being a lawyer is not like it is in a program lie Suits, where we see Harvey Specter owning people each episode. Being a lawyer is hard work and incredibly stressful.

Morally Difficult

The idea of a lawyer is to ensure that everything which is brought to court gets a fair trial, it is about defending the innocent and ensuring that the guilty pay. With this being said, there are many cases as a lawyer where you may need to defend someone that you don’t believe, you may need to work with a firm which you believe to be unscrupulous or you may need to work on a case which is unsavory to say the least. With all this in mind, the life of a lawyer can be tough from a moral standpoint, and one must separate their professionalism, from their personal feelings.


As much as some lawyers will have paralegals or a team around them to help in terms of dong the donkey work when it comes to admin, many still need to muck in, and read reams and reams of information pertaining to their case. Most lawyers have a love and hate relationship with their job. Lawyers must study incredibly hard to achieve the status of a lawyer in the first place, and the studying does not stop there. There are always new cases, new challenges and ultimately, new information to be found and in order to be the best lawyer that you can, one must spend a great deal of time studying.

Being a lawyer is like being on a rollercoaster, there will be ups and downs and losses and victories, the job is a highly respected one which pays well, but this is a salary which is definitely well earned.